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How do you measure your productivity?

Hi everybody, I have troubles estimating my productivity as a Java programmer. As far as I know "a normal programmer" produces from 80 to 400 lines of code (LOC) per month (comments are not counted). I now it is very unclear how to define and es

Configuring requirement : ordered item to absorb cost of free goods

Hello Friends, I need to configure this in SAP SD. The main item should accumulate the cost of the free goods. I have  set the cumulative indicator and deactivated pring for this item. Do i still need to configure the stock value for the free goods a

Cost(vprs) of free goods with batch managment

Dear Gurus, I have a problem ahout free goods with batch management. Cost(VPRS) is not accumulated in billing(free goods is not relevant for billing). My configurations are shown as below: Ordered goods (and batch) item category :zta1(copied from tan

Cost of free goods in header

dear all i have configured free goods,in the order the cost is coming for free goods at item level and it is not adding  to the header cost total. for eg:i have 2 items and 1 free item.costs r 300,400,500 respectively. in the header it is showing onl

Item cost not found for one or more items - Inventory Posting

Good Day Mentors, My user has encountered an error during Inventory Posting and its "Item cost not found for one or more items". The specific Message ID from SAP's System Message Log is 10001287. I found a similar post which addresses this error

I have a 27 in. iMac with the latest version of Snow Leopard. When Lion comes out, will it be software I purchase and download online? I am trying to prepare for cost and don't have a point of reference, having been a Windows guy until last summer.

I want to know what to expect in terms of moving from one OS to another. Having been a Windows guy until last summer, my only experience is going from one version of Windows to another, which is usually a fairly costly purchase. I will want to go to

Report  for bom wise target and actual cost as well as qty at line item

Dear Experts, Is there any standard tcode for bom wise target and actual cost as well as qty at line item level for the month. there is one tcode s_alr_87013127 but user has to double click in order to get line item details. I want to see line item w

Open Balance on Sales Order Cost Report

Hi SAP Group - I have a couple questions about the settlement of manufacturing variance to COPA. When our settlement process is complete (production order and sales order both settled to COPA), there is a balance remaining on the sales order cost rep

Dunning costs and Dunning letters

Hi to All, Any body can help me out, In this regard.,     In the report of Dunning cost(Sendiing Dunning letters to customers)., Customers are showing but company code was not showing.How can i get the company code for those customers.     And one mo

BW Analysis authorization issue on cost center range

Hello BIW security experts I have a problem where I created an analysis authorization on a cost center range and it looks like the interval is not working. The report is just a list of cost centers (demo to users to prove that analysis authorizations

Training and Event Management Costs

Hi All, I have been asked to implement training and event management for purpose of cost tracking. I have looked at activity allocation and CTPosting but would like to get some advice on proper implementation of this. Any direction, advice or support

How to delete the one of cost centers in Splitting Structure(OKEW)?

Dear All, I have a question about Splitting Structure as below? Could I get favor from you? Thanks a lot. How to delete the one of cost centers in Splitting Structure(OKEW)? JochaHi Chang Welcome to SDN! Its our pleasure to help you here Step 1: Sele

If I wanted to exchange my iPhone 5 for the new iPhone 6 (no additional cost after $199 gift card from selling iPhone 5) do I have to pre-order online or do I just have to show up at a Verizon store Sept 19th?

If I wanted to exchange my iPhone 5 for the new iPhone 6 (no additional cost after $199 gift card from selling iPhone 5) can I pre-order online now or do I just have to show up at a Verizon store Sept 19th?    scodaddy, that is a wonderful question.

I have an old Imac G4 from 2003. I haven't used it in years, but I would like to start. What are my options for getting it up to date? Is it even worth the trouble/cost? I was hoping to at least get it running Snow leopard, if not Lion. Options?

I have an old Imac G4 from 2003. I would like to start using it again, however it is so out of date and runs too slowly. What are my options to update it? I really don't want to invest a ton of money - I might as well get a new one, so if there are a

I recently managed to get the whole casing of my 13" Macbook Pro (Mid-2009) replaced due to a missing foot and dodgy spacebar. The lid is dented and scratched so would like to know how much it would cost to replace? I know its not covered by AppleCare.

So i took my Macbook Pro 13'' (Mid-2009) into Apple because the spacebar was jammed and I had one of the feet of the bottom casing missing which was unusual (black circles). The unibody and bottom plate had a fair few dents and nicks and under AppleC

Tax code error while posting Planned delivery costs in Import Scenario

Hi!!!!! I am getting on error while posting Planned delivery costs in MIRO for Import Purchase Order with zero value tax code v0. The error is "Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure ZAXINN" For Import I defined a pricing procedure w


Hi I am unable to do writ-up asset as error message is coming saying that cost element require a cost object assignment. But in asset master we have cost object assignment. I have checked my all configuration seems to be correct but i don't know why

Error while entering  the Overhead percentage 0.3693 in Costing Sheet

HI, While defining costing sheet in the system,i need to give the overhead percentage as 0.3692 as per the client requirement.but the system is giving the below error. Input should be in the form __,___,__~.___V Message no. 00088 Diagnosis Your entry

Product costing error while defining posting rules

Hi Friends, When I'm trying to define posting rules for settling WIP using OKG8, I get an error msg "GL account 7000100 cannot be created as a cost element" and the aforesaid account is WIP (P&L account). The long text of the error msg is as

Free goods but want to freight cost updation upon GR

Hi, Scenario: I have a PO with 20 line items and header freight cost. There are few more items in PO which are ticked as free goods. There is a stock of those materials with certain MAP. Freight condition has been configured as vendor GR so that it g