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Need to Print only 1 Page

Hi, I need to get print only one page..But my script is printing 2 pages. how to do this. I have one page in PAGES form. But still it is printing 2 pages..what could be the reason. Regards, MarutiHi Maruti, You can achieve that by checking PAGE value

Compressor won't do distributed processing with FCPX.

Running 4.1.3 with FCPX and Send to Compressor has all of the distributed processing groups greyed out in the selection drop down. I can only run compressor on This Computer. If I export the file from FCPX and then drop that into Compressor from the

Exit from sqlplus / plsql script

Hello, I'm executing the following script (named test_script.sql) SET serveroutput ON DEFINE temp=&1 DECLARE BEGIN dbms_output.put_line('Value: &temp'); END; using the command line sqlplus <username>/<password> @/tmp/test_script.sql &q

DDDAUDIT objects in DB and in APD

Hi, DDDAUDIT shows the difference between objects in Database and in Application designer. isn't it ? Then my question : where are the application designer objects stored/stocked ? Thank you.The definitions in PSRECDEFN do not correspond exactly with

"Invalid CMS Connection" Error during DS 4.2 SP2 Installation

Hi Everybody,   Can anyone shed the light on the following dead end issue we are facing during Data Service 4.2 SP 2 Add On the EXISTING BOBI 4.1 SP2   ( compatibility is confirmed by SAP through OSS Incident).   Environment :   Existing  Distributed

Installation drive only partially adhered to

My PC has a very partitioned drive (for ghost recovery purposes). One feature of that is the C drive is kept free of anything that is not an OS function where-ever possible. When I installed iTunes, I did so to a different partition (the "F drive&quo

Where is the Download Install File for Lr-CC

I have paid for Creative Cloud. I have installed LR-CC on my Windows-7 desktop computer (Successfully!  It installed automatically from the CC app.) Do I have to repeat the 900mb internet download on my laptop to install it there also, or is there an

Invalid character not available to use RSKC

Hi, I found the PO number with the value - Contract n° 29476976. The load is rejecting this value and I went to RSKC to add the invalid characters, but I am not sure what the character  next to the letter 'n' is. I thought the ECC side would check th

GTX 570 Twin for. 71C freeze up

Hi, I actually didn't have any problems until last night, when i installed a new nvidia driver.. Since then when i play star wars The old republic or Rage my computer freezes up with a strange noise. I installed MSI Afterburner to see the temp., its

OUI not running

I have tried every documented trick in the book from defining TEMP env. variable to copying install source locally, renaming sym*.*; defining specific locations in oraparam.ini. What else would cause the OUI to appear to be executing and simply never

The Definative Newcastle Temp Problem Thread

Right then,if you have a NEWCASTLE core and a temp problem then post here. Rules for this thread: a)Please only Post in this thread if you have a temp prob!,NO POSTS OF MINES FINE,OR YOUR CPU IS BORKED. b)Please post the cpu stepping which can be fou

Multiple users accessing the same data in a global temp table

I have a global temp table (GTT) defined with 'on commit preserve rows'. This table is accessed via a web page using ASP.NET. The application was designed so that every one that accessed the web page could only see their data in the GTT. We have just

Using user-defined data types in Forms 6i

When I use the following code in Oracle Forms 6i PROCEDURE test IS prcl prcl_ty; BEGIN prcl := prcl.setParcel('xxx-xx-xxxx'); END; I get 'Error 801'. However the above does work in SQL editor. The online help says PL/SQL8 client-side program units ca

Difference between Temp table and Variable table and which one is better performance wise?

Hello, Anyone could you explain What is difference between Temp Table (#, ##) and Variable table (DECLARE @V TABLE (EMP_ID INT)) ? Which one is recommended to use for better performance? also Is it possible to create CLUSTER and NONCLUSTER Index on V

How to read the data file and write into the same file without a temp table

Hi, I have a requirement as below: We are running lockbox process for several business, but for a few businesses we have requirement where in we receive a flat file in different format other than how the transmission format is defined. This is a 10.7

How to use user-defined packages in JAX-RPC web service

I am trying to use Object of my class located in my package in jax-rpc webservice,the code is package supercomputer; import Hello.*; public class SuperImpl implements SuperIF public String sendParam(String data) Temp ob=new Temp(); int i=ob.get1(1000

Using a User Defined Function as a constraint within a temporary table.

Hello,  I am trying to create a temp table that uses a UDF in a constraint. I'm getting the following error message  Msg 4121, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Cannot find either column "dbo" or the user-defined function or aggregate "dbo.CK_LoseT

Error in simple user defined function

Hi all, I have seen one simple user defined function on scenario. Now it is working fine. Same code I have used another place. But it is giving some errors D:/usr/sap/C08/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Mapc6fa0c70297511dbaf7

User defined function in PI 7.1 compilation error "Recompile with -Xlint"

Hi All, I have a user defined function in PI 7.1 .,which is throwing the following error. Do i need to add any import statements like "import java.lang.String" in the beginning. It is unable to recognize the String methods used in the user defin

Error Using imported .JAR in user-defined function

Hi All, I am trying to use jar files provided to me in user defined function as follows: DataEncryption temp = new DataEncryption(); String ret = new String(); ret = temp.getEncryptedData(a); return ret; All jar files working perfectly in java softwa