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How do I add a digital signature to Word 2011?

I am at a loss at to adding a digital signature to Word 2011 docs on my macbook pro, any ideas???Formscentral does not support forms with digital signature workflows. I suggest you see if our Echosign product meets your needs.Read other 2 answers

Issue in Java concurrent program for Digital Signature Stamping

Hi All, Im calling a Java concurrent program which does digital signature stamping on the PDF report generated.Program able to able to read the PDF file as input and also digital signature stored as file in the application but ends in error in create

Update on 10.6.8 fails due to digital signature on update is missing

wanting to install the Parallels version 10 and it won't work on 10.6.8 version of my Mac OS so I learned how to go to the software update which indicates an update is available. When I go ahead and load the update it runs fine and then stops with a

Making Multiple Digital Signatures Read-only in Form (Acrobat 9)

I have created a form which includes two (2) digital signature fields.  What needs to occur with the form is Person1 fills the form and then digitally signs it thereby making the form fields read-only .  Person2 then digitally signs the form which sh

Digital Signature invalid when sign a PDF with instances

Hi, I created a XDP document with LiveCycle Designer ES2. This document contains: - Some required fields (text fields, data fields ecc...) - A Subform that user can add more instance pressing a button, contains some fields - A Digital Signature (With

My computer will not let me download because it says there is no digital signature I need this for a college course how can i download it?

I am taking a web design class and my instructor wishes us all to use the same browser. She has provided a link in her syllabus and it does go to the download site for Firefox. However, as I am running the download my computer pops up with "there is

Digital Signature in XML Report

Hi Friends, In Oracle EBS R12, I have a custom XML report developed and running fine. There is a requirement to add the feature of Digital Signature in the output of this report. Please help me with the detailed steps to achieve this. PS: I have trie

Using iText to generate a digital signature that can be signed in Adobe Reader

I am able to create a digital signature in a pdf using iText.  Adobe Reader does not allow that digital signature to be signed.  Everything I have been reading suggests that I need to enabe Reader Usage Rights, but that requires using Adobe Pro.  I w

Please let me figure out how to allow windows 7 to see my ipad and for itunes to work.  It is looking for a digital signature!!

How to get my ipad to sync with windows 7 when itunes does not see it and in device manager it says that it needs a digital signature and when I look at devices it says apple camera not ipad and it's not working. Any ideas?You need a third-party prog

Second digital signature invalidates the first one

Hello to all, I'm having some troubles adding a second digital signature to an already digitally signed PDF. The library that I'm using in order to handle the PDFs is an open source one, so I'm programmatically editing the PDFs. The first PDF I produ

Multiple digital signatures in one file

I have a client who wants me to combine 4 different forms into one--then--require a digital signature by the same person after each independent form. So that would be 4 digital signatures total. And all identical. I'm using a different name per each

I forgot my digital signature password. How do I create a new one with the same email.

I can not remember my digital signature password. I've attempted to create a new one with the same email address. The message I receive is that i already have a digital signature with that email. I would like to use the same email address.You probabl

Temporarily disable Digital Signature Checks to Install MS SQL Server 2008 with no Internet Access

I am attempting to install a licensed copy of MS SQL Server 2008 in a Private Enclave that does NOT have Internet access on a Win2008 R2 SP1 server (that is VM - thus I can't reboot and press F8 to select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" )

Excel 2013 crash - related to digital signature?

This is a cross-posting of a thread originally started in Microsoft Answers (Office- Excel) forum, advised to post in this forum by MS support engineer Mohan Suryanarayan (link to other forum: here). I have a VB macro in file A (which otherwise conta

How do I add a digital signature to my online form?

With regular Adobe (Standard or Professional) software, you can add a digital signature line.  I want to know how I can do it on FormCentral. When I PDF the form I created on FormCentral and try to add the digital signature in Adobe, I get a message

How do I create a digital signature on a TCP or a UDP flow?

I am trying to convert samples of a voice signal, which is intercepted from the microphone, into fixed length digital signature bytes (using Hash, or) and attach these fixed length bytes to a communication session between two terminals (UDP or TCP "H

How do I modify a digital signature

I received a document in PDF format that needed a digital signature. I went through the process of creating a simple signature in text only while still within the document, but had a typo in my name. Now I can't seem to be able to edit or delete this

How do I delete a digital signature in adobe acrobat 8 as it has been spelt incorrectly?

A digital signature was created in adobe acrobat 8 professional but has been spelt incorrectly - how can I delete or edit it?What if you do this: To delete photos from your device In iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left. Cli

How do I remove a digital signature from Adobe Acrobat Pro.  I have set it up wrongly.

I created a digital signature but I wanted to change the signature and it also was not password protected. So I deleted the signature but cannot delete the certificate to set it up again. Mac OS X (Operating System) So I am unable to delete the digit

How do I delete a digital signature field?

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 on Snow Leopard. I created a digital signature for a PDF file but it didn't look good, so I decided to delete it. I figured out how to delete the signature, but the signature field with the little red arrow did not delete w