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Do I Need Java with Windows 10


Problem opening device from Java on Windows XP

Hi, I am having trouble opening the TUN device (it is a virtual network device developed by the OpenVPN project - http://openvpn.net) from Java on Windows. I found from the registry that the key for the device on my machine is {5998ABF4-70CC-4B8C-9CB

Java Applet Window

I'm not a developer,and this is probably the wrong place to post this. It's really a small, silly thing....but I play Literati on Yahoo, and all of a sudden, across the bottom of my screen blocking the chat screen is a bar that says Java Applet Windo

Java applet window blocking yahoo games

not a devloper, but I really need some help handling this java problem. when I log onto yahoo games, bar that says "java applet window" blocks the bottom portion of the screen. how can I get rid of this?i found out how to get older verison of ja

Java Applet Window showing on signed applet popups

I have an applet deployed that is signed, but I'm experiencing a very annoying problem with JPopup windows that cross outside the border of the JFrame created by the Applet. Those pop-up windows still show the warning at the bottom "Java Applet Windo


Hi I've tried the following below (/** My Code **/) and get a compilation error: Window is not public in java.awt.Window; cannot be accessed from outside package. I did set the JDK1.4 path in the autoexec.bat. The API 1.4 describes Window like: publi


Dear all, I have a question about java with windows form. I have an exe or DLL stand alone program make by visual basic 6. Also I have a java software build up with swing. Can the exe or DLL program executed inside the Java software? It means I click

"Java Applet Window" appears in my popup menu

Hello I have added a popup menu to my applet but whenever the popup menu appears, I also get the text "Java Applet Window" at its bottom. What is causing this? Can I get rid of it?Yes you can add a local user policy or local system policy that g

Unable to open a seperate java console window with javascript:window.open()

Hi All, I am opening a new window using javascript:window.open() function by clicking an hyperlink in a html document. In this new windows I am trying to load an applet. Only for the first time a java console window is displayed in windows system tra

Error in Java Console Window

Hi All When i run form using webutil in forms10g(9.0.4),java console window shows:::::: I signed jacob.jar,webutil.jar successfully I changed formsweb.cfg Oracle JInitiator: Version Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client

JFrames withous status bar with "Java Applet Window" ?

Hello. I call a JFrame from JApplet. All my JFrames with a status bar where string "Java Applet Window" is showing. How can I creat JFrames without that status bar? Thank you in advance.This shows as a security measure because your applet isn't

Realy no one knows how to remove the word "java applet window" besides sign

Hi, everyone, I am trying to remove the line "java applet window" from my nice/colorful interface, but what I was told is that I can not remove if i do not sign for digital singiture. Is this really a limition of Applet? I do not know why t he d

Remove "Java Applet Window" from the window

Hi, can anyone tell me how to remove the word "Java Applet Window" from a applet/frame/dialog running on the browser? Thank you very much. yunheYou have to sign your applet. Make a search on how to do that. It's not that easy and you need a cert

Java Applet Window footer

I just updated to the 1.4.1_07-b02 and have noticed that on all of my pop-ups there is a footer that contains the string "Java Applet Window". That wasn't there before. How do I get rid of it? or is it a "free" feature? JimFound the pr

Get rid of Java applet window box

We are currently using TTA 4.0 for Intel Linux Kernel. When bring up applications through the TTA, a "Java applet window" box is attached to the bottom of each applications. Is there a way to get rid of the box? Thanks Henryhttp://search.java.su

Security manager & mention "Java Applet Window"

A simple program that displays a frame with one button in it. The frame displays, no problem. When a security manager is added "System.setSecurityManager(new SecurityManager());" and the program is run again a "status bar" is added at

JComboBox shows "Java Applet Window" as last element

Hey all, I am having a problem with using JComboBox. When I use JComboBox and show it in a JDialog (popup window), the last element of the drop down (JComboBox) is "Java Applet Window". This element is, however, not selectable. I want to get rid

Unsigned Java Applet Window

Hi, I have an Applet which can pop-up a JAVA application window. But the bottom bar of that pop-up window says " Unsigned Java Applet Window". And I am not able to close the window without closing the first Applet window. Need some help. Thanks.

"Java Applet Window" and keeping PopupMenu inside Applet

I just added a JPopupMenu to my Applet, and I want to remove the "Java Applet Window" at the bottom. I know this can be done by making sure the PopupMenu stays inside the Applet area. How can I make it stay inside the Applet area?Hi Duncan, than

Webdynpro for java 怎么实现弹出一个popup window时,使原来的窗口变的不太明显?

webdynpro for java 怎么实现弹出一个popup window时,使原来的窗口变的不明显,比如变模糊,或者消失都行.不知道怎么实现?创建一个modalWindow实例就可以了,如下: IWDWindowInfo windowInfo =(IWDWindowInfo)wdComponentAPI.getComponentInfo().findInWindows("HelloWindow"); IWDWindow window = wdComponentAPI.getWin

How to launch java console window through commandline?

Dear All, Do you have any idea to launch Java Console window when we enable show console option enabled in Control Panel? Regards, AmitI captured commandline from tskmanager process which are given below: -Xbootclasspath/a:"%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\l