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Download Java 7 for Windows XP


How to download JAVA JDK 32 bit for Window?

The latest Java SE 7 JDK and Java SE 6 JDK do not have 32 bit WIndow version. I see from other forum that installing 86bit will also do the trick but when I install Android development software, it doesn't identify Java SE JDK. Does anyone encounter

HT1338 I just purchased a MacBookPro and wonder if it "updates" like Windows platform will offer? Class suggested to download java 6 Oracle...just asking...

I am new to this MacBook Pro laptop. I seems to have problems figuring things out....like Mail...where to put files like in Windows (or in AOL -was on there for a long time and now use .me). I also wonder about the updates...the school I am looking a

Java 7 Web start fails to download Java 1.6 version

Sorry for the almost exact duplication of a previous thread, but that was closed (Java 7 Web start fails to download Java 1.6 version When launching an application requiring Java 1.6 with a Java 1.7 web start it fails when it tries to download 1.6 wi

Problems downloading java in firefox

My new forms install will not work in firefox 3.6.16 . It wants to download jre 6.12: http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/6u12/index.html However the download is immediately cancelled. If I tell it to resume it, it looks like it was do

Keep getting an error message that I need to download Java Runtime Environment

I have a one year old iMac and just downloaded OS 10.10 (Yosemite).  Since doing this 2 weeks ago, I keep getting the same error message telling me that I need to download Java Runtime Environment in order for the webpage to run properly.  I have dow

Need to communicate c server on linux & java client on windows

Hi!! I am new to socket programing in both C and Java. From let I downloaded some client server example for c and java and tried that to link !! (I allways learn this way , and I need to do that little urget ) though cient server in linux is working

Downloading Java

I am trying to download java 5.0 to a Windows Vista computer and I keep getting an error message that states the file failed to create a destination file. Does anyone know what that means?1) its not a java prob it will be most likely be a prob with w

Java me for windows mobile 5.0

I am trying to download java ME to my motorola Q but I don't know exactly how to do it and what links to pick. I want to ensure that I don't load the wrong one to my phoneI looking for java fro PDA [i-mate k-jam oprater with windows mobile 5 any one

Developing Java application for windows CE based Handheld device

Hi everybody, I am planning to develop the java application for windows CE based handheld device.I came to know that Oracle 9iLite supports the Developement of Java Application for windows CE devices.Can i use the JDeveloper IDE to develop the applic

Java SDK for windows 3.1

I have an old 486 in my room. The computer that has the SDK is out where my parents can see me when I'm doing my late night programming. I want to be able to put the java SDK on my Packard Bell 486 running windows 98. I searched and searched and sear

CS4Service Manager keeps asking to download Java Runtime?

I kept getting a window on start up (CS4service manager) asking me to download Java Runtime. I finally went to the official Apple site and selected  the Java for Mac download site and downloaded it and I now don't get that anoying window every time I

TS1717 Itunes will not open it says my computer is missing javaScriptcore.dll. I've downloaded java but I still get this message. How do I fix this probplem?

My Itunes app on my Windows 7 pc will not open. It gives me a message saying my computer is missing 'javaScriptcore.dll'. I've downloaded Java to the computer and restarted it but I'm still getting this message. How do I fix this problem?Taken at fac

Downloading Java 6 on Linux command line with wget

Hello, I'm trying to download Java 6 on the Linux command line, because my GUI interface is not working. So I'm using the Linux wget command for this. I tried the following wget -r -O jdk.bin http://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_D

I tried to download java on my computer and it wont download, what do i do?

I have windows Xp for my computer and i cant get past the firefox 12 version and now i cant even download java for 2 months now, i tired all versions of the java but none wont be accepted for my computer. Can someone please help me? IT tells me that

Auto download Java too silent

Hi, I use the activeX control to auto-download Java when users start my web start application. It works fine, but there is one problem with the auto-download. It is too "silent". It dose not indicate that the installation is in progress. Not eve

Java installer in Windows Vista: error 1721

Hi, I cant install java SE in Windows Vista. I get always this error: error 1721. There is a probleme with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package ven

Cant download itunes 10 using windows vista error installation of assembly policy 8.0 microsoft VC80.CRT

cant download itunes 10 using windows vista erroe about installation of assemblyThese ones are typically caused by underlying problems on the PC that also often cause Windows Updates to fail to install. If we can fix the Windows Update trouble, we ca

HT1338 download Java version 10.6.8 and above

Hello I have a MAC Pro (OZ X 10.6.8). My netbank "log in" service requires the newest version of Java. Have tryed to download Java 6 again - Have also tryed to download the "7 version", but my Mac dosent accept that (think it was Lion

Can't download plug in for windows media player. Have used download site and it says it worked, but plug in is not showing up on my list of plug ins.

I tried to hear a conference call on a website. Got a message, needed windows media plug in. Checked my plug ins, no windows media. Read tutorial on firefox support. Clicked on download. Got a window that asked for repair or change. Tried repair, the

How do i monitor performance in the system of a Java program in Windows XP?

I want to record the CPU usage and Memory usage on an hourly basis programatically, for an already running java class in Windows XP environment for the purpose of testing the Java class. The recording has to be done independent of the java class.By C