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dbms_output.put_line select results


DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE multi records from PL/SQL procedure to Java web page.

Hello I will explain the scenario: In our java web page, we are using three text boxes to enter "Part number,Description and Aircraft type". Every time the user no need to enter all these data. The person can enter any combination of data or onl

How to Populate a table with DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line

Hey Guys, it's Xev. Please only pleasant people reply to this. I have a PL/SQL Program that searches for strings and then at the end of it it prints out to DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line. I have the owner, the table_name, the column name and the count, then it

Dbms_output.put_line not displaying anything

I am running the below code (ssn_run.sql) using sqlplus on my windows XP professional client PC. The database is a Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit running on Solaris I cracked my head for about one hour bu

BUG : DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line and tabs in sqldeveloper 1.2.1 - build 32.00

Hi Guys. I upgraded from 1.2 and it appears that dbms_output.put_line is now broken. Consider the following: begin    dbms_output.put_line('hello world'); end;Process: 1. Load SQL Developer 2. Open a connection to DB 3. Go to DBMS Output tab 4. Enabl

Dbms_output.put_line in this query

I want to put a  dbms_output.put_line in this query so it will give my the property_id is checking first in the PM_EXCHANGE_PROPERTY_PRIORITY (its part of a more bigger procedure) dbms_output.put_line('RESORT ID  one=> '||rci_dep_rec.resort_id);     


Hi there, I am having problems with following statement in SQL*PLUS, for some reason the text that I have declared is not appearing instad I am only getting the "Enter Value for" question. Here is the code I have created: SQL> DECLARE 2 START


Following is a script i made for freeing up(SHRINK ing and resetting HWM) the space in Tables and its indexes. I don't know the escape character to use in the DBMS_OUTPUT shown in bold below create or replace procedure freeup_space is type v_segment_

Issues with DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE and (

Two things: 1. (SELECT 'DROP TABLE ' FROM dual) UNION ALL (SELECT 'DROP TABLE N#' FROM dual) ORDER BY 1 will result: (SELECT 'DROP succeeded. in "Script Output" mode. SELECT 'DROP TABLE ' FROM dual UNION ALL SELECT 'DROP TABLE N#' FROM dual ORDE

Dbms_output.put_line not printing in inner for loop using a parameter

I cannot get the inner loop to print output. I can run both loops independent (hardcoding a value for the inner loop) Any help is apprecicated... Listed is the code set serveroutput on DECLARE cursor ACCNO_CUR is select accession_number from didb_stu

How to print extract value in dbms_output.put_line

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE pr_srch_data AS xml_data_val xmltype:=null; vPropertyName clob; vstr varchar2(1000); operation varchar2(1000); vQuery VARCHAR2(4000):=NULL; vQry VARCHAR2(4000):=NULL; vPartyid VARCHAR2(2000):=NULL; vPerson varchar2(4000);


Hello I need a Help. I use PHP Version 4.4.0 and Oracle 10g I have create this procedure with php $node_start = 670; $node_end = 677; $conn = @OCILogon("My_db", "My_pass", "My_host") or die ( "Connect KO to server <b&

Dbms_output.put_line does not write to stdout

I expect the following code to fail and to write 'ERRORE' to stdout: ------------------- mm.sql set serveroutput on BEGIN select 1/0 from dual; exception when others then dbms_output.put_line('ERRORE'); END; I execute this from the command line sqlpl

Dbms_output.put_line not working

Hi, i am trying to use dbms_output.put_line to execute a sql in a bat script on windows...i get no errors , but the "alter tablespace" just prints but does not execute. What exactly am i missing? Part of the script shown below.. thanks set HFILE

DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE not working in Stored Functions

Hi All, I have one doubt, why is dbms_output.put_line not supported in Stored Functions? create or replace function func_in_sql(var number) return varchar2 is begin If var is not null then return to_char(dbms_output.put_line(var)); else return to_cha

DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE doesn't work in Reports

Version Build Main 25.97 I've tried to create a Report using the PL/SQL-DBMS_OUTPUT option and it just sends out a sinle line of text without any line throws. Copy the block of code and run it as a script and it works fine. Anybody else come

DBMS_Output.put_line doesn't print in one single line

Hi People, I am using 'DBMS_Output.put_line' in my procedure for the output. Here's the code: DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('LOGIT_T. Detail records for act:'||v_count_act||',Detail records for Bal:'||v_count_bal||',Updated records for act:'||v_updat_act||',U

DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line  to file

Hi I have a PL/SQL code wiht DBMS_OUTPUT , I must print result in file   DECLARE     myvar   integer;   BEGIN     bla     bla     etc    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('my data is ' : myvar); END ;How can I do ? tksFor 10gR2, per line limit is 32767. The tota

Spooling via DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE without new lines

Is there a way to spool output to a file using DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE so that each line is placed on a same line? ie spool all output to one line? I guess this probably goes against design of PUT_LINE as it is mean to put a line. What I am trying to do

I need help with DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE

I am a student new to PL/SQL.  I am using SQL developer  For several weeks DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE worked fine.  Now I cannot see it.  I have tried adding DBMS_OUTPUT.enabled(1000000); to my code to no avail.  When it did work the window was o

Can we use dbms_output.put_line package with forall statement

Hello Everybody Can we use dbms_output.put_line package with forall or can we use insert,update and delete only declare type emp_rec is table of emp%rowtype index by binary_integer; t emp_rec; begin select * bulk collect into t from emp; forall i in