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Disinfectant Foam Cleaner


Is screen guard foam cleaning spray safe for cleaning?

I saw a few people recommend the screen guard foam cleaning spray to clean their computer screens (product link provided below) becuase it's supposed to be non-water based so it shouldn't hurt your electronics. i did a little bit of research on the w

Problem after cleaning keyboard on a T410

Hi, I just cleaned a T410 with a spray foam, as I always have done with the fluid proof thinkpad keyboard. But this the left button of the trackpoint mouse does not work anymore. Y removed the button and can see there is dust or dirty there. Also, wh

Keyboard not working after cleaning

I cleaned the flat aluminum keyboard with a spray that sprays foam and now some keys on the keyboard are not functioning. I have used this spray on other keyboards without any problem. Yesterday the keys 1, 2, Q, W, A, S, Z, X and the key to lower th

Need Help: Wireless Mighty Mouse's Roller Ball Sluggish, Not Sensitive...

Hello all. *I have followed Apple's Support Docu* to "hold the mouse upside-down and roll the ball vigorously while cleaning it to help dislodge any particles that may have collected on the internal hardware". But after I did that a few times, *

Damaged T400 screen - Help

I cleaned my 14.1 inch WXGA+ (1440x900) LCD screen - with spray on foam cleaner, wiped off with microfibre cloth looked great. I went out for the day and returned to find to my horror on start up that screen looks like its been something akin to "wat

Anti-glare layer

The anti-glare layer on my Apple Studio Display has been badly damaged by using a multi purpose foam cleaner (suitable for computer equipment!). It looks a mess, Should I put up with it, claim on my business insurance or try and remove all of the ant

On a clean Firefox download I consistantly can't open Firefox because "Windows can't find Firefox.exe" - doesn't look like it's being downloaded.

I have used several download sites including Mozilla's to try and download Firefox. In every case, when the download is "complete", the Firefox icon appears in the taskbar. When I click on it to open Firefox I get this message "Windows cann

Cleaning the top ball on a Mighty Mouse

Anybody got a suggestion how to clean the crud off the little top ball on my Mighty Mouse (wired)? It's getting temperamental in use and appears the heave some gunk stuck to it.What BillC said is a good way to do it. Also i like to use the disinfecti

I have problem after cleaning LCD on my SP U200

Hi, I have the following problem with my U200. I routinely clean my monitor using foam LCD cleaner. But because of some reason the foam got inside the monitor, seems that it is between the trubrit and the LCD. Because of experience I believe that it

Foam sheet between keyboard and screen, Replacement?

Hi, I'm wondering if anybody knows if this has a part number ? and where can I get one ? I'm wanting to know if I can get a factory replacement of the thin foam sheet that is part of the packing materials that goes between the keyboard and screen. Yo

Cleaning the cd/dvd drives dust guard

The fabric/foam/plastic (whatever they are) flaps that protect the slot of the cd/dvd drive on my macbook pro 2012 have become stiff and will not let discs through with ease. I had a liquid (tea) spill the other day, so I have reason to believe that

Photosmart 8230. How do you Remove the print heads for cleaning?

Hi guys, I have a Photosmart 8230. After a few lines of printing the black ink fades to almost nothing, all the colours are perfect. There are no error messages. I have done the self cleaning and alignment procedures and wasted a lot of expensive ink

How to clean or trouble shoot powerbook G4 keys

can not find anything i want or need on this site anymore.  simple questio needing simple answer.•How to disinfect the Apple internal or external keyboard, trackpad, and mouse - Apple Support •Clean your Apple products - Apple Support •Guide for an P

Do third party replacement tips fit on the apple in ear headphones? I prefer foam tips as they block out much more sound, but I'm not sure if Apple use the standard fitting for headphone tips!?!?!?!

Do third party replacement tips fit on the apple in ear headphones? I prefer foam tips as they block out much more sound, but I'm not sure if Apple use the standard fitting for headphone tips!?!?!?!Answer found. Please find below an amazon review exp

How to disinfect iPads used in veterinary clinic

I work in the IT department of a major animal shelter. Our vets and techs will be using iPads to record information about the animals as they receive care. Infection control is a big concern. How should the iPads be cleaned and disinfected?This is of

Where do I get a foam pad for my Color Laserjet 8550, 8550DN "

I have an HP Laserjet 8550DN.  While I was cleaning it I noticed that the 1.5" wide x 1/4" foam pad inside and at the top between where the bracket is for the black tonor and the bracket is for the drum cartridge just fell apart and came out.  I

Clean the white case by the track pad

My computer has marks that look like dirt where the heels of my hands sit, I have tried clorox wipes and no luck. The ibooks in the apple store don't have this problem, what are they using?Ryan, It sounds like you have an iBook, and not a MBP? GooGon

Cleaning it up??

alright well its been about 4 months with my new G4 ibook and i love it....but i know theirs gotta be a way to clean up the system and all that.....i know how to do it on a windows but im not a great with tec. stuff on mac's. Any ways i can get my co

Clean an ipad smart cover

Hi This is petty and my own fault but it's making me crazy. This Christmas I treated myself to a new ipad air2 with a red smart cover. That makes this not even 3 months old. I had the slightest thumbprint on my cover and with a black microfiber magic

Making realistic foam from photo

Hi, I've been taking and prepping photos of a client's parts.  For the most part things have been going fine.  I use pen tool for tought - but round or curved - objects and for other objects I have a series of auto actions that clean them up quite ni