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How to delete archive log files from ASM through Grid Control

Hi Anybody suggest me how to delete archive log files from ASM through Grid Control. ThanksIt is important to specify both, the oracle version and os version when posting, so confusions can be avoided. In this particular case, since you are referring

How can I delete a Log File in EM

I created a log file in the Log Configuration from "SOA Infrastructure -> logs -> Log Configuration", but later I found I cannot remove the new created log file. There only are Create, Create Like, Edit Configuration, View Configuration op

Manual delete archived log files

Because we don't have RMAN in our development server, I need to use manual operation to delete all archived logs. Is my procedure correct and safe? SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE STARTUP MOUNT ALTER DATABASE NOARCHIVELOG; EXITRun OS command to manually delete ar

Want to delete out.log files

Log files having a file name of {servername}-out n.log (where n is a numeric identifying separate log files) accumulate in great numbers in the folder, \JRun4\logs\. Some log files appear to expand beyond their typical 200kb size into the hundreds of

How can we delete archive log files from OEM

Hi, I took backup of the archive log file and deleted it at OS level but in it is not reflecting in the EM can any one tell me how to delete archive log files from OEM. any help will be appreciated. Regards, AshrafThis link? http://download-west.orac

How to delete TMS log file and and request log no.

Dear experts, How to delete TMS log file and and request log no...My TMS log is not deleted since 2007. Please advice ThnksYou can delete them from OS level. You can delete safely the following files: /usr/sap/trans/log/SAP*.<SID> Is this you were l

When to delete Archive Log files ? and is safe to delete ?

Hi all, I have a question, my DB is running in Archive Log mode and is growing day by day, so should I delete archive log files and where i find that my which files are old and how to delete theses files, for info I also take full RMAN and export bac

Delete archive log file

hello, I am using oracle 10g on linux i want to delete archive log file automaticaly there is any way to do this.or anyone can tell me scripts for do this.ur help regarding this is highly appreciated Regard,s Umair IqbalHi, Can you please let us know

How to delete archive log file

hii, presently i am working on oracle 10gR2 on windows server 2003. hard disk drive is almost full. when i execute this command "DELETE EXPIRED ARCHIVE LOG ALL"; it give message "specifies does not match any archive log in the recovery cata

Delete essbase log file daily

Hi I would like essbase to delete application log file each day, how can I do it? ThxHow about the CLEARLOGFILE Essbase.cfg file setting? Setting it to TRUE will overwrite the Essbase server and application logs whenever Essbase is restarted. Also, t

Will RMAN delete archive log files on a Standby server?

Environment: Oracle EE on Solaris 10.5 I am currently NOT using an RMAN repository (coming soon). I have a Primary database sending log files to a Standby. My Retention Policy is set to 'RECOVERY WINDOW OF 8 DAYS'. Question: Will RMAN delete

Include Delete DM log files program in a BPC process chain

Hi All, We are currently referring to a 'how-to' article which deletes the data manager log files stored at the backend. There is a custom program which does this job. This program can also be scheduled as a backend job to be run periodically as per

Delete archive log files on physical standby

I want to delete the archive log files on the phsical standby database when they were applied. The archive log files are in the flash recovery area. So i used CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON STANDBY; in rman. My question: Does rman

Deleted redo log files

hi everbody, i use oracle 9.2 and 3 redo log files was created when installation. Now, i could not open database because two of redo log files was deleted (that i haven't understood how deleted.) So what can i do ? recovery is possible ? if poosibel

Delete transaction log file

Hi, I have three T-log files in my database, Now I want to delete 2 Transaction log files.  Can I do the below action: 1. dbcc shrinkfile(log1,truncateonly)  2 dbcc shrinkfile(log2,truncateonly) 2. Then remove the file using command or SSMS. RegardsH

How do I setup RMAN not to delete archive log files on the source database so GoldenGate can process DDL/DML changes?

I want to setup RMAN not to delete any archive log files that will be used by GoldenGate.   Once GoldenGate is completed with the archive log file, the archive log file can be backup and deleted by RMAN.   It's my understanding that I can issue the f

I deleted listener.log file !!!!

HELP ! I was reading a book , and tried something stupid which is deleting the listener.log file because it was huge! and now I'm getting the following error message: ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 1 of thread 1 ORA-00312: online log

How do i delete archive log files manually?

My db is running in oracle somehow, the RMAN command is not deleting archived backup files. I need to delete those files manually at os level. how do i find till which archivelog files are backed up through RMAN?RMAN> connect target connect

GRC:AC:SPM: How to ensure SAP_ALL in not deleting FF log files?

Hi Guys, Due to some critical business requirements occuring occasionally, I wanted to set up a FF ID having SAP_ALL. This would be besides the other FF IDs, which I have already created for each of the modules. I.e basically this SAP_ALL FFID would

Delete old log files

Hi, on FSCM91, tools 8.52. on Win 2008 We have several systems on several servers. All logs (tuxedo, as and PS start logs) are on a net work map drive. \\fileserver\log\system....... I want to run a batch regularly to delete the file older than n day