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data tier application in sql server 2012


Can SharePoint 2010 read data from an external SQL Server 2012 data Source?

Hi,  I would like to Know whether SharePoint can read the data from a SQL server 2012 external data source? I am not talking about SharePoint internal database. I need to get the data from an sql database which is used by some other application. For

Error deploying data tier application to SQL Azure at "Registering metadata for database" step ... should I care?

I'd like to move an on-premesis SQL Server Database to SQL Azure. I've used SQL Mgmt Studio to Extract Data Tier Application and save my db as a dacpac file. Now I'm connected to my Azure server and I've chosen to Deploy Data Tier Application. I sele

Migrating Data from MySQL to SQL Server 2012

Hi all, I'm Migrating a database from MySQL to SQL Server 2012, using SSMA for MySQL v5.2.1258.  I've got the schema migrated over and have resolved any migration issues (stored procedures / views), but when it comes to migrating over the data I'm ju

Getting SQLSTATE:22001(Message : [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]String data, right truncation) in SQL Server 2012 but in SQL server 2008 R2.

I have an application which connects to SQL through ODBC 11. ODBC statement is : SELECT PID FROM PENTITY PENTITY01 WHERE ((NUM1 NOT BETWEEN ? + 10.7895 AND ? + 200.6734 AND NUM2 NOT IN (5996/ 8, ? - 89.3892, ? + 80.7543)) and the SQLBindparameter sta

How to create a .mdf SQL Server database from a Data-Tier Application file that has data?

This is a noob question, though I do use SQL Server databases all the time with Entity Framework when I code in C# using Visual Studio 2013.  The development environment is found below at [A].  I am trying to make a clone of a SQL Server 2008 R2 data

Oracle 10g to SQL Server 2012

Hi, We are planning to upgrade our SAP. Our environment: Windows Server 2003, ERP ECC 6, Oracle 10g. Am looking for guides to migrate our Oracle database to SQL Server 2012. With new server, may I know how to convert our data from oracle to SQL Serve

SQL Server 2012- Memory Leak Issue

Team, We are running a Mission Critical Application on SQL Server 2012 SP2(11.0.5058) which is configured on Always ON Synchronous mode. Offlate due to heavy development work, Application team have come up with stating memory issues. I have analysed

Routing Functionality in MS SQL SERVER 2012

I am using postgreSQL for one of my project which use pgrouting functionality to access routing, but i like to port the data base to MS SQL SERVER 2012,Data got ported successfully but still am facing a problem is Routing is there any way to use ROUT

Help to write the sql server 2012(business intelligence ) certification.

Hi, I am planning to write the SQL SERVER 2012 certification exam. i want few more details... 1. Examination code. 2. how to prepare 3. is there any dumps available. 4. is there any books available for preparation. Please pass the details, it would b

Failure to install SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU8/9 with a "Failed to retrieve data for this request." error

Hi all, Has anyone come across SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU8/9 failing to install with a “Failed to retrieve data for this request.” error. The error is too generic for a useful search on web, for me at least anyway. Had no problems patching a whole bunch

Master Data Services not available under shared feature while installing SQL server 2012

Hi, I am trying to install Master Data Services but do not see the option to select MDS under the shared features when going through the SQL server 2012 installation. I have the SQL server 2012 SP1 (64 bit) install files. I have also installed SP2. I

How to join a Domain Controller Server to an two-tier (SQL Server 2012) and Sharepoint 2013 (SP2013) farm

Hi, I am trying to build a 3-tier SharePoint 2013 farm. 1. SQL Server 2012, Windows 2012 VM 2. DC Server, Windows 2012 VM 3. SharePoint 2013, Windows 2012 VM I didn't built the DC server. Someone else did. However, I created about 14 service domain u

PerformancePoint in Sharepoint 2010 and SQL Server 2012 data source

Hi, I have a problem on creating PerformancePoint reports in Sharepoint 2010 based on SQL Server 2012 source data. I try to create a data source in PerformancePoint dashboard designer, I choose Analysis Services, and I get a following error:         

SharePoint 2013 - SQL Server 2012 PPIV - using a PPIV workbook as a data source - getting PPIV web service error

I created a PowerPivot (SQL Server 2012 SP1) workbook and uploaded it to SharePoint 2010 Portal and started using it as a data source in an excel file. This worked fine and we saw no issues with it until we moved to SharePoint 2013 environment. I upl

Is Distributed Transaction Coordinator services of the application role are required by SQL Server 2012 for clustering and support of SharePoint 2013.

All I want to know is if Distributed Transaction Coordinator services of the application role are required by SQL Server 2012 for clustering and support of SharePoint 2013. I have been planning and deploying my companies first Windows Server 2012/SQL

MCTS 70-466 Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

I am searching for training kit for Exam 70-466 (Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012) but I think is not published yet. I was expecting its release in Jan or Feb 2014. Would any one can tell me its release date or any

SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Crashed when opening the application

Hi, I had installed SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server 2012 on a single server environment a couple of months ago. Both the tools were working fine. But today morning i found that when opening SQL Server 2012 Management Studio it displays a pop-up messa

Import data from Informix DB to SQL Server 2012

I am trying to use the SSIS Import and Export Wizard in SQL Server Data Tools to migrate an Informix database to SQL Server 2012.  I go through the steps & when I hit Finish I get an error message that says: TITLE: SQL Server Import and Export Wizard

Share Data Source between multiple report projects in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

I have a reports solution in 2012 which contains multiple report projects one each for target deployment folder and we use TFS 2012 for report deployment. We have a template project which has a bunch of template reports and all the datasources used i

Custom Data Provider Not Registered in Report Server (Sql Server 2012)

We have a simple test report project set up and can preview the reports with no errors or problems from the designer. We can deploy the report project, but when trying to view the reports from the browser, we get the following error: An error as occu