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Is there a way to customize safari bookmarks' icons

I guess the question says it all. I would like to customize the generic bookmarks' icons in the safari Favorites page. Any way to do that?What do you mean by "customize"? If you want to change the icon for a specifc bookmarked site in the Favori

Customize Safari 8 Yosemite colors?

I want to customize the colors used for the toolbar and tabs in Safari 8.0 running with OS X Yosemite 10.10. Is there a utility or are there Terminal commands that I can run to change the "dull, hard-to-distinguish-differences, shades-of-meh" gr

Unable to customize toolbar

I have a problem that I cannot remember when it started, but its been some time and I've worked around it ever since. The problem is that when I want to customize Safari's toolbar, no slide out window appears but even clicking on the back and forward

Read here for Details regarding the Safari 5.0.1 Update

New in this update: • Safari Extensions ◦ Customize Safari with features created by third-party developers ◦ Find extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery, accessible from the Safari menu and extensions.apple.com This update also contains improvem

Safari 5.1 Pin Tabs?

In Safari 5.1, is there a pin tab option, like Chrome and Firefox? I looked for an extension, but I also cannot find a search button in the Extensions library of Safari.I am sorry to say it is not possible I did alot of reasearch and it did not show

Websites for Safari Extensions

I'm big on extensions. I believe that in order for a browser to be truly useful, it must be customized. I have run across www.pimpmysafari.com and installed every extension that I have found useful there. However, I would still like to further custom

Create new process/workflow for tabbrowsing

Hi all! I initially posted the following in the Safari area on this forum: "Hi all! In my never-ending quest to customize Safari to my liking (ie, make it feel like my favorite and default browser, Opera), I have a two-fold question for you guys: 1)

Plug-ins and extensions?

Where might a Windows user download plug-ins and/or extensions (beyond the major commercial ones, Shockwave/Quicktime, et cal.) to enhance the functionality and customize Safari for Windows?Thanks you for your comments. I would mention that this prob

Customize toolbar on Safari doesnt stick reopen and back to default!

I upgraded to safari 4 final on MAc Leopard. all updates but when I customize the toolbar it stays there fine till I exit safari and re open it. The icons appear for a split second then go back to default. I tried rebooting but the customized tool ba

Safari 4.0.3  Customize Toolbar problem

After update verything functions OK till I click View/Customise Toolbars. After this action Adresses and Google searches cannot be typed any more unless I restart Safari Tried to trass com.apple.Safari.plist and restart but nothing changes No idea ho

When I try to customize the toolbar in Safari, it does it temporarily, but if I quit Safari and reopen it, it goes right back to the old toolbar.  Any ideas?

When I customize the toolbar in Safari, it only shows the changes temporarily.  If I quit Safari and reopen it, the toolbar reverts back to how it was before.  Any ideas?Check System Preferences. Look at the bottom of the pane. Do you see Evernote? I

Safari Customize Toolbar doesn't open

When I two-finger click on the toolbar(that has back and forward buttons, address bar and Google search) and choose the Customize Toolbar... option, it doesn't do ANYTHING, well except one thing, it still thinks it's in "customize mode" so now i

Safari 4.0.4 Customize tool Bar

I recently upgraded to Safari 4.0.4. When I click on the Customize Toolbar, the sub-menu does not show up. I have repaired my Permissions, and reset Safari (top 5 options), and still no luck. How do I see the Customize Toolbar sub-menu? I must be doi

Safari v7.1.2 will not retain any customization

Safari v7.1.2 on Mavericks 10.9.5 will not retain any customization after quitting app and then re-opening.  Anyone else having this problem?  Any solutions?Go step by step and test. 1. Power off the router. Unplug it from the wall. Wait a while.    

Customize Toolbar not constantly working, have tried Safari View Customize Toolbar to no avail.  Thnx in advance.r... Drag your favorite item into the toolbar...

Customize Toolbar has been very "hit & miss" lately, attempts to add Google Search are failing.  I am using "Safari>View>Customize Toolbar> Drag" with little success. Any suggestions appreciated, thankx in advance.Ah - I r

Customize Toolbar... crashes safari every single time

Customize Toolbar crashes safari every single time I do it and try to add/remove buttons. Safari 3.2.1 anyone else have this issue?Process: Safari [9421] Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Identifier: com.apple.Safari Version: 3.2.1

Safari 5.1, customization not working.

In Lion, old bookmark bar sites will not stay deleted. Also the customization of the toolbar does not stick.  what do I do? Is there a problem with Lion?I have a vista windows basic O/S operating using a compaq laptop with Safari alongside googlechro

What is this "customize links" in iOS 7 safari for?

Saw this customize link icon on empty safari page both in iPad and iphone. f you click on it, it lead to Microsoft site.  What is this icon for?Hi, Seems to be a favorite you can remove by tapping on the Book icon > Favorites > Edit Hope that helps.

Will Safari be customizable like Firefox in the nearest future ?

Well Safari focuses everyone's attention on the speed. But without extensions it gradually becomes not cool in comparison to Firefox. Is there any chance that Safari will be customizable and will have alternatives for the most popular firefox extensi

Safari 4 - Customize Toolbar not being remembered.

Okay so I downloaded the new Safari 4, and as always found that I really don't like the default toolbar mainly cause the home button is never one of the default buttons among other ones. I do the old control click, and customize toolbar. I set it up