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Download Android 4.4 OS


How download android application in i phone 4

i need to download and install a android application on i phone 4Android applications won't run on an iPhone.Read other 2 answers


I want to download the Starbucks App for android. how do I get android apps without google play? Thanks! Solved! Go to Solution.Easy. Read this: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Downloaded-Applications-for/You-Upgraded-to-OS-10-2-1-and-wan... 1

Fix error on download- android

How do I fix grammatical errors on download that was sent to me on Nokia 4.0?Hi Thomas, Yes, some of the download links on the download catalog are not functioning properly after our recent upgrade.  However, all of the links to the <b>Sneak Preview

Can you download android on blackberry mobile !!??

I want android so I can have market as there apps seem so much better can I do this??No. Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues! If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the butt

How to download Android app from Creative Cloud?

The Creative Cloud wesite links to Google Play, where I would have to pay for apps that are part of my subscription.  How can I get the apps thru my sub?The subscription does not include the touch apps. But if you are an annual subscriber and purchas

Downloading and installing Adobe Flash 10.3 without android market

I know its really frustrating so im going to try to help if you have had problems.  Go download android black market  if you can find it go to 4shared.c o m search black market apk .  Ok after installing black market search for Adobe flash and it wil

Is there an APK android app downloader for Firefox? Need to download via PC then copy to a non-internet connected tablet for installation

I have two Android tablets that are not connected to the internet (long story). I'd like to download Android Apps via my PC and copy them to my Android tablets. I do not want to use the Chrome APK extension for a variety of reasons. The apps I need a

Android plugin not working in Eclipse on Arch 64bit

Hi, I'm having some trouble getting the android plugin to work. I know there are a lot of similar threads about this on this forum and google but nothing seems to work. I have installed Eclipse 4.2 through pacman. I removed openJDK and installed Orac

Underlying adt command in cs5.5 ... for AIR Android

Hello, I am trying to submit my app to the amazon market.  I got back a message from them that says I need to override the air download url by using the adt to package my app.  So, I found a couple links on how to do this and did it.  Problem is that

Easy Install Android SDK via Dreamweaver CS5.5 Configure Application Framework

I have been trying to download Android SDK using Configure Application Framework from Site >> Mobile Applications but get the following error message everytime I try: After clicking on "Easy Install..." button: According to several tutoria

Is there any way (add on or .exe) to download apk directly from firefox?

Please let me know if there any add-on or application which can download android apk files from google playI found a way This is a direct download link http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ put your URL to "Package name or Google Play URL" box t

LG Vortex (VS660) unable to update to Android 2.2.2

Hello, I have the LG Vortex (VS660) on Verizon, and I am unable to update Android OS to version 2.2.2. I am currently running Android 2.2, and I wish to update to either 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 (preferably the latter). However, attempting to update by Setting

Detect iOs and Android in Adobe Muse

Hi all, I have a website for downloading iPad and Android tablet Enterprise app. Now i have 2 buttons in it to download Android and Ios app and i need to change it to single button. Is there any way to do it using Adobe Muse.Currently you can use In-

The requested item could not be found error when trying to download Firefox 4 beta

I get the error "The requested item could not be found" when trying to download Android Firefox 4 beta.Please check here to see whether Firefox is available for your phone: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android#System_RequirementsRea

HT201272 i just bought a Mac Pro and it says i can't download previous purchases because i don't have permission to where do i go on this laptop to change that

i bought a macbook pro and i am trying to download my previous purchases in itunes and it says that i have not authorized to do this. Where do i go to activate it?OK Folks i believe i have actually found the solution. I know i am a bit slow but i onl

PhoneGap Build Settings for Android SDK

On Mac 10.6.8, Dreamweaver CS6 I want to test the PhoneGap Build Service with the default  "Hey, it's PhoneGap" index.html page. Specifically, I want to run the resulting apk inside an Android emulator. In preparation for this, I have: 1) Downlo

Intermec 6820 and Android SDK

Hi every one In my company we have a printer Intermec 6820 (http://www.intermec.com/products/prtr6820/index.aspx) I wonder if is possible to use the android SDK (https://www.intermec.com/products/sdkandroid/index.aspx) for from my mobile device send

Arch64 and Android SDK Emulator issues

Hey guys. I have recently installed the newest version of Eclipse and the Android SDK. I have had to install 32-bit libs so everything runs ok, which I have successfully done. After thinking all was fine and dandy I proceeded to execute my applicatio

Will the playbook ever get Native email? What about Android Apps?

I was told the bridge was just to be a temporary fix until native email would be compatible on the playbook. Does anyone know if this will ever happen? I was also told we'd get to download android apps eventually. This also hasn't happened. Does anyo

Skype for my Aino U10i/ Android

I see that my phone is not compatible for skype, is it possible for me to then download android and then try to get skype, or should i look for doing an upgrade rather. thanksNo, you can't install android OS in a Java phone such as the Aino.Read othe