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define shipping data for plants sap


Define shipping data for Plants (STO)

Hello! Could someone could help with advice: how to set up shipping data for Retail plant.. It is not possible to add new values in IMG --> Set up stock transport order --> Define shipping data for plants. How can I add retail plant in this activity

STO: Define Shipping Data for Plant- problem

Hi Gurus, I am configuring Stock Transport Order. now my problem is,I have to do Stock transfer from one depot to Two plants which are of two different Sales Org. thru SD delivery, two step procedure. Path: Materials management> Purchasing>Purchase

Define shipping data for plants / multiple sales areas should be assigned f

Dear All , Appreciate of you helped me in this: I am trying to configure the intercompany STO process, when I reached the step of u201CDefine shipping data for plants u201C I found that the issuing plant is already assigned  to sales Area ( 2000 , 60

Maintain Shipping data for plants

Dear all, We have Two plants which are of two different Sales Org. thru SD delivery, two step procedure. Path: Materials management> Purchasing>Purchase Order>Setup Stock transport Order> Define Shipping Data for Plant. Now the problem is here

Shipping data of plants in sto

Dear Guru's, I want to know in detail about the configuring shipping data of plants in STO. Suppose if I am having One manfacturing plant and 3 depots.          In the shipping data of the supplying plant, what should i fill in the fields of internal

Use of Vendor and Customer in 'Define Shipping Data for Storage Location"

Under the stock transfer order configuration, there is a IMG step <b>"Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".</b> In this at storage location level, we can assign, sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER

Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations

Hi Guru, Can i know what is the purpose to maintain Customer, SHipping data for each storage location for the STO between storage location? Purchasing --> Purchase Order --> Set up Stock Transport Order--> Set Up Stock Transfer Between Storage Lo

Shipping data for plants in Stock transport orders

Hi All, While defining the shipping data for plants we genreally give customer and the sales area in plant settings. Now we have diffrent divisions for material which are being transferred thru stock transfer. But while creating delivery it is pickin

Defining shipping dates issues

Hi, We connected Global ATP for the confirmation process, but in the shipping tab the Goods issue, loading, Material availability and transportation plan date that are calculated based on customer lead times so that the delivery date is on time are n

Line item Shipping data missing in STO

Hi, I am making an STO ( same company code ). I have added 4 line items in the STO. For three line items, everything is ok. But when I added the fourth line item , the system gives an information message that sales org data and shipping data could no

Error: "Not possible to determine shipping data for material" in STO

Gurus, I have maintained the shipping point determination properly, still I get above error while creating ME21N. What could be the possible reason? Regards TruptiHi, On top of the Shipping Determination configuration done, pls check the following: -

STO shipping data tab not appearing in PO hence cannot make deli.by VL10B

Hi, I am doing stock transfer order setting in define shipping data for plant in SPRO (stock transfer order setting ).In documentation it is mentioned that  we had to set customer number of receiving plant and also sales org/dis/channel for supplying

Not possible to determine shipping data for material in intra company STO

Hi, just trying to set up a STO material movement between two plants belonging to same company code,sto customization is done,i have chosen raw material whose stock got maintained in both plants........when trying to post it gives an error message ..

Shipping data not maintained in Plant.

Dear all, While creating PO "shipping data not maintained in Plant" error comes.Please look into below issue. Thanks and Regards, BaijuIf it is Stock transfer PO, then your config is incomplete. You need to set it in below config path spro>MM

Intercompany Stock Transfer order - Shipping data

We are in the process of implementing intercompany PO/STO process and we have hit a roadblock. Taking the example of one of our sites - Plants in Ireland supply material to plants in UK. Although they are part of difefrent company codes they are trea

Extract a report from SAP to see the POs' recommended ship date

Hi there, Can I extract a report from SAP, to see the recommended ship date of my POs, based on the MRP? As I need it to do the pull in and push out. Edited by: Cindyye on Jul 20, 2011 8:22 AMRefer ME80FN report wherein you can list out PO delivery s

Defining Payment Terms with respect to Shipping Date

Dear Friends, I need your help on the following issue. One of our user wants payments terms (obb8) to be defined from shipping date. His requirement is N45 + 3 days form the shipping date. My major concern is how to take shipping date as base line da

Is there any t code in SAP to display archived shipping data

Hi All we have a issue with unarchiving shipping doc , our basis team has unzipped the file from the path it was archived and provided display access , when i cross checks in Tcode SARI  theya are un zipped and in sap this document is still in status

Shipping data tab not appearing while creating intercomapny STO PO

Hi all, I am processing the intercompany stock transfer scenario. I have done all the necessary settings for the plant and intercompany billing, but while creating the purchase order I am unable to get the shipping tab as the system cant read the shi

Shipping in shipping point from plant and storage location is not possible

Dear Experts, i am trying to configure STO with delivery scenario in my company after creating PO (sto UB) and delivery through vl10b when i try to do picking in vl02n and when i enter storage location its giving error "shipping in shipping pointxx f