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disable input jquery


Validation on Disabled input text

it seems <af:validateRegExp cannot work inside a <af:inputText disabled='true'>, is there any easy way to have this client side validation on a disabled input text in ADF?I am wondering if you could create a transient attribute in the EO that dis

Need help to disable input selection-screen - very urgent

Hi SAP experts, I have a requirement where in I need to disable ( Grey out ) the input fileds on the selection screen . My problem is as I am using ABAP query I am not able to use any events ( AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT ). My selection screen looks l

Disable a button under certain circumstances and disable input fields

Scenario: My user receives a PDF (dymanic XML) where they fill in fields and click a Submit button to send the data to the server. They receive a confirmation copy of the form back. In our older version of Livecycle, the confirmation form was locked