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datagridview row header text alignment


JTable text alignment issues when using JPanel as custom TableCellRenderer

Hi there, I'm having some difficulty with text alignment/border issues when using a custom TableCellRenderer. I'm using a JPanel with GroupLayout (although I've also tried others like FlowLayout), and I can't seem to get label text within the JPanel

Row Type: "Text" in A/P invoice, not being displayed in PLD

Hello Experts, I am getting problem in displaying the  "Text" row type & its contents of A/P invoice in PLD. Help Required, ThanksHi Muhammad, In order to display the contents of text (type) of an A/p  Invoice, you need to add an database fi

Text alignment "Justify" is not aligned in Crystal Viewer.

Hi, I am having a text field in report like paragraph format in Detail section and I have setting the text alignment as u201CJustifyu201D. If I launch the report through dhtml viewer the text is not aligned in justify format, it is getting aligned as

How can i validate current row input text field like required.

Hi All, jdev in my use case i have drag drop one viewobject as a adf table. and in table i have also add one extra input text field which is not based on vo. now i want to validate current row input text field not null when i commit row. b

How to change the text alignment of an adf table column

Hi everyone I have a read only adf table that uses banding. What I want to do is change the text align property of one of it's columns but the task seems not at all trivial. I tried entering a value for the text-align property in the inline style of

Hyphenation & text-align:justify in PDF's with CFDOCUMENT

Hello everybody! We are using CF8.1 and are having problems of generating well designed PDF outputs with CFDOCUMENT. We would like to print out reports, which are hyphenated and have the text aligned. Example: This works fine: <html lang="en"

JDeveloper text-align for table column has no effect

Hi, I am using JDeveloper In a tabe I have a column that displays numbers, which are left-aligned by default: Applied $50.00 $2,160.00 $50.00 $2,260.00I want to have them aligned to the right to look neater: Applied          $50.00       $2

New to CSS, text-align and line-height ok in 'Design', but not in browsers (IE 10 & Chrome) on Win8

[DREAMWEAVER CC] I'm now learning CSS, and find that where I specify in an external style sheet h1 {           font-family:Baskerville, "Palatino Linotype", Palatino, "Century Schoolbook L", "Times New Roman", serif;         

Sync Text alignment in HTMLEditor and a PDF generated using FOP

Hi, How to sync text alignment in HTMLEditor and a PDF generated using FOP ? I tried setting the dimensions of HTMLEditor and PDF in pixels by calculating the size in Pixels for A4 paper size with a particular dpi value. Have done the font settings a

Spry bar text alignment

I need help with aligning text in main spry bar menu. Using DW 5.5, I have a 7 bank bar and 2 have 2 lines, remainder have 1. I need to BOTTOM align everything. I've look through forums, help menus, and u-tube and can not find this answer. I would al

BUG:text-align:right; inline style not working on read-only af:InputText

Hello, A bug in how af:InputText works if readonly=true. I have an af:InputText that has "text-align:right;" for the InlineStyle. The inputText is inside of an af:Column in af:Table. If the inputtext is readonly=false, it works properly and rend

ADF Faces OutputText text-align

I´m working in an ADF Faces Application, a column in a table is showed using an outputText but the customer wants its value is showed right align. I've tried the propertie inlineStyle="text-align:right;" in the outputText but it's not working co

TableView: column header text alignment?

How can I change the text alignment of a TableView column caption/header? I'd like some of my column headers to be right aligned for example? It works for regular table cells when I change f.i. the css of the custom DataFX MoneyTableCell cell: .money

Text alignment with footnotes

In (unstructured) Framemaker, I can't get (especially footnote) text to sit consistently at the very bottom of the page. I don't want to use feathering, as this knocks out the line-by-line text alignment across the page. Is there any obvious way of g

Text alignment

The text alignment boxes, top, middle, bottom, don't seem to affect change. I am accustomed to using multiple text boxes to customize more, and most of the time it works for me, but now I'm modifying an earlier pages doc where I just typed, and I'm r

Text Align ignores whitespaces

Hi. I have a problem with text align in text field. Let's say that I have a text field with htmlText: "Text example          " - when I set align for this text field like this: var _format:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); _format.align= TextFormat

Table (css) text align in ff

does anybody know of an issue where setting a table class with text-align attributes won't center the text of the table in firefox? I can force it to center by adjusting the align attribute in the <table> tag, but i have a several tables that i woul

Text Alignment - Image Captions

I am trying to set up a wiki page with various images, and wanted to provide each image with a caption (displayed underneath). What is the best way to achieve this? I haven't seen any options for text alignment in the wiki, and it strips my CSS attri

Another text alignment issue

Dear friends, I've got this div which makes up for a left column on my page and stacked therein I've got some images with some captions underneath. Now, my problem is: I want the images aligned center within that div but the text, I need it to be jus

Why Are My Text Align Buttons Grayed Out?

My users are unable to center text when edited pages in CS3 and CS4. The standard paragraph alignment buttons are grayed out. All the users of my site have Admin role, and I have set up the role to allow unrestricted editing. And "Allow Users to Appl