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Different Types of Streets


How to define complex type with table per record?

Hi, for one of my tasks I'm dealing with XML export. After short investigation of the postings in the forum I found an acceptable solution: Re: Convert ABAP to XML and Vice versa The issue is that I need an XML file like this: <plant>   <material

Data Vs Types  and  Type Vs  Like

hi frds can you send main diffrences between Data Vs Types   and     Type Vs  Like. some what briefly explanation..........  i am in confusion in thisHi Madhu, Data is used to create data object ( means memory will be allocated) Types is used to crea

Address Book custom street address fields?

Address Book's street address fields are often way too limiting. For example, often there is a second and third line to a street address. Example: MetLife Building 123 Mulberry St Suite 100 New York, NY 10000 Is there any way to input such addresses

Adobe reader help... fill out a street address

Hello, i have windows vista, adobe reader version 9.1.0... I'm trying to fill out a form online but when i type a street address, for exemple: "500 First street" the word "first" goes on the right on the number 500 just after hitting t

Material Cost estimate modification

Hi Experts I want to modified this report and add cost estimate value from MBEW (field is STPRS) for each material  to this report. I have used the table MBEW but unable to locate where to start. Can anyone have a look and comment on this report REPO

Error: 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2'

Hi,             i have written a program to create a contact person and the code for it is pasted below...when i run this program i get nothing but this message in the status bar 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2'...can someone tell

How to declare internal table in SMARTFORM

Hi experts, I have an Internal table in my program and I want to declare in the smartform as well. How and where can I declare? Should I use global definitions and tpyes tab? How can I pass the content of the internal table to the smartform?Click Glo

Reg sending mail attachment

Hi, im working on sending report output as mail attachment in pdf format.. but im not getting the required output,,,i.e., even after entering email addresses in the selection screen....im not getting any mail to the respective mail-ids.. im pasting t

When "BACK"

Hi Folks, The following report is working perfectly except that when clicking on BACK button on the toolbar it is not coming to selection-screen but leaving to Easy Access Screen.Kindly let me know. REPORT  zdr   LINE-SIZE 1023 LINE-COUNT 58(3) MESSA

Addition of a field in tab page t-codes FPP1-FPP3

Hello Gurus. During creation of a street (t-code SR20) there is opportunity, together with street name, maintenance of street type (field "Street type"). But during creation of the Business partner in role "Contract Partner" (t-code FP

What are the master data tables for 'Plant'?


Duplicate value in Command extract report

Hi Experts I am getting a duplicate record when extracting the BOM which is so called Material Extract in my words when running the report I am getting the duplicate value for the cost estimate. near the form extract_bom_details under select queries

Explicit assignment to the ref parameter in member function doesn't work

I've created new member procedure in a simple DB schema (Profesor-Asignatura-Departamento). In this procedure I'd like to change explicitly the value of departamento parameter which stores references to departamento objects. So what I'm doing is: sel

Processing routine ENTRY in program ZRVADIN0111 does not exist for smartfor

Hi , This is the log , I am getting in vf02 .. ==========log============== Message Text Processing routine ENTRY in program ZRVADIN0111 does not exist Technical Data Message type__________ E (Error) Message class_________ VN (Output control) Message

How to enable a DFF field if we select the option 'others' inprevious field

Hi All, I have configured the DFF in one of compliance monitoring form. My DFF contains three fields for address. 1st field - Division number - A table value set is attached. 2nd field - Street name - Based on the value entered in the division number

Abap-hr : error in retrieving employee's family dependent details

Hi all,         while retreiving family dependent details of employee of subtype de01 its throwing up a dump        <REMOVED BY MODERATOR> *& Report  ZABAP_HR                                                    * REPORT  ZABAP_HR                 

Bill to party address printing in standard invoice smartform

Hi Experts,     I am trying to modify the standard invoice smartform as per client requirement.In the payment window, i deleted the fields which are not necessary and I have to print bIll to party address in payment information window. I wrote the co

Bdc - errors in flat file

hi, in BDC, after uploading data from flat file, how to find if there are any errors in flat file, before starting the session.Hi, You have to create internal tables for all the mandatory fields. see the following code : I am giving an example for XK

HT2731 has anyone managed to solve the payment method declined issue?

this issue is really getting me down, someone please help!!!!!(My original message was gobbled up by Apple's servers. Here is a shorter one) Remember that the ToS for iTunes was recently changed. What may have been acceptable to them before, may no l

Vendor master criteria upload

hi all, in a same program i have to create a vendor master data using tcode XK01 and in the same program i want to change the one field for vendor address which i will do with tcode XK02. so for the both above scenario which method i should use means