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Different File Sizes


PDF File Size - any way to compress further?

We have are using the Crystal for .NET export method to export a report to a .pdf file, and are having an issue with the pdf file size on a report that contains images.  The images are stored in a SQL2005 database as blob or varbinary(max).  The repo

How can I use one background jpeg in my ebook without a large file size

I'm guessing that by simply adding a background image or watermark by default adds a separate copy to each page. Since I am intending for them to be the same on all pages except for the title page, how do I shrink the final file size of my PDF eBooks

A simple and free way of reducing PDF file size using Preview

Note: this is a copy and update of a 5 year old discussion in the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard discussions which you can find here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/6109398#6109398 This is a simple and free solution I found to reduce the file size of P

My premiere project file size just went from 190MB to 5.61GB... and now it won't open! Anyone know how this happened?

My premiere project file size just went from 190MB to 5.61GB... and now it won't open! Anyone know how this happened? Or how to prevent it from happening again? Thankfully I saved a backup project of the 190MB file size.warp stabiliser?Read other 2 a

Is the file size of a selected image shown on Adobe Bridge CC 2014?  If so, where?

Is the file size of a selected image among the filter categories?  Or anywhere else? I know I can find it in Photoshop, but that is cumbersome.The file size is shown in the Metadata panel. You can not filter on file size but you can sort by file size

How can I display file size in Finder

Hi folks, I am trying to figure out where 40GB of data is hiding. I would like to see file sizes in the Finder window associated with my folders in Mountain Lion 10.8.2..  I'm having, what seems to me, a strange problem. When I 'Get Info' on my Hard

How do I keep an Edge Animate banner ad file size small?

Most publishers cap the file size of banner ads at 30 KB to 50 KB. Is that possible using Edge? I know someone asked a question like this two years ago, and the reply was to use a CDN to serve the larger .js files. Is there a more direct approach now

Problem with CS2 edit file size

When I create a new version of a 3-4mb original, make a few simple modifications in CS2 and save back to Aperture the resulting version is almost 70mb. If I export this version from Ap back to my desktop and check file size it is back to near the ori

Edit file size disagreement

Editing the library of Aperture is covered by using Textwrangler, but I post this in hopes someone else had the exact same issue and that they can share their info on how they resolved it. I have a file library that contains referenced files. Looks l

Edit File Size?

Is it possible to edit or modify the (file) size of a photo using iPhoto? Thanks. Background Notes: I've uploaded a couple of photos to my .Mac site, but when I view them on my website, the photo takes up the whole page rather than just a small part

Scanning Negatives - File Size Error

I receive the error that follows while scanning negatives: "Failed to obtain files from the device. The files size exceeds the maximum size allowed..." What is PSE maximum size for scanned images.Hi Dave, This is quite strange. There is as such