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dcp wr300n router configuration


Can't access router configuration

I have a wireless router WRT54GC.  It worked fine until I got a new linker.  Now I can neither connect wirelessly from my laptop (although the laptop says the connection is fine).  Nor can I access the router configuration; the URL for the configurat

Can't get to router configuration Web page

For some reason, I can't bring up the router configuration page (  It's always worked in the past.  But today for some reason, when I type in the URL, it hangs and hangs and hangs...  and then just gives me the "Can't access" error

Visualizing SAP XI routing configuration across the system landscape

Hi Experts Iam facing some challenges in visualizing SAP XI routing configuration across the system landscape (Development, Quality, Production). Basically routing is based on a field (technical target system). Depending on the environment we have di

The TMS configuration is inconsistent and The transport route configuration

Hi, I logged on domain controller in STMS in QA.  I can see the following in STMS as " The TMS configuration is inconsistent   The transport route configuration is  inconsistent" Users were able to do transports and there were no issues. Transpo

Problem with route configuration with wireles !

Dear sir ; we have a network consist of a wireless 340 and 2600 router with one ethernet port and a default static route and 2900 catalyst switch with 24 ports , wireless bridge plugged through switch with RJ-45 connector and i would like to connect

Router configuration and Internal Hard Drive

Hi, I was wondering if i installed a new internal hard drive into my computer would i have to reconfigure or reinstall my router? Also a little off topic but should i get a internal hard drive or an internal?oh ok so all my router settings would stay

Why do my router configuration site look like this?

Why do my router configuration site look like this:it may be corrupted... try downloading a new firmware for your linksys router using this site... http://linksys.com/downloads and choose the model and version of the router that your using... also tr

Configuring Airport Extreme by replacing and old router configuration?

I have seen now a You Tube video explaining the possibility to install Airport Extreme and configuring it by replacing with an old router configuration. This will be my case because I have now a 3Com wireless router but Im waiting for a new Airport E

SNC router configuration on linux

Hi All, If anyone having the document for SNC router configuration on linux, pl share. Regards, JoeHi, check sap  Note 30289 - SAProuter documentation look at attached document to note. further mail me for other documentation . check my business card

BEFW11s4 version four router configuration issues

Our wireless router quits sending out the wireless signal once a day. I called linksys and they had me get the new firmware, which solved the problem for about two weeks, but now the router is up to all the old tricks of not working. We have At&T (fo

Issue in Router Configuration

Hi All, While configuring Router we are facing an issue attached. please help me where to recity this dump. Thanks in advance... Regards, Krishna.MIf your router has to renew it's IP Address as required by the ISP very 12 hours then the ISP modem wou

Wireless-B Router configure /password help

My router recently stopped broadcasting and so I ended up having to reset it. My laptop can now again detect the "linksys" signal and it works fine. However, I want to secure it again like I had it before. I can access the setup screen (http://1

STMS Route configuration in Three system Landscape with DEV,QA and PRD

Hi We have Three system landscape.i.e DEV,Quality and PRD Before Somebody  configured the STMS by selecting standard two system land scape ( Dev and QAS) We Have Installed Production Server And Added into Existing STMS Configuration Now Three Systems

Basic Internet Routing Configuration Help -- Cisco 2811

Hi everyone, I want to start by saying that I brought a Cisco 2811 Router to use at home and to practice advanced networking with. So far, I believe I've configured everything as it should be, however, I am not getting any internet connection. DHCP i

MS Dynamic CRM server 2013 Email router configuration

 We have installed  CRM 2013 on premises and we need to configure email router to send receive the emails from the CRM. Also we need to integrate the outlook with the CRM 2013. Kindly suggest..Hi Bartosz, Can i ask if you ever found a way forward wit

I am unable to telnet NAT IP from outside but could ping at the same time. Please help. Here is the router configuration.

Building configuration... Current configuration : 3351 bytes ! No configuration change since last restart version 15.1 no service pad service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec service password-encryption boot-start-m

DSL w/831 router configuration questions

Hi all - - DSL service with 1 static IP address - DSL modem configured for "bridge mode" - 831 router There are some things I don't understand about all this. #1: In order to make all this work, I need to have the PPPoE stuff configured on the r

SAP Router Configuration

Hello Gurus I need help to configure SAP Router in my server, can somebody guide me the process how to configure it. Details of my server SAP Version - 640 Oracle - O/S - Windows - 2003 Server/ SP1 Thanks & Regards ShishirHi, check Note 30

Dual Router Configuration Help

I bought a Netgear N900 router to run my internal network behind the Actiontec due to the slower speeds of the Verizon router.  I have been able to successfully setup this configuration without any major issues ( not necessarily in order ) 1. turned

Reg : SAP Router Configuration

Dear Friends, How to configure the SAP router? If anybody have configuration details pls help me. Our System is ECC 6.0 OS - 2003 Server DB : MS SQL Server Then How to Communicate to SAP. Regards kesavHi, > How to configure the SAP router? If anybody