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Datatable Export Excel


Size of Exported Excel file is very large

Hi, I have a report that has around 10000 rows and 5 columns. When I export to excel, the excel file is very big, around 15MB. But If the file is opened, and saved again , the size reduces to around 13MB. Any suggestions on how to reduce the file siz

Export excel option is not working in test environment in Firefox.

In our application 'export excel' option is present in 4 different pages. All the excels working in development environment in both IE and FF. In testing env, all the excels working fine in IE. But only two excels are working in FF in testing env. Re

Bug : Invalid file extension error when opening exported excel

Hi All, In one of my jsff page, i have implemented 'exportToExcel' functionality through a exportcollectionactionlistener on a table to export its data to excel. When i try opening the generated excel, i get the following warning in excel 2007 : "The