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BI Apps - Financial Analytics (DB connection DAC and Informatica Designer)

Hi all, With correct Physical data sources configured in DAC including production JDE database (Oracle) and Datawarehouse, the ETL process can be finished in DAC without error. However, the datawarehouse tables do not contain any records after the ET

Cloned Dac, Informatica and OBIEE want to change the ip and hostname

Hi Gurus, I recently cloned my OBIEE env on virtual machines on OEL ( Linux) I want to change the hostname and ip address to make the services up with new IP and hostname. I started the Database(11gR2) single instnace successfully. Please let me know

DAC Execution plan for financial analytics keeps running (OBIA 7.9.4)

Hi Gurus, I have problem when tried to run full load on financial analytics execution plan. I used OBIA 7.9.4, Informatica 8.6.1 and DAC This runs on Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 with 6 GB of memory. I set $$INIT

Error while Importing Metadata into DAC Repository

Hi, After the successful first time login into DAC and creating repository, when I try to import metadata into DAC repository. DAC > Tools > DAC Repository Management > Import I don't see any Applications listed under "Application List"

DAC Physical Data Source password change - invalid username/password

We are using DAC/Informatica for loading Peoplesoft data into the warehouse. The password for the peoplesoft source was changed recently. I changed the password in DAC under setup, Type source for the Peoplesoft DB. When I select 'Test Connection' I