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default lock code for nokia 5800


Default security code of nokia 808 pureview white

Please can anyone provide me with the default security code in nokia 808 pureview white? i want to clear the mobile data used counter but everytime it is asking for the security code....If it doesn;t work then someone must ahve changed it. Anyway, th

Lock Code for nokia 5530

Hi! I forgot my password (lock code) and I can't remember it............ can anyone plz help me with this....You have to bring it to a Nokia Care Center for unlocking. It cant be done at home as you need special hardware for this. Bring your proof of

Forgotten lock code of nokia x6

After not using my phone for a while, I forgot my lock code. I did a hard reset after removing battery for 10 minutes, and the phone was runing for some time - the lock code remained unkown but it booted, before it wanted the lock code to boot off, b

Ask lock code on nokia e51 which i forget

when i on my nokia e51 mobile then it ask the lock code which i forget what can i do? please help meWith the phone switched OFF..press the *, 3 and green buttons together..and while keeping them pressed, swith the phone ON. Leave the 3 buttons only w

Reset Lock code on Nokia E71?

OK, I've just upgraded the doftware on my phone to v200.21.118 and all seemed to be be well. Phone rebooted and then went through the set-up stage of asking which country, city, time etc. It the asks for the lock code and so I eneter the code I had c

I forgot my security code for nokia 5800 Xpress Mu...

Dear all,            hope you all will be fine doing good, my problem is that i forgot my security code for 5800 XM  is there any way i can restore my security code to default i.e "12345" best regards Usman Ali Solved! Go to Solution.a factory r

Lock Code Finder for Nokia 6600

I have forgot my lock code on nokia 6600. Is there any way recover lock code? does nokia support for this kind of issues ? I have no idea where to post this kind of questions. That why I post to your form. I really appreciated community help for this

Nokia 5800 message notification

hi, I have a nokia 5800 xpress music and since two days ago it doesn't ring when i get a new message, it doesn't show the "you have a new message" on the screen neither the message icon on the top right screen, the message simply goes to the inb

I forgot my lock code N81 8GB...please help URGENT

Can anyone please help me out?!!?...i have forgotten my lock code...and i dont know how to remove it or undo the problem!!!...your prompt feedback is highly appreciated...thank you in advanceUnfortunately if you can't remember it you may need to form

Lock Code request after firmware update on E71

After I updated successful (message was displayed by software updater) my phone, it makes a restart. And asked for the "Lock Code". I never used the lock code function and I never changed it before. The default Lock Code "12345" mentio

Lost my phon lock code

i lost my phon lock code plz reply how i open my phone again.hi mate, if it is not the default lock code of 12345, then you will need to visit your local Nokia Care point with receipt/proof of ownership for them to reset the code for you.Read other 2

Phone works even with incorrect lock code

The phone presents me with a locked screen after boot. No matter what code I type in, it first shows a message saying 'code error' and then lets me through. Strange, but any idea why this works like this? I don't see any use of the lock code with thi

Lock Code Error

my default lock code was 12345, after few days i decided to change it. that was successful. now i have to reset my phone to the factory's default. I CAN'T. i don't know why. it alerts me "code error". i know my code but it doesn't work. although

[ask]lock code after hard reset

hi, i have nokia 6681.. i forgot my lock code and then i did the hard reset (call,3,*) but after the reset is completed, my phone ask for lock code again but the default one (12345) won't work any idea? BG,The default lock code is usually 12345 unles

Resetting E61 without lock code

hi i desperatelz need to reset mz E61 to its factory defaults....since it takes around 45 seconds now to send an sms :/ i tried the restore to factory default option but my phone requires me to type in a code, which i cant remember, is there another

E63 lock codes

My e63 don't want to unlock when i try to reset my phone or format it!The default lock code is 12345 unless you have changed it.. --------------------------------------------------​--------------------------------------------------​------------------

How do I set up a lock code for my Nokia C2-02?

Hi, I have a used Nokia C2-02 phone from a seller on eBay. I wish to protect my privacy so that other people cannot access my texts, etc. When I go to 'settings', 'security', and click on 'access codes', in order to set up a lock code,  the display s

5800 XpressMusic can't set Lock Code

I'm having a problem to set up a password in 5800 XpressMusic. I know the default password is 12345, but I can't change it. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Management > Security &

Nokia 6120 Classic Lock code??

I need help! I forgot my lock/security code in my phone leaving me to not reset to default settings nor lock my phone again but the other day i came across with this site that tells me the code about forcing my phone to do the hard reset. The code is

Songs locked in Nokia 5800

I got my Nokia 5800 on 3rd Jan in India. I was not able to install any application that is available with "Download" app in phone. It was giving "certificate expired" error. After reading some forums, for this problem I did soft and ha