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Size of Exported Excel file is very large

Hi, I have a report that has around 10000 rows and 5 columns. When I export to excel, the excel file is very big, around 15MB. But If the file is opened, and saved again , the size reduces to around 13MB. Any suggestions on how to reduce the file siz

Export excel option is not working in test environment in Firefox.

In our application 'export excel' option is present in 4 different pages. All the excels working in development environment in both IE and FF. In testing env, all the excels working fine in IE. But only two excels are working in FF in testing env. Re

Bug : Invalid file extension error when opening exported excel

Hi All, In one of my jsff page, i have implemented 'exportToExcel' functionality through a exportcollectionactionlistener on a table to export its data to excel. When i try opening the generated excel, i get the following warning in excel 2007 : "The

Formatting / Post Processing of Exported Excel Sheet

Hi , Issue: The Columns in the Excel Sheet are not fully visible when we export Report from CR viewer  to Excel Sheet. So we had planned for Post processing of the Excel Sheet using VBA or .NET etc to format the Excel Sheet, which would be on the ser

WEBI report present different in exported excel file

Hello expert,      I create a line chart in webi, and I create a table block to cover the x axies label for the line chart.  this presentation looks perfect in WEBI report, but when I export it into excel file, the x axies labels for the line chart s

Leading zeros are not carried from the pivot table to exported Excel (9927815)

Hello All - I am just wondering if there is a fix available for -- Leading zeros are not carried from the pivot table to exported Excel (9927815) can anybody suggest when it will be fixed and if there is any-workaround for this issue if there is no f

Again: Using Crystal Report to export excel sheet.

Morning every one, first Iu2019d like to apologize for my last question see Using Crystal Report to export excel sheet. Itu2019s pretty hard to understand and wastes your precious time. Now here is a new one hopefully it will do myself a lot of help:

System date to be present in Portal and to the exported excel

Hi Gurus, My requirement is to display CURRENT DATE(SYS DATE) in Portal using WAD and I want the same CURRENT DATE to be present in the excel when I click EXPORT TO EXCEL button. I am able to achieve the first requirement using TEXT ELEMENT in WAD bu

ADF view, export excel does not export more than 65536 rows

as this is limitation of ms excel 2000, but not sure whether it is still limitation in using ADF view export excel feature. in our table , there are more than 80k rows, when we click on export excel, it only get's 65536 rows remaining rows are not ex

Can't export Excel files

In Discoverer Server -, I can't export Excel files. I already reed threads about macro security, regedit and regional languages but I still can't export xsl and cvs files. there is a patch or something to do ?? ThxThe problem si the lang

Subtotal problem in Export Excel from ALV Output

Subtotal displays correct in alv output, but if i do the export excel , that subtotal value is changed in excel sheet. is it possible to solve this problem.  DATA: lo_grid TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid. ** get the global reference  CALL FUNCTION 'GET_G

No response when export EXCEL from Mapping in FDM

Dear All, I am using FDM And, install as usual. I cannot export Excel from Mapping in FDM. The screen is just keep waiting for long long time. How to fix it? Thanks for all. KarenWe did have a bug in older versions of smartview where it was

Export excel setting Page header once per report not working

Hi All,       I am having a java web application which creates the predefined template reports in pdf or xls or rpt format. I have a requirement where in case of XLS format, the page header should be displayed ONCE PER REPORT. I have Crystal Reports


Any body know how to when export excel make that the columns in my xls file look the size needed to show the all data???? Sorry about my english but I just started to work with a multinational corporation that ask, post, and answer in this language.

Export excel not supported in https using firefox

Export excel option is supported in http URL but not supported in https using firefox.Hi Gnittala, Thanks.. Pls find more info in below... In our application 'export excel' option is present in 4 different pages. Using Jquery to calling the excel. Al

Problem opening exported Excel file

Hi We recently experienced a problem that has never occurred before. When trying to open an exported Excel file from a query with hierarchical structures (using the link <SAP_BW_URL DATA_PROVIDER="DP" CMD="EXPORT" FORMAT="XLS&q

Export Excel formula

Hi, We have a requirement as below. In SQL server Reporting service we need to export excel formula for summing column values. scenario : After generating report we are exporting report to excel file using report viewer.when user will modify a column

SRKIM: Windows XP SP2 에서 export 시 excel창이 자동으로 open되지 않음

PURPOSE Client Pc 를 Windows XP SP2 로 변경 후 export 시도 시 excel format 임에도 excel 이 자동으로 open되지 않을 경우 이를 해결 하는 방법을 제시한다. Problem Description Client Pc 를 Windows XP SP2 로 변경 후 export 시도 시 excel format 임에도 excel 이 자동으로 open되지 않는다. Workaround N/A Solution De

Missing X-Axis labels in exported excel sheet

Created chart in Desktop Intelligence. Missing X-Axis labels in exported excel sheet. Please help me on thsiUse the Metrics Inspector. Click on the chart to select it, then click on one labels of the labels to select only the text box containing the

Exporting alpha numeric values using File Export Excel option

Hi, When we export the report output to excel using the option file /export/excel/fully formatted grids and text, the text where we have alphanumeric characters, only the number component is getting exported. An example is 'Switch - Cisco 3750 (Goa)