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Script running in the background and buffer overflow

Hi, I have written a script that is supposed to be a background process, which will check every 5 minutes if given person is logged in on Skype. The script does it basic job (alters me when given person is on Skype) but when I try to quit it (see cod

RE: [iPlanet-JATO] Parse error in JSP parser in IAS6

Hi Todd, removing the defaultValue="" attribute works. I have not got around to testing the SP3. BTW. The reason the default value tag was added was to stop Null pointer exceptions being thrown in the HrefTag.beginDisplay(). buffer.append("

Can I show my kids football video on my Apple TV or does everything have to be from iTunes?

or does everything have to be from iTunes?julesnewtoMac wrote: Thank A_C, never used that so didn't know that. My Macs are too old to mirror but I might have used it to mirror DVDs if I could.  I saw this with AirParrot too. I think Apple prevents lo

How to change background color of multilevel textbox in oracle form 6i

hi How To Change background Color of the Text. In One Multilevel Block 10 Record is Display At a Time in a Text Box (Name is AMTt) This Text Box display , Buffer and Record Length is 10 In Case Of Amount is Less 500 then Text Color Is Red(Or Any) and

Periodically updating a graph from a continually updating array

I'm back after a few weeks of playing around with LabVIEW to try to fix it myself. I've gotten pretty far, I think, considering I have only myself and the two books "Learning with LabVIEW 7 Express" and "LabVIEW Graphical Programming"

Insert into CLOB fails with Oracle ODBC driver version

I tried to insert into CLOB using the latest Oracle ODBC driver and it fails. But the same works with earlier versions of ODBC driver earlier to ie., Here is the code snippet I tried. Any help now is highly appreciat

A swf showing a trace on the next page

Hello, I've got a problem with a SWF which shows a ghost in the next page. When i'm reading a PDF document, if i've got a SWF on a page, when i go on the next page, i've got a square (trace) showing the place where was the swf on the previous page. I

Is there video capture software which will capture only the canvas and not my cursor or the way I move the canvas?

Hi, Does anybody know of a video capture software which only captures the canvas and not my cursor or the way I move the canvas? I want to simulate a painting being created brush stroke by brush stroke. It would also be good if I could select the lay

Refresh rate for Numeric Indicator

I have application that displays 60 16 bit word of data in Hex format on the screen simulatanousely as I receive block of data at at approximately 10,000 times a second through USB. Obviously, at this 10,000Hz rate, it is an over-kill in terms of the

Need more info on __restrict

Hi, I am currently working on a firewire video camera project and while comparing some functions that convert raw Bayer to RGB, I found that those who use the following construct: void Bayer_to_RGB8( video_buffer_t *source, video_buffer_t *display )

Floating Textedit 'save' window ghost

I have had this issue since I upgraded to Lion. Textedit keeps a 'save' floating window open in the lower left corner of the screen. The only thing visible is a disembodied "File Format" and a dropdown. I can't get rid of it and it's not linked

How do i change the resolution of my screen shots that i captured from my desktop?

How do i change the resolution of my screen shots that i captured from my desktop? Thanks.Do you mean you want it saved with the resolution set to something other than 72 dpi when the capture is made, or do you mean you want your capture saved at a h

How can I fix this in preview? (picture)

This is a screenshot (command+shift+4) of the preview application.  Simple picture of a killer whale but there are those grey horizontal lines that appear and reappear as I zoom in and out.  If I don't zoom in or out and leave it still, it looks just

Manipulating RAM from C

I'm trying to copy a display buffer from RAM into a BitmapData object in C. I'd prefer to do this in C rather than AS3 as it would lead to a cleaner library design (I'm porting SDL - http://github.com/emcmanus/flashsdl/tree/master). Most techniques t

Please wait while ...

HI ppl, Give me some ideas how to display a msg "Please wait while page loads " while jsp page is doing long database operations. I know how to achieve this in html pages using javascript when page loads big image but with long database operatio

Default sRGB color profile

It appears that when 'Don't Color Manage This Document' is selected from the 'Assign Profile' dialog that the profile defaults to 'sRGB IEC61966-2.1'. Correct? Is this the profile that is in 'Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Color\Profiles\Recommende

I need help with my project [Navigator application acesible thru the phone]

I am currently working on my project proposal for the project i want to do. I need to develop a navigator appliation that is accesible thru a phone and hsa the following features: 1. Load image in display buffer and deending on wat user inputs, then

IMAQ Overlay - Probe more consistent than image

Hi, I am having a certain problem that might be more aesthetic than problematic.  Imaqdx Grab runs in a loop, aquiring frames in real time which then are processed within this loop, and finally some calculated points are overlayed onto the image. The

OpenGL errors since 8.02 update

Nothing has changed on my system since installing AE CS3 last August, but now I keep getting a persistent OpenGL error message that makes me use Task Manager to exit the application. Happens even when I disenable the use OpenGL box in preferences. Th

NT Question

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreicated! I'm trying to use the system exec vi to issue a net view DOS command to obtain a LAN view from an NT workstation. The command seems to not work correctly most of the time. When a PC goes offline or