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Decrapify Miro

Miro has been broken for me since the xine-lib upgrade.   As it turns out, Miro 1.2.x is broken against the latest xine-lib.   However, Miro 2.0.x has just been released, and I am here to save the day! First, the Miro 2.0.x PKGBUILD: # Maintainer: Ro

Decrapify Windows 10

We would like to minimize the UI clutter to reduce the user's learning curve as well as increase security and privacy of local data.What are your plans/suggestions for optimizing and cleaning up Windows 10 so it's streamlined and looks like a work-re

Flash movies stop after a random amount of time,

The problem that I am having is that flash movie files (Every website) play for a moment or two and then stop with the little “loading” symbol turning endlessly in the center of the screen. Flash movies used to work with no problem but over the span

ITunes will not launch - I've tried everything...

I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 1405 Laptop. After removing a lot of junk of it (using PC Decrapifier) I tried installing iTunes. The install appears succesful. However, when I click on the iTunes icon...nothing happens. No error message, no nothing

How to remove all OEM programs and get to a base OS - W7

Is there a utility that will bring the machine back to just the base Windows 7 OS?  None of the OEM installed programs are needed, or wanted. Using Add/Remove Programs always leaves unwanted trash in the file system and registry.  So is there a utili

NB500 - Slow performance - How to make it faster?

Notebook NB 500's slow response. Do you have a tool to improve performance? At least if the adapter is connected.You should uninstall and/or disable some software services pre-installed by Toshiba using either PC Decrapifier or Revo Uninstaller. This

How to Delete all "Other"  to make room on itunes

Hello i have an iphone 5c and i have no more gigs on iphone im trying to free up more space but i have 1800 songs and i cant put in on my iphone somone plese help!!!!!! ive tried everything.djtommysr wrote: Can anyone tell me how to delete all the tr

Please provide me with an uninstaller for BESTBUY PC APP and DETECTOR. TYVM!

I do not want to Revo uninstall anything or decrapify my PC! I have no intention to delete subdirectories under C:\ProgramData or modify a few varied registry entries! There will be no CCleaning my c drive or reconfiging my msconfig file! Best Buy pu

Lost Internet Explorer Toolbar

I was using the 'Tools' in IE and I accidentally removed the 'Command' option. Now my IE does not have any toolbars. I tried downloading IE8 but it will not install because "There is already a newer version installed". How can I re-install IE, o

Restoring OS and Drivers ONLY

I want to use DriveScrubber 2 to wipe down my entire hard drive and reload the OS and drivers. I have a Satellite R25-S3503, and was able to successfully perform the operation on my girlfriend's Toshiba laptop. However, in re-loading the OS and Drive

Annoying pre-loaded programs

I just purchased a Lenovo G555 Laptop loaded with programs I don't want. When I attempt to uninstall said programs, such as I.D.Vault or ooVoo, I get a pop up window telling me that I need to contact my administrator. How can I uninstall these unwant

Noisy fan and overheating when few applications running!!

Hi I'm having a problem with my fan on my macbook which is consistently on even though i'm not running that many applications or have just started up the computer. It also causes the bottom of my laptop to be particulary hot. Is there anyway i can fi