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Digital Amps vs Analog Amps


Xtrememusic: Digital out or Analog out, Advantages Disadvanta

I have a Xtrememusic card, that has a wonderful sound using the analog outputs to 3 Sonic Impact T-Am ps. Now, I'm curious about using the digital out to a Panasonic SA-XR55 digital amp/receiver. I know I would lose the CMSS, but the Panasonic can do

Simultaeno​us digital out and analog in

Hi. I am running into an issue with the simultaneous AI (analog in) and DO (digital out) with Athena (www.diamondsystems.com) and LabVIEW (see the supplied files): The original program example supplied by somebody (the attached 060126 file) runs fine

Combined optical digital audio output/analog line out

Combined optical digital audio output/analog line out minijack on the new Mac Pro support 5.1?Are you asking if it has that? http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/specs/ says: Combined optical digital audio output/analog line out minijack Which means it does.

How to use digital trigger with analog I/O

How do I program analog input and/or analog output to start on a digital trigger (PFI pin) on PCI-4451/4551. I have tried out various configuration and succeeded in starting analog input, simultanuous input and output triggered by the the anlaog inpu

How to convert digital signal to analog

Hi.. I am using NI 9375 (DIO module) to read the output from flow sensor. The output of the flow sensor is in the digital signal.(Boolean=True/False). How can I convert the digital signal to the analog to get the reading of the flow sensor? I had tri

Digital out to analog speak

I have just bought a new Audigy 2 ZS, but I have a question regarding the possible use of the digital out of the card for my Logitech 560 speakers, with some kind og adabter/converter, as I find it to be quite a hassle to crawl under my desk everytim

2 digital out 2 analog in loop

LabVIEW 2013 SP 1 Windows 7 Pro NI DAQ PCIe-1433 Custom PC board attached to the DAQ Each individual signal disucssed has been tested and works. Hi all, I have an application that does a bunch of setup, when the user presses go, runs a main loop that

Digital triggering for analog acquisition on PCI-6024

I would like to initiate an analog input scan when a digital line goes low using a PCI-6024 board. I connected the digital line to TRIG, and the analog line to AIN0. I tried using "Acquire N - Multi-Digital Trig.vi"...it almost works. It acquire

Digital trigger for analog scan

I need to synchronize the start of several measurements with a trigger. I am using a NI 4472 input card and PCI-6731 output card. I need to trigger an analog scan on the 4472, a voltage output from the 6731, and trigger a dmm to start scanning with a

DAQPAD 6020e misses digital triggers during analog input (AI)

I am using a 6020E BNC DAQPAD to acquire two seperate 12kHz analog signals from a sonar through ACH0 and ACH1. The sonar generates a digital start trigger at the start of each ping to notify the DAQ that new data is to follow and i am using this to t

MSI TV @nywhere A/D 1.1 - no digital TV (only analog)

Hi, I have the MSI TV @nywhere A/D 1.1 PCI card and cant get Digital TV to show up in the Hyper Media Center no matter what I try. I've seen a few other threads of the same nature with no fix for this so please dont flame me for "not searching".

Digital mixed with analog signals

I tried several ways to capture analog and digital signals. I would need more than the standard two allowed on the NI-9174, so I came up with this using digital lines on the NI-9401 cDAQ. What do you think about this method? Attachments: Cont Read an

Designing digital filter for analog output

Hi all, Iam working on pci-6723 NIDAQMX 7.3 LABVIEW 7.1 ENVIRONMENT.I have designed 16 channel data acquisition system.in order to supress glitches in the analog output signal ,which filter i have to adopt to the analog output generation. since i don

Any cards support simultaneous dolby digital live and analog 2 channel output?

I am searching for a sound card that can output both dolby digital li've and 2-channel analog at the same time. I'm not sure if any of the Creative Labs sound cards can do this. My Denon receiver outputs 5. in my main home theater room, but outputs o

Does a MacBook pro 13 have the ability to convert digital audio to analog audio ?

I don't like clutter and would like my computer to do the job of a good DAC. What should I be considering to accomplish this?Doing so requires software (and maybe hardware) that would not be included with a new Mac, but surely such software exists th

Macbook Pro 4,1 (early 2008) is the DVI port analog or digital?

I have been tasked with a slide show presentation on a family member's HD TV using my MacBook Pro 4,1. The TV is a slightly older big screen TV without HDMI inputs. I would lke to use the component (YPbPr) inputs on the TV rather than VGA. VGA degrad

Splitting digital/analog audio outs?

I'm wondering if there's a way to split the audio out of an Intel Mac Mini into both analog and digital outputs. I'd like both active at the same time. I've got a Mini in my home theater rack now, which is great. To keep things easy to use for the re

Digital vs Analog audio meters

hi, so i'm dumping from final cut to a digital betacam tape and wanted to know if anyone has a rule of thumb when setting your sound levels on the deck compared to the bars and tone's level in final cut. thanks.Is this a trick question? Digital Betac

Using USB-8451, and AD7747 from Analog Devices to measure capacitance and convert the capacitance to digital output

Hello, I am new to LabView and data aqusition. I have LabView 8.5.1 installed on my laptop, and I studied the Getting Started document of LabView, except the data aqusition chapter. I have microfabricated a differential capacitive sensor, and now I w

Niscope for pxi5105, use a digital pulse signal to control analog signal sample

i want to use ni-scope to drive pxi5105. And the PFI1 connect to a digital pulse signal(10KHz, 0-3.3V), to control a single channel analog signal continuous sample(Chan 0). I want a loop when the digital signal falling, the analog singal start to sam