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Api or command to decode password

Hi, I am trying to run an ODI Scenario using Java APIs(using the package oracle.odi.sdk.invocation). I am creating OdiRepositoryConnection object and setting its parameters(odiusername,password,jdbc username,password). I am able to run the scenario b

Converting from Tcl to Java...need to decode passwords stored in DB

Hello: I am converting an application that was previously coded in Tcl/Vignette to Java. Part of this application is a login process. There are already passwords established for thousands of users and I need to be able to have Java decode these passw

Encode and decode password

In my LOGIN and LOGOUT module I am calling a cfc method using javascript ajax. But I want to pass password after encoding. Is there any way to encode the password to be send to CFC method so that I should be able to decode the same also in the CFC me

ISA - Get Default connection or Decode Password

Hi!! I want to call an RFC from ISA using JCO and I find connection data in Session Data. Perhaps the password is encripted. How can I retrieve the real passaword?!?! Or how can I retrieve the "default" connection?!?!? Thanks for help,         M

Windows credential manager password decoder

For your sake, I hope someone can prove me wrong.Is there a legit program that can decode passwords saved in the credential manager? The story is no one wrote down the password for our customer service email, and I had to delete someone's profile and

ODI Master Repository Password Recovery

Hi Guys, I recently took over and ODI environment ( with one master repository and work repository. They are located on an Oracle 10rR2 DB. Here is my problem Noone here knows the password for this schemas. How can I find out what these pa

Program to execute BLT in xMII from SAP R/3

Hi all, This an extension of [Calling Services and Queries in SAP xMII 11.5 from ABAP|https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/9f101377-0c01-0010-269f-c3ee905d583b] by Bimal Mehta. I have made the code ready to use since it

Can't get it to work!!! Please help with IllegalBlockSizeException

I have tried several things, I have searched the forume many times ever since yesterday, but I just can't figure this out. Here is my method to encrypt: private void encryptPassword(String p) try{ //generate key using DES algorithm byte key[] = "abab

Cannot add user throws a error in apex 4.2 of sample demo application admin

In sample demo of apex 4 which is migrated to apex 4.2 in sample application module in admin section.. If i add a user And at default i dont give a password it throws a error .. First go to following link [http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=18534:LO

OIM 11g - DBUM Connector Reconciliation Time Stamp

Hi, We're using OIM with the Database User Management Connector. We're trying to use incremental reconciliation but it doesn't seem to work right. As per the connector's guide: "The Last Execution Time attribute holds the time stam

Question concerning variables in MDT's provider

I have a simple script that copies a file to a share that my creds have access to.  Using the run powershell command in MDT 2013 it fails with access denied.  Does the powershell command not run under my creds. I've found some conversations regarding

String - enc.Base64 - XML - dec.Base64 - String

Well, I encrypt a string using the Base64 Class from sourceforge.net 'iharder'. Then I write it to an XML-file. That's working fine. But if I load the XML-file, parse it and want to decode my base64.encrypted String, the decoder produces only sensele

PXE Powershell FindAll() ComException

I have a powershell script that we use during a Microsoft SCCM PXE task sequence for naming a PC. It worked flawlessly until a recent upgrade to SCCM 2012 R2 by the primary server admin. Now when the code runs search if a user is in a specified AD gr

Restoring all Users after migration to new environment without Full Import

Hallow all, We are migrating our database from windows to Sun Solaris. We came to situation that, we have lots of created users who do there transactions on other users tables. Now I don't want to do full import & let oracle do all the work for me. C

Encrypt and Decrypt FM FIEB* - does not work why?

Dear All, I am trying to use FM FIEB_PASSWORD_ENCRYPT for encrypt it encrypts same as "{zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba`_^ for all the strings passed  this is bit wierd. Again I used FM FIEB_PASSWORD_DECRYPT to decrypt "{zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba`_^

Script of user grants

I want to get user creation script from my database. So i used the following query. SELECT 'create user ' || U.username || ' identified ' || DECODE(PASSWORD, NULL, 'EXTERNALLY', ' by values ' || '''' || PASSWORD || '''' ) || CHR(10) || 'default table

Sysprep OOBE phase ignored - Windows 8.1

I currently have a problem with the sysprep behavior with Windows 8.1 The OOBE phase does not seem to execute.  My file have been validated with WSIM. Do you guys have any idea regarding this issue ? Here's the XML part for OOBE : <OOBE> <HideEUL

Aes encryption problem

Hi guys I'm having problems with an AES encryption method, I'm using jdk1.3 with bouncycastle encryption, can anyone shed any light on what i'm doing wrong, here's my code: public void encryptFile(File infile,File outfile,String password) try Base64

RE:Decode and Encode Password in DataBase

Hi all how can i decode and encode password in Database through java. thanks in AdvanceThe encryption and decryption will have to be done in your code, that is you accept a password, encrypt it and compare it with the stored password. Otherwise you c

Cat OS password decoding

Hi there, I was wondering is there a way to decode the enable and console password on Catalyst OS ? There are many tools for IOS passwords, but I wasn't able to find one for Catalyst OS passwords. I really wouldn't like to shut down the 6509 to do th