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How to disable openGL in after effects cs6?

I have posted a previous discussion, but I don't know why, no one is answering me and it's really annoying. Please, please, please, I can't wait anymore, tell me how to disable openGL in after effects cs6 windows 7 SP1 64 bit, ati radeon 5570, 6 Go r

How do I disable the sound effect on my MacBook Air when adjusting the volume

how do I disable the sound effect on my MacBook Air when adjusting the volumeThanks Ralph, that fixed it, I did uncheck that box earlier however I had not restarted the computer. Thanks again.Read other 3 answers

I have ios 7.1.2 and I still can't find a way to completely disable the parallax effect but keep animations

I understand that reduce motion disables the parallax effect but it also disables the animations. When I turn perspective zoom off, it keeps the background from moving when I tilt my iPhone but the apps still movie. How do I make the background and t

Disable soft skin effect

This is killing me. I need to disable soft skin effect and i cannot. I don't knwo what to do. I want to cry. WHy haven't yo ufixed thi? I need to disable soft skin effects on the camera. I tried installing another app, but it still happens. I tried d

Can I disable the "pushed" effect of a button???

I heared I need to extend Button and override paint(), but how do I override paint() only to disable the "pushed" effect?Heres an example of how I paint sunken, raised and etched panels. public void paint(Graphics g)           switch(DrawObject)

Disable fading visual effect for all session users

Hello guys, someone can say me how I can disable fading visual effect on windows 2012 R2 RDS? All session users have these visual effect that I don't know how to disable. Thanks AndreaHi, Thank you for posting in Windows Server Forum. Firstly please

T61 - New NVIDIA driver disabled OpenGL (NVS 140M)

After recently updating my NVIDIA video driver using the ThinkPad update tool, my OpenGL drivers were disabled!  Everytime I try to run an OpenGL enabled application, I get the following error message: "nVidia OpenGL Driver: Driver components mis-mat

How do I disable the cube effect when switching between accounts?

Hello, I have a friend who wants to turn off the animated cube effect that happens when they switch between theirs and their wife's accounts. After a lot of googling I am not having much luck finding out how to do it. Does anyone here know? Interesti

Quicktime 7.6.6 disables Adobe After Effects 6.5

Hey all, I recently upgraded my iTunes to version 9.x and it simultaneously upgraded my Quicktime to version 7.6.6. No big deal, except now when I try to run an old copy of After Effects I have (After Effects 6.5), I get an error message "Sorry, Afte

How do i disable the sound effects of the firefox browser?

Firefox Version 3.6.15 for MAC OS X My computer plays clicking sound effects when i scroll up and down a page and when i open new tabs/windows only within the Firefox program. Is there a way to turn it off? Why is it not on the preferences tabs? >=(T

Can you disable the bounce effect while scrolling?

Whenever you scroll in applications like Safari and Mail and you reach the 'border' of the application, you get a little bounce effect like in iOS. I find this to be very annoying and I was wondering if there was a way to turn this off.Why?... is the

Is there a way to temporarily disable "Scale strokes & effects"?

I want to be able to scale some charts without changing the stroke size. But I don't want this preference permanently changed. Is there a key to hold down so that when I enlarge the charts that the stroke size stays the way it is? Thanks... julieJuli

How can I disable animated tab effects in Firefox 19.0?

I updated Firefox a few days ago from 18.0.2 to 19.0 and now see that the tabs slide around when I drag to rearrange them or try to ppostion a tab over a bookmarks toolbar folder for bookmarking. The tab being dragged also gets transparent although I

How to disable annoing transition effect for opening/closing tabs?

When opennew tab, or close tab - it did not appear instantly, but with very annoying transition. I want it instantlyYou can change a preference: #type '''''about:config''''' in the URL/Location/Address bar and press the Enter key #if you see a warnin

OpenGL, nVidia 8600M GT 128mb and After Effects CS3 8.0.2

I've just sold my one year old macbook and bought a new (not so new now, revision C), 2.2 ghz nVidia 128 mb macbook pro. I did that cause I work with After Effects and thought a bigger screen and dedicated graphics with OpenGL would improve my perfor

After Effects CC - Won't open due to OpenGL crash.

I can't for the life of me get After Effects to work. It crashes when I try to start it. Premiere Pro works, |'ve tried restarting and reinstalling to no avail. I've also tried running CS6 but that also crashes. There's no way to disable OpenGL in CS

Disable zoom effect in QT Player fullscreen playback?

I'm using Quicktime Player to present video in fullscreen mode on a separate monitor. It all works well, but I'd like to disable the "zoom" effect when the video starts and finishes -- that is, I don't want the video window to "slide"

Disable dim effect in Isolation Mode???

Groups are an excellent way to design encapsulated objects, but when editing color in Isolation Mode all other groups/layers are desaturated which makes it impossible to edit color in respect to the entire illustration. I'd expect a way to disable th

[iPhone SDK] disabling fading effect when playing movie

Thanks to the MPMoviePlayerController class and the exemples in the documentation, it is quite easy to play a video on the iPhone. However, I would like to disable the fading effect occuring at the beginning and the end of a video playback: does anyb

Disable 3D Push Button Effect

Hello friends, I'm using Form 6 and I'd like to know if there is a way to disable the 3D effect on Push Button. I want to use plain buttons in my personal toolbar... Somebody knows how to disable the 3D effect or if there's another way to do this? Re