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Export import  in sql developer data modeling tool

I tried sql developer data modeling tool but i have a proble i select file> import > data dictionary then created a connection to db and selected some tables and got the er digram successfully then i goto file > export>to data modeling design

Data Import/Export Tool

Hello Experts, I would like to have your views on Data import function (not DTW) in SAP.  Does this functionality have any data integrity issue ? My client likes to use this function to import business partners using Excel rather than DTW. What is th

Issue found in EHS in using specification data import using  process

Dear EHS community Now using EHS classic for a long time a issue has been detected in EHS standard import. During maintenance of EHS data normally using CG02 the system is always using the default "Data origin" specified in customizing to be sto

Data transformation tool in wli8.1

hi, We are trying to explore the data transformation tool of the wil8.1. We have cobol copy books as input and we need to end up populating oracle tables. These are the steps we are following: 1. Use format builder to change cobol copy books into .mf

Data Import Wizard from Excel on DATE column

I have exported data to a csv in Oracle SQL Developer and one of the columns are of an Oracle Date datatype. In opening up Excel I see the Date column represented as 15-MAY-01 AM. I am now going through the Data Import Wizard to cr

Help with data imports and identifying correct contact

Hi Guys, I am looking to import some data from a csv into a table called 'interactions' This table is linked to contact via a 1-to-many relationship. when I am importing data often I get errors saying that it cant determine which contact to use becau

Has anyone had issues with Administration\Data Import/Export\Data Import???

Has anyone had issues with Administration\Data Import/Export\Data Import??? I have a client who has recently upgraded from V2007 to V8.81. They were succesfuly  using this standard function to import supplier prices to their master price list, but no

Data Import/Export

I am new in SAP. Q: Is it possible to use the importer tool (importing from excel) but change or add fields except from the default ones in order to import more data? Is it any way to link a desire column to this imported tool. If we are not able is

Data modeling tool: physical model migration

Hi, I have imported my relational model with a generated physical model for oracle 9i. I'd like to migrate my DB to oracle 10g, but I don't feel like creating a new physical model for Oracle 10g from the scratch and configuring it all. Is there any w

Data import add on

Anyone written or have a recommendation of an easy end user import tool for importing bulk items? DTW is a little too much for end users here and the built in import tool doesn't import user fields which we use a lot, plus I believe you have to set t

Why Data Pump tool cannot get in?

Why Data Pump tool cannot get in? [[email protected] ~]$ impdp Import: Release - Production on Thursday, 18 September, 2008 22:30:05 Copyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved. Username: system Password: UDI-00008: operation generate

Data Recovery tool

what is a good free data frecovery tool for mac? If none, what is a good cheep one avaliable on the Mac App Store?Davalaus wrote: what is a good free data frecovery tool for mac? If none, what is a good cheep one avaliable on the Mac App Store? The l

Pro Oracle Spatial Demo Data Import Errors

Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this. I am trying to install the Demo data from the book, and all of the import files fail and I get the following error: C:\$HOME\Data>imp spatial/spatial file=app_with_loc.dmp full=yes Import: Release 9.0.

Mystery Data imported into AW

I exported data from an OFA findata that contains a composite. In Oracle Warehouse Builder I built the exact same cube with the exact same sparsity as the OFA cube. In AWM through Oracle OLAP Worksheet I attempted to import the .eif file into the sto

Data import from EBS failed via FDMEE in fdm . Getting error message as "Error connecting to AIF URL.

FDM Data import from EBS failed via FDMEE after roll back the patch . Getting below error message in ERPI Adapter log. *** clsGetFinData.fExecuteDataRule @ 2/18/2015 5:36:17 AM *** PeriodKey = 5/31/2013 12:00:00 AM PriorPeriodKey = 4/30/

Data Import ERROR

Hi Guys I am facing an error when uploading the items through Data Import. Just i am uplaoding only Item Code and Item Description . but error is coming like this " Row Number 1: Invalid Code [Items - Chapter ID] " Also when uploading the BP mas

Data Import error - Valuation Method (ODBC -1029)

Hello all, first post on the SCN. I did some search for similar problems, but nothing seemed to help here. We are using Business One, two different companies and databases. We were at the time of the year to update the price list, so we used the Admi

Data Import defaulting Null date to system date

I am trying to import Campaigns using Data Import, and when End Date is NULL it defaults to system date. Is there any way to avoid this default? Even when I don't "map" the End Date, it still defaults it. Thanks!This file will always populate it

Use of ODI in Data Import scenario

Hi, We are contemplating to use ODI for a Data Import scenario. The flow goes something like this: 1.A user specified flat file or xml with a mapping between the file columns and base table columns serves as the input. (Note that the file column name

What are the options for me for Data Mining tools?

I am new for data mining. I have a project for which we are asked to identify the relationships between variables we got and we were asked to come up with an algorithm from data mining. What are the options available for me as data mining tools and w