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Connecting to wireless media player (Magicbox IMP) using Airport

We've just bought a Magicbox IMP (internet radio/media player) and have been assured that it will work on a Mac. The only time I've used airport before was to connect to a wireless broadband router (which I'm not using at the moment as it's in anothe

Compatability of i-tunes with d link dsm 320 wireless media player

I just installed this media player on my network. I am using win xp home. The unit recognizes and plays music from the folders menu only. It does not recognize albums, artists or genre. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this issue? ThanksQu

Connecting the Elgato EyeHome Wireless Media Player

I have a mini with AirPort Extreme and have just purchased a wireless version of the EyeHome. I've heard a few stories about 'nightmare' connections and wonder if anyone can offer a few tips to avoid pitfalls, etc. I've started looking into what's re

WirelessLan/Media Player

I plan to buy wireless Media Player PRISMIQ or NMP-4000.   I have one Mega 180 with AMD XP 2500+. In order to watch video smoothly with wireless media player I need fast data flow. IEEE802.11b which is installed in Mega 180 is not fast enough.  So I

Safari no longer runs windows media player files

so I am running safari 2.0.4 (419.3) and OSX 10.4.8 and Windows Media Player 9.0.0 (3307) and I am going through the www.amazon.com pages to purchase a few CDs. I find that when I click the Window Media audio sample link - Windows Media Player does o

Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac OS 9.x [Where to download?]

Hi, I need Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac OS 9.x for my school Mac, but when i try to download it from microsoft or mactopia the link is broken, and there a re several mirrors that have that broken link too. I hope that someone please could help me

Playing iTunes purchased music on my D-Link DSM-320

I just purchased a D-Link DSM-320 "Media Lounge". It is working fine except that it will not play any (protected?) music in my iTunes library. Is there a way to enable the D-Link to play the music? Can I somehow 'authorize' it to play the music?

Windows Media Player, since installing Firefox 4 I cannot click on a link in my website to play a video. I have gone through the procedure for downloading the new plug in and it still won't play this is the link I downloaded from

http://www.interoperabilitybridges.com/windows-media-player-firefox-plugin-download I then shut down firefox and tried again the video is enbeded in my website as an .asx file. It concerns me that others cannot see it either. It is also a link in my

安装Firefox4后,插件Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library(崩溃了,插件已经是最新版,如何解决?

安装Firefox4后,访问带有在线音乐播放器的页面时,提示"插件Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library已崩溃了",插件版本(已经是最新版,如何解决?谢谢!已解决.禁用Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library插件.Read other 2 answers

Does Firefox offer an Flv media player download and if so may I have the link?

I am attempting to watch a video on line. I am redirected to a page that offers a download powered "Media Player". I need to know if this is your product as it does not appear to be. The message carries the Mozilla Firefox emblem. The message re

Adding a Quicktime Media Player to a page that can play from a list of links

I'm on a Mac G4 window front tower running OS X 10.4.11. I am using Adobe GoLive 7.2. and Quicktime player 7.6. The project I am involved in entails linking a group of Quicktime movies to a Quicktime media player on the same page. I can handle the li

Linking music files from Windows Media Player to Itunes

How do you link music between WMP (this is where I download my music) and ITunes without having to copy all the files so I don't need to use up hard drive space?iTunes will not accept Window Media player tracks that are protected. If you imported the

How do I change which media player adobe reader X uses when I click a link that directs me to a vid

There is a link in a pdf file I use, and when I click on it i receive this message: "This media requires an additional player. Please click 'Get Media Player' to download the correct media player. To play the media, you will need to close and restart

HTML Add to Adobe Media Player link

Hi, I have a series of FLV videos on a site and I want to add a link in Dreamweaver that will automatically download and add the video to the Adobe Media Player. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers AliHi The media players will have to consume your flv

I use to be able to click on a link in a website to watch a video and it would launch windows media player. I have installed the plugin but it still will not launch

Windows Media player will not launch from a video link within a website. it worked until I installed FF4. I did install the plug in but still nothing it just goes to a black then blank page when you try to launch the video. Ideas?At this point I thin

BB Link not linking to Win Media Player or iTunes

Out of the blue, my BB Link will not show my music library in iTunes or Windows Media Player. I'm using version and have even reinstalled BB Link. I tried with WMP and iTunes closed and open. It worked a few days ago now I'm having no luck -

HTC Media Link wireless DLNA adapter

I was wondering if anyone has used the new HTC Media Link wireless DLNA adapter that was released by HTC at http://www.htcaccessories.com.au/DG_H100.aspxFor what you are trying do this may work  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168

Why can't I have the Windows Media Player plugin in firefox? Why is that there is a page maintained on Mozilla that links to some port25 for plugin whereas other are available directly from firefox?

I am sick and tired of going to 3rd party websites and install plugin that have malware and virus. Need to have this Windows Media player plugin from Firefox directly.Thanks, but again, I'm either missing something or Firefox is being finicky. I play

Cisco Media player and Wireless Home Adudio DMC250 stopped seeing my computer music Folder

I do not know when but cisco media player and my DMC250 stopped seeing the music folder in my PC. It does not appear anymore as a Music Library I have reinstall LELA, Cisco Media Server and Cisco Media Player and reconfigure the DMC250 and nothing se

MS Media Player 10 WMA Support W

My Nomad Zen doesn't play the latest files I rip with the new Media Player version 0. [Windows Media Audio 9. - VBR Quality 90, 44 kHz, stereo -pass VBR] Is this a problem with my unit or do I need a firmware upgrade to support this? If this is a fir