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define shipping data for plants sap


Use of Vendor and Customer in 'Define Shipping Data for Storage Location"

Under the stock transfer order configuration, there is a IMG step <b>"Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".</b> In this at storage location level, we can assign, sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER

Line item Shipping data missing in STO

Hi, I am making an STO ( same company code ). I have added 4 line items in the STO. For three line items, everything is ok. But when I added the fourth line item , the system gives an information message that sales org data and shipping data could no

Intercompany Stock Transfer order - Shipping data

We are in the process of implementing intercompany PO/STO process and we have hit a roadblock. Taking the example of one of our sites - Plants in Ireland supply material to plants in UK. Although they are part of difefrent company codes they are trea

Extract a report from SAP to see the POs' recommended ship date

Hi there, Can I extract a report from SAP, to see the recommended ship date of my POs, based on the MRP? As I need it to do the pull in and push out. Edited by: Cindyye on Jul 20, 2011 8:22 AMRefer ME80FN report wherein you can list out PO delivery s

Shipping data tab not appearing while creating intercomapny STO PO

Hi all, I am processing the intercompany stock transfer scenario. I have done all the necessary settings for the plant and intercompany billing, but while creating the purchase order I am unable to get the shipping tab as the system cant read the shi