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Depreciation Expense For Related Project Assets

Dear All, I have a question, Please help. How can I post depreciation expense from Oracle Asset to Oracle Project Costing for assets that working and assigned to Projects like equipments and Cars that assigned to project..... and we want to post thei

Non-leading ledger depreciation area posting depreciation expense at current exchange rate - need to be historical

Hi all, We are facing an issue where we have a depreciation area "02" posting to our non-leading ledger. It is set to post depreciation only. I noticed the depreciation expense is hitting the non-leading ledger and translating (CAD) into group c

Depreciation run :Map depreciation expense line with acc. depreciation line

Dear all my friends, after execute Depreciation run, i don't know which line items are matched together. i mean, can you show me which depreciation expense line match to which acc. depreciation line. many thanks !Hi start the depreciation log AFBP ..

Post depreciation expense directly to CO_PA

Hi SAP gurus, I want depreciation expense posted directly to CO-PA with specific characteristics such as depreciation expense of asset A should be posted to characteristic: customer X, division Y, business area Z. These below are what i've done: In O

Depreciation Expense Accts

In standard SAP world, how  many depreciation expense accounts do we need? I believe one should be good enough, since the expenses can be tracked by cost center. But come to think of it, when running depreciation in AFAB, the posting will look for ac

Can Oracle Project costing drive the depreciation expense amount from FA

-Does Oracle project have direct integration with Oracle FA for deriving the Depreciation amount to oracle project costing and same as sallary in oracle payroll ? Answer: 1) No, there is no integration as such with Payroll --- Second Q If Yes ; If i

Depreciation posted against expense GL account are incorrect

Dear All, We have a situation as depreciation incorrectly posted against accounts 500000 and 500020(these are two Deprn GL accounts). This is due to, a. July-September is accounting depreciation that has not been adjusted for tax b. There is an incor

Posting Depreciation for last year in the current year

Hi, We have a situation in which we have to book depreciation for assets that were put into service since last year in the current year. The depreciation expense was accrued and reported when the year was closed out. However SAP wouldnt allow us to c

Depreciation posting for past period

Dear All I have already posted depreciation for Jan 2012. After that I have made some acquisitions in Dec 2011 and want to post depreciation for that in Dec 2011 (with posting date 31.12.2011). While trying Repeat run for period 9 it gives message "O

Wrong depreciation calcualtion when we change useful life of an asset

Hi, We change the useful life of an asset during the middle of the year.  The deprecaiton calculation is not effecting correctly for the remaining useful life of an asset. We are using stright line method of depreciaion. I will appreciate if any post

Account 700402(depreciation account)  requires an assignment to a CO object

hi gurus, i am facing with this problem of depreciation which asks for a Co  object, the thing is its a depreciation (expense account) and it has been assigned to the Asset class and has been updated in the cost element. is there some place i need a

Depreciation posted as debit instead of credit

Hello Gurus' For few Assets only,  Deprecation in 7th month (Calender year is followed) got posted as debit instead of credit & also amount posted was 6 times than the usual monthly depreciation. Please help. Thanks, VKHi, If you posted depreciation

Depreciation defaulted to one Cost Centre (OKB9)

Good day SAP Experts One of our companies' depreciation depreciation was defaulted to post one cost centre (Admin).  This was set on OKB9, specifying company code, cost element (211110) and the cost centre. This worked, but now we had to change that

Adding "Expensed" assets to FA - 11i

Hello, Can someone tell me whats the setup needed in FA module so that I can add and track expensed assets? I know how to import it from AP (track as asset etc). I know we need a separate category for expensed assets (non capitalize category). But I'

Split posting of Depreciation

Good Day, Please help me on how to split the GL account posting of Depreciation using this example Original Asset 1,000 Revaluation 500 Revalued Amount (sum) 1,500 Depreciation for the year 300 On the revaluation, the entry is Dr Asset 500 Cr Revalua

Depreciation Run - Repeat/restart

Hi Experts, I have an AuC asset (setup as investment measure), which was initially setup with depkey LINI (120 useful life). Naturally, after running the AFAB, this asset calculated a depreciation. After the calculation, I changed the of this AuC dep

Depreciation in Non Leading Ledger at Historical Exchange Rate

Hi All, Our Company code is using parallel currencies 1LC is CAD, 2nd LC is USD & 3rd LC is GBP. (In T.Code: OB22) When we look at the values for local currency 3 (GBP) in ledger 0L, all the entries have been translated from CAD to GBP at the same ra

Depreciation was posted wrongly in previous period

Dear All, Our fiscal year start from July - June. Now we are in 7th period. In 6th period for one of the Goodwill asset depreciation has been posted mistakenly. Now user is asking to reverse in 7th period. is it possible to reverse depreciation in cu

Depreciation run to be updated with Historical Exchange Rate in NonLdg Ldgr

Hi All, Our Company code is using parallel currencies 1LC is CAD, 2nd LC is USD & 3rd LC is GBP. (In T.Code: OB22) When we look at the values for local currency 3 (GBP) in ledger 0L, all the entries have been translated from CAD to GBP at the same ra

After turning back depreciation SAP is extending the UL of the assets

Dear Experts, I have a situation where I had the assets shutdown for several periods and changed depreciation key to zero because my system is using weighting periods and days method.  Now need to turn depreciation back For the situation when I turn