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Error running command: /usr/java/bin/java: error execing process: Not enoug

Error running command: /usr/java/bin/java: error execing process: Not enough space In a whole root zfs zone the webconsole service fails to start. This is what I get: svc:/system/webconsole:console (java web console) State: maintenance since Fri Aug

Disabled user commands

Hi All, I have a strange situation here. We are running Essbase 6.5.1 on Win2K. Whenever a user tries to COPY a db from App Manager. It halts all operations on the essbase server. It doesn't allow any new connection, and any user trying to connect ei

Error(1013009) Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands

We have several applications that are encountering this error when running business rules or calcs: Cannot calculate. Essbase Error(1023040): msg from remote site [[Tue Sep 27 17:49:47 2011]mdcless.loe.corp/UVMUnit/Ef/planadmin/Error(1013009) Adminis

1013009 - Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands

I feel lucky. I got one quirky problem answered today so here is another. I have a large report running on Essbase. The os is 64 bit linux. Occasionally we get the following messages: ERROR - 1013009 - Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled

Disabling get command in SFTP shell

we are currently running openssh-5.2 on Solaris 5.10 server. Is there a way to restrict the commands in SFTP shell. ex "need to disable get command alone " is there any option to reconfigure SSH & get achive this Regards S.Vijayin FTP we hav

Running Commands post Image Deployment in Other Tool

Hi, I am using Matrix42 which is a tool from Empirum to deploy Windows7. It does not give me options  to run scripts at desired stages as OSD/MDT does. I need to configure some settings at the end of Win7 deployment. Is there a way to automatically a

Running commands across global and non-global zones

Other than using ssh and public key access, is there better way to run a command in both the global and non-global zone? I need to disable some services (svcadm disable ... ) in both the global and non-global zones. Thanks, Roger S.You can run comman

URGENT-How to run command in java application???

URGENT! i would like to run command to invoke some applications (like invoke application using command line in DOS) in my java appication. Do anyone know how to do this? Thanks a lot.This question has been asked upteen times. ok the code is for win95

How to disable voice commands on a N82?

I have recently bought a Nokia N82. Since I started using the mp3 player, I have been dialing random people, and I realized it happens when I am wearing the provided headset (HS-43). The largest button on the headset remote activates voice commands.

Error while running commands at RMAN prompt

Hi , We have a few oracle 10g( databases on AIX platform.We use RMAN backup with a recovery catalog database. The rman full(level 0)backups are scheduled dailly and running fine.When I tried to run commands like 'list backup','report obsolet

Getting error "1013009 Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands

Hi All, I am getting the error"1013009 Administrator Has Temporarily Disabled User Commands" while executing a report script in Essbase Appreciate any help.. Thanks MaheshMahesh wrote: Hi All, I am getting the error"1013009 Adminis

How to run command SQLLoader Oracle in c#

Hello, How to run command SQLLoader Oracle in c#. I try my sourcode for run this SQLLoader, but nothing happen and error "No process is associated with this object.". Please tell me how i fix it. Thanks. This is my code: System.Diagnostics.Proce

BUG: Run command does not follow current project

The Debug command respects which project is currently active, i.e. selected by the user in the project folder. The Run command, however, does not. Version Workaround: Choose a class file with a main method, then issue run. Regards,

No "Run" command (FB4 standalone, Mac OS X)

I downloaded FB4 and installed it as standalone. I can't find a "Run" command that works anywhere in the program's menus or toolbars. I had Eclipse (the Cocoa version, hence why I installed FB4 as standalone) and parts of Adobe CS4 Master Collec

How do you disable "Run with Multiple Threads" in a standalone EXE

I have a program written in Labview 6.1.  After moving to a different hardware platform, my program has started crashing at the same point every time it is run.  I eventually found out that the cause of the crash is the fact that the new hardware has

Using computer variables in task sequence "Run Command Line"

I am attempting to deploy VMs through VMware's vRealize Automation tool using CM. The process creates a CM computer object then creates a direct rule on a CM collection for the new computer object. During the creation of the computer object vRA creat

How to disable sudo command in Terminal

How to disable sudo command in TerminalBad idea. Only an Admin user can use sudo, so if you have users on your system that you do not want to use sudo, then do not give them an admin account, and do not give them the password for an admin account.Rea

BO Edge 4.0 Installer stuck on "Run command-line executable"

Hi, Our BO Edge BI Server 4.0 Installer on Windows Server 2008R2 is stuck on one of the last steps; "Run command-line executable". Before is was stuck on "WaitForCMSForTheFirstTime". We upped the RAM to 16GB and then the installer went

Getting error "Administrator has temporarily disabled user commands"

Hi , I am getting the error "Administrator has temporarily disabled user commands" while executing the report script. I have tried creating a new script and getting the same error. We are on Appreciate any help.. Regards, MaheshIt is wo

Cannot run command window

In Windows I would expect to call up a seperate command window with the following, but it appears to freeze up. What am I doing wrong? import java.io.*; public class command {       public static void main(String[]args) {     try {       Process runp