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Non-OBAW Dims / Facts being loaded using DAC tool?

Guys, i am setting up a warehouse besides what is available using Oracle Apps. This does not have much to do with OBAW tables but i still would like to use the DAC tool to manage the loads. Is this worth setting up? I know enough about DAC but dont k

BI Apps - Financial Analytics (DB connection DAC and Informatica Designer)

Hi all, With correct Physical data sources configured in DAC including production JDE database (Oracle) and Datawarehouse, the ETL process can be finished in DAC without error. However, the datawarehouse tables do not contain any records after the ET

DAC server / Informatica Powercenter problem

Hi all, Our problem is not a problem at all, we just need some information about how we could import Informatica folders and make them visible from DAC Client. There are a Custom Folder, SDE and SIL folder, and some more, but..what if we need a custo

DAC and Informatica 8.6.1 installation and configuration on Linux (64 bit)

Hi Hussien, I saw some very good post by you regarding installing, setting up and configuration R12 , OBIEE, DAC 10.13.4 , Informatica 8.6.1 on Windows. I am looking installation and configuration of Informatica and DAC installation on Linux 64 bit p

HR Analytics - DAC error -Informatica mapping parameter values getting drop

I am running HR Analytic full load against People HCM 9.1 but DAC load is failing. When I looked Informatica log files, I saw $$HR_WRKFC_EXTRACT_DATE values getting dropped. Like TO_DATE is showing O_DATE in the log file and due to that Informatica w


Hi experts I have configured all the informatica settings with parameters in DAC environment . when i run the workflow from informatica then rows has been processed but when i run through DAC then no rows processed , i have build the execution plan a

Installing DAC and Informatica

My topology is defined as Informatica PC server in Linux and DAC server in Linux. Informatica PC clients in Windows. That seems to be a correct topology. I have Informatica PC server in Linux running OK, and also Informatica clients in Windows instal

DAC as schedular tool for Informatica workflows(Not for OBIApps repository)

I have to use DAC as administrative / scheduler tool for Informatica workflows. Earlier, I configured the same for OBI Apps. It's running fine. Now I am not refering to Oracle_BI_DW_Base.rep which is the inbuilt repository provided with OBI Apps. I h

Cloned Dac, Informatica and OBIEE want to change the ip and hostname

Hi Gurus, I recently cloned my OBIEE env on virtual machines on OEL ( Linux) I want to change the hostname and ip address to make the services up with new IP and hostname. I started the Database(11gR2) single instnace successfully. Please let me know

DAC not able to connect to Informatica services

Hi All, I have an issue in connecting DAC with Informatica. In this scenario Informatica Server and DAC server in installed in Linux machine and Informatica Client and DAC client in Windows. I have given all configurations required. But DAC not able

OBIEE 11g, Informatica and DAC: Migrating from Oracle DB to SQL Server?

Hi Gurus, Currently we are implementing OBIEE 11g with Oracle BI Application for EBS (Supply Chain, Procurement & Finance modules). We have incorporated all OUT-OF-THE-BOX mappings and configurations in DAC, Informatica and RPD (no change, only OOTB)

Creating a replica of Informatica and DAC..

Hi Experts, We just have one environment containing DAC and Informatica. ( call it prod) Now we are planning to create a DEV environment containing exactly the same DAC and Informatica metadata. I think having the DAC repository and Informatica repos

Unable to register Informatica Integration Service & Repository on DAC

hi Gurus: I´m not able to register the Informatica services on DAC. The services are running and I also created a Custom Property on the Integration Services to set the server port to 4006, I created the Administrator user on the Informatica Administ

Size recommendations for DAC / Informatica repository

I am starting a new installation... I've got the install pdf from Oracle site and also the SRSP for OBI Apps... I wonder if anyone has a size estimate for the DAC and Informatica repository data bases ? I understand they are not large but... Also, I

Implementation of DAC with PLSQL ETL

Hi, We were planning to implement the ETL using PLSQL and not Informatica but we were interested in using DAC for scheduling and managing the ETL(PLSQL) runs in the way it currently does for Informatica. Can you please let us know if this is feasible

BIA 7.9.5 - DAC Server keeps crashing - libc.so SIGBUS error (Solaris)

Can you help me solving the following issue or provide me hints please? At the customer site we have BIA 7.9.5 running on Solaris 10 (SPARC). Unfortunately, the DAC server is crashing quite frequently with the following error: # An unexpected error h

Informatica Powercenter 9.01 V26112-01_1of2 zip file problem

Hi I have installed all three informatica zip files but Unfortunately V26112-01_1of2 zip file which contains License Key file and client doesnt work. it looks like corrupted. I have dowloaded three times but winzip, rar doesnt work with that zip file

DAC Execution plan for financial analytics keeps running (OBIA 7.9.4)

Hi Gurus, I have problem when tried to run full load on financial analytics execution plan. I used OBIA 7.9.4, Informatica 8.6.1 and DAC This runs on Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 with 6 GB of memory. I set $$INIT

Error while Importing Metadata into DAC Repository

Hi, After the successful first time login into DAC and creating repository, when I try to import metadata into DAC repository. DAC > Tools > DAC Repository Management > Import I don't see any Applications listed under "Application List"

DAC Physical Data Source password change - invalid username/password

We are using DAC/Informatica for loading Peoplesoft data into the warehouse. The password for the peoplesoft source was changed recently. I changed the password in DAC under setup, Type source for the Peoplesoft DB. When I select 'Test Connection' I