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Gray color background in PDF exported from Crystal Report not printing correctly in Digital Printer (CMYK)

I am processing a crystal report on RAS server,and exporting it to PDF, using the RAS Dlls. Dim Report As ReportClientDocument Dim crExportData As New ByteArray Dim crExportType As CrReportExportFormatEnum crExportType = CrReportExportFormatEnum.crRe

Acrobat pro DC crashes when running preflight (digital printing, colors)

Have just installed acrobat dc, having used acrobat 8 earlier.. now i cant run preflight for digital printing wo crashing. Process:     AdobeAcrobat [17194] Path:        /Applications/Adobe Acrobat DC/Adobe Acrobat.app/Contents/MacOS/AdobeAcrobat Ide

What color profile for digital printing?

Under color settings in InDesign i only find profiles for offset press but what color profile should i use if i want my document printed on a digital printer?indewarry wrote: i just find it strange that there is no 'standard' profile for printing for

Change dimensions of 'high resolution photos' for digital printing

Hi, We recently placed a huge order, received our photos, and all of them had been blown up larger than what appeared in the album, heads were cut off, arms cut off, pictures were not centered. This was a problem for 4"by6" size, 5"by7"

Large Scale Digital Printing Guidelines

Hi, I'm trying to get a getter handle on the principles and options for creating the best large and very large scale prints from digital files.  I'm more than well versed in the basics of Photoshop and color management but there remain some issues I'

Should I purchase a digital printer?

We are looking at long term printing of workbooks and other educational materials, but we'll be starting with production runs of as little as 100-200. Our first publication is 42 full-color pages, 8-1/2 x 11, probably on 80-100 lb. gloss stock. We th

Shameless plug for my new digital imaging blog

Hi everybody! This is nothing but a shameless plug for my new digital imaging blog @ http://www.imagingpro.wordpress.com. I'm looking for readers, in particular photographers, and you are probably looking for interesting information, so it is all goo

I wanted to use an online website as my digital printing/design service

Please recommend me a digital printing / design web site. Or is it really worth doing this? Or I have to seek some other alternatives. I wanted to start my own digital/printing business like signage and banners and posters. Any advic will help me out

I wanted to start a Digital Printing business please help with Photoshop

Hi I wanted to start a digital printing business please help me with photoshop. I've never used the program before and dont know how to design either. I got the trial edition of the photoshop extended and do I need to take some form of lessons or how

Printing blog entries

As my blog gets older and longer, more and more ends up in archive and sort of disappears from view. I sure would like to be able to print blog entries, perhaps like a photo book. Anyone aware of a service that can do this? Seems like there would be

Printing Blogs

I'm a teacher and I use my .Mac for a class website. My "blog" is a daily review of the day's classwork and homework. I always print the blogs out to post in my classroom. However, when I do, the print out does not match what I see on my compute

Printing Blog Files

Hello, Is there a way to publish my blog to a folder so that I could then print the posts as pdf documents?  Or can anyone else think of a way to print my blog posts? Is there a way to publish my blog to a folder so that I could then print the posts

Print blog comments

I have a black background on my website and use a blog for my students to comments on problems. Is there a way to print their comments to use for grading purposes. It would be nice to export the comments in a PDF or really any format and then be able

CS2 on Mac, InDesign/Acrobat: Printing 2-sided pdf's on digital printer

A small printer client of mine is using an Oce CM4521 color printer to print 2-sided business cards 10-up with crops all around. The second side is not aligning with the first, because, I think, the pdf-making function in InDesign is cropping the pdf

Will saving an eps file as a pdf change color output?  Digital printing.

Hello, I recently sent in a reprint order of a client's package label file, and the color output is quite different.   The first times I ordered these labels, I sent in an eps file.  At the printer's request, I submitted the file as a pdf this time. 

How do you control printing preferences on a digital printer?

Working on Indesign fine, but printing is a nightmare! I print to a Ricoh afficio 2000 RCPS and use the printer's interface to choose,paper tray, duplex, black or colour, which tray to use, what type and size of paper, collating, staplig and which de

Black text prints with screen in non PS digital printer

I'm trying to find a way to print a color CS3 document to our Panasonic DP-C264 so that the black text prints solid black with no screening. It works if I use the PS driver, but some of the finishing options we need aren't available in that driver. T

I bought digital printer/laminator/cutter and wish to do business or jobs for people. Please help.

Hi I bought a Roland RS 640, Roland GX 500 Plotter, Roland electric laminator 1600mm. I wish to do job/business for those people who might not have the equipment or have their own supplied artwork or those that want banners, posters, vynil etc... I a

IBooks 2.1 and digital/print page numbers

The iTunes store says of the upgrade to iBooks 2.1 that it can show page numbers that correspond to the printed edition of select titles. I've searched about but can find no detail on if or whether this applies to.ibooks format or more generically to

Printing Blog pages to book

Is there anyway to make blogs into books the same way we're able to order photos albums from our photos?Hi, You need to upload the mobile or tablet version of your template along with the desktop version as mentioned in this article and based on the