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does time machine restore partitions


Time machine restore destroys the recovery partition

Hi I wanted to restore my Lion installation with a Time Machine backup. So I restarted the computer with cmd+r and choose Time Machine restore. After the restore everything works except FileVault. I can't enable it and when I try I get the error mess

Canʻt partition after time machine restore

I have been trying to get boot camp to work on my late ʻ07 macbook pro since I need to run windows for my computer science classes. I have had boot camp on my system prior to lion but it seems that I canʻt partition using the assistant anymore. I am

Update from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 blown - Time Machine Restore blown

Hello, summary of events: Update form 10.7.02 to 10.7.3 went wrong After Time Machine Restore no more Recovery Partion Lost about what to do On Saturday, I startet to update 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 on my MB Pro 15" (2007) Apples Software Update showed the c

Is it possible to boot or Time Machine restore from an external Thunderbolt disk drive?

(There are several questions - search for "?".) I purchased a Seagate Backup Plus for Mac Desktop Drive 3 TByte with default USB 3.0 interface, and also acquired the Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter for Backup Plus Desktop Drives and Thunderbolt cabl

Tried to install XP Pro, Deleted Restore Partition, Now Lenovo 3000 = Useless Paperweight

I ordered a Lenovo 3000 K100 57068347 from TigerDirect back in April with the intention of using it as a remote help desk workstation and a virus definition 'server'... Well anyway, it shipped with Vista Home Premium, and I was much more interested i

How do I restore new SSD on pavilion DV7 from 2nd HDD restore partition?

My DV7 came with two drives, an SSD and an IDE with the recovery on a partition of the large HDD. The SSD died. I've got a new drive and put it in, but when I hit F11 to do a restore, I get a  "no bootable device" message. I sort of thot F11 wou

Time machine restore help

I've recently been having issues with my early 2008 black Macbook. I ran the apple HW diagnostics and determined it is a bad hard drive. I went out and bought a new 500GB SATA HD, and attempted to restore my system using a Time Machine backup. I boot

Do I need to remove Bootcamp before Time Machine Restore?

Hello - anyone familiar with this scenario. I have used TIME MACHINE from the very first day I had my iMac.  So it was started almost immediately after the initial boot of a brand new iMac case I ever needed to restore my Mac to that initial Day 1 st

Time Machine restore fails to solve airport issue

I have a had a nightmare trying to reconnect my airport to our wireless network. I completed the usual sets (like buying a new Netgear router and creating a new network!) and all the usual PRAM zapping, plist trashing etc. All this in 10.5.6. I then

Time Machine restore leads to strange file permission issues

I've had three Mac laptops over the last 8 years. It all started with an iBook. When I bought my first MBP I used the "migration assistant" to move my files over. I started using Time Machine when it was released. I then upgraded the hard drive

Time machine restore after crashed internal drive

The internal drive on my daughter's MacBook crashed. She had been using Time Machine during the school year, so we have backups that are a little over a month old. I am a bit confused by the different Time Machine restore methods. When I originally s

Problem after Time Machine restore

So i just did a time machine restore since i replaced the HD in my old macbook, and whenever i start up the machine it stays at grey screen and eventually pulls up a folder with a ? mark. But if I hold down option at start up and select the drive, it

Reformat, restore, partition question

Trying to set-up Boot Camp using the assistant and haven't quite found the answers I need by searching this forum. I get an error message that there are files on my hard drive that cannot be moved and the partition process cannot continue. If I under

Time Machine restore password problem

I had my HDD replaced by Apple. Was running latest Lion OS version before the fault, and had fully backed up with Time Machine. Booting up the iMac with the restored Lion was going well. Had selected restore from time machine. Then i was asked for my

How do I safely stop a Time Machine Restore midway through?

I started a Time Machine restore from backup at about 1pm this afternoon. After about 15 minutes of estimating the size of the files to be transferred, it gave me a 19hr estimate for transfer time. I had heard that it could take awhile, so I wasn't t

Lots of permission errors after a full time machine restore.

So I replaced my hard drive in my MacBook Pro with a 500GB and when in reinstalled leopard i jest did a time machine restore, now if I check the permission i have this long list that it jest can not seam to fix. Here is the list. What should i do abo

Can I use a Time Machine restore from an older OS to Mavericks?

I ask because I tried about 2 years ago and had no luck. Here's a little back-story so my situation isn't confusing... My iMac (2010) has been having tons of issues lately. More specifically, when I attempted to upgrade to Mavericks last week, it cam

How do I know which id to delete and insure time machine restore?

I had a glitch on my computer of the screen going black at random. I also had a recall on my imac for the segate drive which was replaced once. I brought it to the apple store after a week then determined there was no recall on my new drive and reins

My Macbook Pro was stolen, and I have replaced it with a Macbook Air. New hard drive is too small for a Time Machine restore. How do I restore my more-expensive apps (ie iWorks) on my new Macbook without repurchasing them?

My Macbook Pro was recently stolen, and I have replaced it with a Macbook Air. I attempted to simply do a restore from the Macbook Pro's Time Machine backup, but since the new Macbook Air's hard drive is significantly smaller, a Time Machine restore

Can't Boot After New HD + Time Machine Restore

So a couple days ago my 27" iMac running Snow Leopard started making some weird noises and stalling out. Annoyed, I talked for a couple hours with apple tech support which eventually lead me to run an Apple Hardware Test. This test returned the error