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disable kendo grid using jquery


Edit Disable Panel Grid Alignment does not affect the Positionin​g of Front Panel Labels

In LabVIEW 2010, when I choose Edit>> Disable Panel Grid Alignment the positioning of Front Panel objects gets much finer so that I can make small adjustments. Put it does not seem to affect the positioning of front panel object labels. These object

Extjs grid or jquery jqGrid

Hi, Has anyone successfully integrate Oracle Apex with extjs grid or jquery jqGrid? How can I call an onDemand process to return XML or JSON data and use that for those grids? Thanks. AndyHi Andy It's easy enough to integrate the extJS grid, you just

Performance tab disabled in Grid Control

Enterprise manager tab performance is disabled in Grid Control. How to enable it? Regards, dbaHi, This is because your management packs were disabled, You can enable these management pack - "DIAGNOSTIC" pack to get this performance tab. The foll

MVC Kendo grid

Hi  ,  I have a requirement of having cascading dropdownlists in Kendo Grid. I am new to MVC and web development. Any help will be appretiated.  I have a Kendo grid , And 2 columns in the grid are Client templates ie i have created a dropdown column.

Grid problem in MVC Kendo Grid view

Hi, I have a Problem on Update In Kendo Grid.I have a grid that has "popup" editing.  The problem is that if I click Cancel in the popup dialog, the record being edited is deleted.. And another problem, When i click Delete button but the functio

Disable ALV grid context menu

Hello ABAP experts, I have developed a program which shows some output in ALV grid (CL_GUI_ALV_GRID). I don't want the user to play with columns and rows of grid, so I have removed toolbar using following: LVC_S_LAYO-NO_TOOLBAR I have noticed, still

Disable all grid jobs

Hello Everyone ! I am looking for a way to disable all jobs in grid control and then re-enable all. Your help is much appreciated. Regards NeoAre you looking to disable all of the Jobs submitted thru EM? Or the background jobs that EM runs via DBMS_J

Fluid grid vs jquery mobile graphic

Same graphic, a .png file I have set the width and height to zero (after trying a few 100% etc) No the fluid grid it scales beautifully but not on the Jquery Mobile site I am using to learn on. both are in Dreamweaver 6. It was hoped the  graphic wou

How do you disable a textarea using jquery in SharePoint 2010

How do I write a script to disable a comment field called Space Available Comments? I tried using the following scripts and none of theme work.  I am still able to delete or type in texts in the textarea. $("textarea[title*='Space']").attr(&

Kendo UI Grid PopUp Is Possible Two Template?

Hi, I can little a speak English...  Kendo two template with grid PopUp possible? If yes... How can I do please? Thank you!!! And thanks translate :) Merhaba, Projede bir yerde takıldım, aradım ama bulamadım. Sorunum şu, ben gridde hem create işlemi

Grid Edit Button in kendo using MVC

Hi, I have a Problem on Update In Kendo Grid.I have a grid that has "popup" editing.  The problem is that if I click Cancel in the popup dialog, the record being edited is deleted.. And another problem, When i click Delete button but the functio

Disable grid lines ?

G'day all, I have a spreadsheet that has no grid lines, just a coloured background with numbers in each cell. When I click on any cell all the grid lines appear and it's really distracting to see what's going on in the spreadsheet. How can I disable

How can I disable a shortcut in the LabVIEW development System?

I'm using LabVIEW with a swiss keyboard. However if I will use the # sign I have to press "als Gr"  +  #. But LabVIEW will always enable/disable the grid because this is also a grid shortcut... Is there a way to disable the alt + #  function? Ca

Grid lines on line chart

Hi, I have got a SVG line chart. Even though I disable the grid lines in the SVG chart attributes, the grid lines still show up. The values I am getting in the line chart varies from 0.01 to 2.00. Can anobody help me to make the grid lines go away??

Disable header and item fields in VA02

Hello, good day Could you please help me with next issue? I need to define how to inactivate some header and item fields in a sales order when VA02 is used, a logic to decide if the field must be desable will be applied, because of that I can't use s

Grid size [VI Editor Options] property

Hello Quick question about VI programmatic Editing, specifically the [Editor Options] section. I have not been able to find the property/method for the block diagram/ front panel 'editor grid size'. In the UI the setting is found on this page: When w

Aperture is displaying the metering grid on my images - how do I turn this off?

Aperture is displaying the metering grid from my camera - how do I turn this off?  If I use the loop the grid is not there.....any thoughts whould be appericated.Does the command "View > Show Focus Points" disable the grid? I don't know of an

Help with datagrid custom item renderer

Hi , I have a datagrid in which I have a column with a checkbox and a custom Checkbox header renderer and an item renderer. When I try to disable the grid the checkbox column does not get disabled? Is there any way I can disable the entire grid along

Html tables with javascript pop up windows

I have two tables with different table-id in html, that are as follows - table-header - consists of dynamic week wise days + resources table-data in with same nnumbers of columns...                       for Img - http://i.stack.imgur.com/Gwvoq.png T

Can't move icons!

Hello everybody! Lately I'm not allowed to move any icon in my browser, not only on my desktop, but I also have this problem on any finder window. I've tried disabling the grid alignment on visualization options in my desktop and nothing... Pleas hel