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defaulttablemodel get selected row


How to delete the selected rows in a JTable on pressing a button?

How to delete the selected rows in a JTable on pressing a button?You are right. I did the same. Following is the code where some of them might find it useful in future. jTable1.selectAll(); int[] array = jTable1.getSelectedRows(); for(int i=array.len

To change the font of a selected row in a Jtable

Hello, Is it possible to change the font of a selected row in a jtable? i.e. if all the table is set to a bold font, how would you change the font of the row selected to a normal (not bold) font? thank you.String will be left justified Integer will b

Selecting Row in JTable

Dear friends, When i select a whole row in JTable it gets selected but the background color of the row selected does not change. i.e. Its not highlighted as in MS-Excel. How can i overcome this problem? Kindly reply Thanks.Hi, Thanx for ur inputs. Th

Selecting rows across multiple tables (SSCCE provided)

Greetings, I have a program that has 3 tables. When the user selects a row on one table, I want the corresponding rows in the other tables to be selected also. A corresponding row is defined (in this case) as a row whose column 1 value is the same. C

How to remember the selected rows in t:datatable

Hi all, I have a page with a data table containing some rows with checkboxes.(implemented using <t:dataTable>) Say, user checks two checkboxes and navigates to next page. He coming back to previous page should be loaded with the previously selected

After upgrading to CF10, the selected row of my cfgrid is no longer passed on form post.

I have a cfform which contains a cfgrid and prior to the 9 to 10 update, upon submission of the cfform, the selected row of the grid was passed/posted to my form action page as: __CFGRID__gridForm__renewalGrid This contained all the data from the sel

How do I set only the first row of a DataGrid as the selected row?

I have a "Go" button on a search form that fetches data into an already data bound grid.  After the data is fetched, I want to make the first row in the Datagrid the selected row, as if the user clicked on it.  If the result set is empty, I don'

Select row button not getting displayed in alv grid.

Hi , As per my requirement I am using tab strip in module pool. Each tab strip is containing one ALV. And user can change delete or create one record when the alv is displayed. The same should be saved in the database and ALV should be refreshed. Whe

Get values from selected row in a Table?

Hello. I'm on VC 7.1 (the trial version downloaded from SDN). I'm trying to figure out a way to retrieve some values from the currently selected row in a Table element through the output connector. I have a web-service which returns results to the Ta

Get selected row values from Table view control

Hi , I am using transaction ME23N, would like to access row values from item table for selected row. I have written a script as in screen shot and its giving me error at java script step two. I want to get the PR number from item table for selected r

How do I get the values from a selected row.

I am using JDeveloper 9.0.5. On my page, I have placed a button within a table. The button has been assigned an event. The event is within my Action class. This class implements DataAction and has overriden the processComponentEvents(DataActionContex

Delete operation is not working to delete selected row from ADF table

Hi All, We are working on jdev We have one ADF table as shown below. My requirement is to delete a selected row from table, but it is deleting the first row only. <af:table value="#{bindings.EventCalendarVO.collectionModel}" var=&

Selected rows appear in random order when selected from ADF Table

Hi All, I am working in ADF 10.1.3 I have a ADF Table with a multi select option associated with a DataBean, My requirement is when I select multiple rows from the table and click on some button to goto next page, the selected rows are not getting po

Need sample code to get handle of Selected rows from ADF Table

Hi, I am new to ADF. I have an ADF table based on VO object.On some button action,I need to get handle of selected rows in application module. If anybody is having sample code to do this then please share with me. Thanks, ashokwow now link http://blo

Get selected row from af:table in backing bean

Hi Experts, I have an af:table and i have seelctBoolean check box in that. If the user select 'x' nos of check boxes i want to display the row data of those selected rows. Can somebody help me in getting the selected row data in backing bean? I am us

How can I get the selected rows from two ALV grids at the same time?

I have a program that uses two ALV grids in one dialog screen. I'm using the OO ALV model (SALV* classes). The user can select any number of rows from each grid. Then, when a toolbar pushbutton is pressed, I'd have to retrieve the selected rows from

Get selected row from grid

Hi I use JDev 11.1 with ADF, i have grid, i need to get selected row of grid when i press buttom, how can i do that? ThanksHi, You have a table in your page that is based on a viewObject iterator and you need to get the selected row in your backing b

How to get selected row from a non-bind ADF table

Hi, I have an ADF table that is based on a collectionModel built programmatically. The collectionModel is this: model = new SortableModel(new ArrayList<ArrayList>()); Hence, it is not a binding table. My question is how to get the selectedRows from

How to change the default color of the selected row

hi all, I need to know how to change the default color(yellow) of the selected row in a table component.whether i need to change anything in the stylesheet.If so, where should i make the changes in the stylesheet. thanks and regards, rpkThe chart col

[UIX-ADF] How to get the selected row in my ViewObjImpl.java

Hi, I have a uix table with a select column. I dragged my method from my ViewObjImpl and dropped it on the select column (radiobutton) as a submitbutton. If I run my application and select a row and press my button it always reads the first row. Why?