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Deleting an extra column in the resultset of genericsearch page

Hello E-Commerce Experts, we have a requirement where we need to delete a column in the resultset of the quicksearch trasactions in the genericsearch page. In order to hide this column we placed a condition in the action class from where we are getti

Dynamic table header/footer on multiple pages stay original

hi experts, i've got a form with a dynamic table. this means that i have a footerrow with mapped information if it should be visible or not. so the table can have from 1 to 40 columns. i did some scripting in the table's initialize section: loop over

Data is not being displayed into DataGridview until Clicked inside the cells

Hi, On a windows form, I have a DataGridView, its columns are auto-generated every time. Data is loaded after the user click a data-load button. However this is NOT working well, the data is not displayed until manually clicked inside the grid cells.

Is it possible to hide the data in a formatted cell until the data from the relevant cells has been entered?

I have a balance sheet and I'd like to be able to hide the data in the balance column until the 'In' or 'Out' for that day has been entered Any ideas greatfully received!Hi Quinn, I am surprized that apple makes me go to a custom rule to chose a whit

How to select a random cell in the DataGridView?

Good day I am new to the DataGridView control. I was wondering if one can select a random cell in the DataGridView and if it is possible can someone help me with the code or a link to do it please. Thank you.Hi Arno du Toit, Use the following code, y

How to show image in a datagridview cell called from a URL stored in an SQL database

I am using Visual Studio 2008 creating a Windows Form to display a datagrid with real estate information. The SQL database record contains a dozen fields of text which I have no problem displaying. My problem is one of the columns contains a url whic