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How do you change the default font in Outlook 2013?

I am trying to set the default font in Outlook 2013 as per the customer's request and am having no success. First I create a NormalEmail.dotm file and added it to the Office Customization Tool, created an msp and added it to my package. After install

Can new PWA views be created whereby a filter can be set and associate to the view by default? (Project Server 2013 ONLINE)

My main question is: Can new PWA views be created whereby a filter for that view can be set, and associate to the view by default? (Project Server 2013 ONLINE)? and can I have a filter set to filter on person logged on to... In previous versions of P

Pages '09 / 4.1 Set Default Margins?

I want to change the default margins in Pages.app to something other than 1". Can I do this? If so, how. I know how to change the margins on any individual document but I want to change the DEFAULT margin size from 1" to .5". Any ideas? I w

Anyone know of a way to adjust the top and side MARGINS of a document printed from iOS numbers? The default margins are too wide. Need more working space.

Anyone know of a way to adjust the top and side MARGINS of a document printed from iOS numbers? The default margins are too wide. Need more working space.Open the document, Tap the Tools icon (upper right). Tap Document Set up. Drag the margins to th

Change the default margin settings for the MS word!

Hi All, BI Publisher version:latest DB: Oracle Apps:12.0.6 OS:AIX We are facing an issue of which description is as below: RTF output is being uploaded through "XML Publisher" Responsibility. 3.1.9 Header and Footer Margin from

Default Margins on Web Template Print Version

Hi all, I am trying to change the default margins on a Web Template Print Version.  I have created a command button on my templates which sets all the other options on the Export Dialog, however I am unable to set margins using the command parameters

How to set HP5610 default margins

We print a lot of documents/forms from the state and the last quarter inch or so gets cut off the bottom of the documents, and the state won't take them unless the offical form number is displayed (and it's naturally on the very bottom of the page).

Default Margins for PDF printing BI 2004s

Hello BI-guru's, Does anyone know how you can change the default margins (left, right, top, bottom) that are default set to 20mm? When you print to pdf the system gives a pop-up with these default values. Anyone???According to this post <a href="h

Override default margins

I'm creating a single-page document, landscape orientation, and because I want most of the page filled with copy, I want top and bottom margins narrower than the default margins of Pages'09. I tried changing the margins in inspector, but I can't get

SSRS subscriptions in default zone of sharepoint 2013 are not showing in intranet zone and vice versa.

one of the Sharepoint 2013 site collection has alternate access mappings created. Default site is .com and intranet is .local. So when we add SSRS subscription in .com - they are not showing in .local and vice- versa. How do we fix this so the subscr

Just upgraded to CS 3.3... how do I make the default margins stick to .25"?

The default for the margins on all new documents is currently .5" . I want the default to be .25".. how do I do that?>Set the defaults by having no documents open then setting the margins, fonts, etc to what you want. yea.. I tried that. Clos

Reader 11 does not recognize the default MAPI application Outlook 2013

I am having repeatable issues with Reader not being ablet to pop open an email from the Send File command in the File Menu. All of the other applications such as QuickBooks and Word seem to open an email window and prepopulate it with the attachment

After upgrade to outlook 2013 Contacts have the default picture in reading pane

I'm using Windows 8 on a domain (using a domain account not a Microsoft account) connecting to Exchange, all my Contacts were outlook contacts with pictures and other data, I could see the picture of the contact in the reading pane and people pane wh

SharePoint 2013 Add Author image in default view of blog post

Hi,  How to add Author Image in the Default view of SharePoint 2013 blog site.  Thanks ramHi  Ram, According to your description, my understanding is that you want to display author picture in SharePoint blog. In my test, we can achieve the demand as

The configuration file did not contain well formed AppV configuration XML - When using Office 2013 ODT package

All, I'm experiencing an issue where when using the Office 2013 package pulled down from ODT, that if I try to change the locations of either InfoPath Filler 2013 or Publisher 2013 from the default of Microsoft Office 2013 then I receive the message

Unable to Customize SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board

Hi, We are trying to customize SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board app and are unable to modify existing Flat, Subject, and Threaded views or create new views.  Following are the error messages we are getting: *** Error message when creating new views b

How to find the user exit for infotype 2013 ?

Hi All, How to find the user exit in infotype 2013? i want to change the drop down list default value in infotype 2013. Thanks, Srikanth Preward points if useful User exit name is PBAS0001. code should be written in ZXPADU01 for PBO ZXPADU02 for PAI.

How can PDFs be distilled with narrow margins for optimized viewing on iPad?

I am not reporting a serious issue. I am seeking to expand my understanding of PDF creating. Using Adobe Acrobat XI version 11.0.10 on MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB DDR3), I have been creating PDF files of music charts o

Header and Footer Print Margins

Is it possible to increase header and footer margins slightly in Safari 4.0.4? My printer cuts off about half of the header type at the default margin values for US Letter. Custom page sizes with larger margins and scaling down do affect the printed

Unable To Set Custom Print Margins In Safari 5.0.2

Help Please!! I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to change the "default" margins Safari uses when printing. I have selected different print drivers, added custom paper sizes, even changed monitor resolution – all to no avail. I am trying to for