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6700 slide contacts problem

Can anybody help me out with this problem? I go to my contacts, and if a contact has 2 numbers I go to the 'open' option, however the screen returns to the home screen and won't open the contact for editing or calling. I have downloaded the latest so

Headphones will not stay connected to the jack on my macbook

My computers headphone jack works, when something is plugged in it outputs audio fine but it isnt locking in so if i touch the cable and it moves a fraction of a inch then it disconnects and goes out my computer speakers. Do i need to go to a mac sto

Please change the view in the top sites, the 6.1 upgrade has reverted back to a plane two dimensional view, which is a little plain. Can I revert back to an older version via my time capsule save?

Please change the view in the top sites, the 6.1 upgrade has reverted back to a plain two-dimensional view, which is a little dated. Can I revert back to an older version via my time capsule save? C'mon Apple upgrades supposed to leap into the future

Maintain tolerance limits in the Tolerance key

Hi, Could any one help me how to maintain these Tolerance limits in the Tolerance key. This is an error I receive  while creating a PO. Best Regards, Sridhar.kWhat is the Error Mesaage no you are getting?? Solution is as Follows Set Tolerance Limits

Purchase Order Goods Receipt quantity tolerance setting not working.

Team, We are using the IS-Oil solution, ECC 6.0 REL 605 SP LEVEL 009 . The issue that I have is as follows: Purchase Order Goods Receipt quantity tolerance setting not working, I had set up a 10% tolerance on QTY received in the GR process via the PI

Transaction BORGR: No tolerance on goods receipt for Kanban calloff

Hello, we have the following situation: - MM scheduling agreement with tolerance of 10% for under and overdelivery, production supply "summarized JIT call" is set. - KANBAN cycle has 1 empty container with a summarized JIT call for replenishment

EBS Customer open items automatic clearing within tolerances

Hi Experts, We have already implemented Elecronic Bank Statements automatic uploading functionality.  As part of this process, customer open items need to be cleared automatically.  As per the standard process, SAP will be able to clear off the open

How can I (neatly) control mouse click events in a multi-dimensional array?

Hello everyone!      I have a question regarding the use of mouse clicks events in a multi-dimensional array (or a "2D" array as we refer to them in Java and C++). Background      I have an array of objects each with a corresponding mouse click


We are clearing  in F.13the GR and IR account there is difference in the GR and IR amount by Rs 100 ,SO IT IS NOT CLEARING. WHERE IS THE SETTING MADE FOR TOLERANCE FOR GR IR CLEARING.PLEASE PROVIDE THE PATH. Pls help. Edited by: mysap query on Feb 6,

GR/IR clearing with tolerances

Hi, Where do you specify the tolarences for GR/IR clearing?Hi,   I believe In MR11 transaction itself you can give the tolerances in the selection-screen.. Thanks, NarenRead other 2 answers

IR and GR Tolerant

Hi, Kindly advise the path for checking the GR and IR tolerant setting. Thank you.Hi For invoice tolreance, you have to as below, LIV IMG---> MM-> LIV--> Invoice block----> Set tolerance limits, here you need to define for which activity you n

Using tolerances in SAPF124 - GR/IR Clearing Program

Hi, Could anyone tell me what all configuration we need to make to use the include tolerances functionality in program SAPF124. I need to know all the configurations I need to make for using this. I am aware that we need to define tolerances in below

How can I use two single-dimensional arrays-one for the titles and array

I want to Use two single-dimensional arrays-one for the titles and one for the ID Could everyone help me how can i write the code for it? Flower public class Video public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception int[][] ID = { {145,147,148},

How to get number of rows and columns in a two dimensional array ?

Hello, What would be the simplest way to get number of rows and columns in a two dimensional array represented as integers ? I'm looking for another solution as For...Each loop in case of large arrays. Regards, PetriHi Petri, See a attached txt file

Error trying to create a Power View report against a Multi Dimensional SSAS cube

Hi all, We have installed the Power View For Multidimensional Models CTP, released last November 27 on our Analysis Server instances.  I am now trying to create a Power View report in SharePoint that is connected to a Multi-Dimensional cube. I have f

PO Tolerance Limit

Hi , We have a problem with processing our PO ' s. For a PO , we have the GR posted , howevre the IR is not getting posted. And this process is automated  ( through IDOCS ). When we analysed the issue, found out that the reason it is not posting is b

Assigning values to 2D Multi-Dimensional arrays ??

How do I assign a value to a Multi-dimensional 2D Array, that has the righter array size omitted as it changes�. Code� SomeObj foobar = new SomeObj (first, second); SomeObj [ ] [ ] d2D = new SomeObj [10] [ ]; d2D [0][0] = foobar;     //Causes a null

Gl Tolerance set up for Autoposting

Hi ,        We have EBS files posting to SAP ( autopost) to GL's and some of the entries in this autpost are not cleared automatically the automatic clearing differences are too high. I checked the tolerance group for those GL's in OBA0 ( both From a

PR tolerance key

Dear All Where can I assign the PR tolerance Keys to the Document types, pl explain how the system will give error message in PO if price is exceeds than PR tolerance Price. what are all the configuration settings required Regards Ramesh BHi In stand

Tolerance Limit in MIRO...

Dear All, How to setup the tolerance limits for a user to enter MIRO invoices to 2% greater than the line amount of a Purchase order and no limit for less than the line amount. Regards, Shashank. Edited by: Shashank on Sep 21, 2010 5:31 PMIMG  MM \ L