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Download Ubuntu 15.10 x64


Link error with installing x64 on Ubuntu 11.10 x64

Hi, I'm upgrading from to on an Ubuntu 11.10 x64 platform. During the link process of the installation, I kept on encountering a link error which looked like the following. This error firstly appeared in 'all_no_orcl'. If I clicked

I need java download  jre-7u6-macosx-x64.dmg file.

I am trying to download a  PrintMaster Platinum software onto my macbook pro.  I have OS X 10.9.4.  IWhen trying to download it says I need java update and when I try to download jre-7u6-macosx-x64.dmg file. it won't let me.  Not sure what to do.  Wo

An unknown error occurred while downloading Office Standard 2010 (x64) - (English)

I'm getting an "Unknown Network Error"  while trying to download Office Standard 2010 (x64) - (English) from MSDN Subscription page.  I have a valid product key and I have 64bit Windows 7 Laptop but unable to download and use Office 2010.  I get

Downloaded instantclient-basic-windows.x64- (54,374,557 bytes), how to install?

Hi, I've downloaded instantclient-basic-windows.x64- (54,374,557 bytes) to a local directory and have set the PATH variable to the directory where I unzipped the instantclient.  But I don't see any install.exe file or RunInstaller file

Tab background color changes when saving or downloading (Ubuntu) - bug ?

I'm using Firefox 20.0 on Linux Ubuntu. When I'm opening and using Firefox, the active tab background is light gray, and the other tabs are black (with white/gray text). But as soon as I have downloaded a file (saving an image for example, or a pdf),

SAP Netweaver Download for windows 7 x64 bit

Hi, I want to download SAP Netweaver for Windows 7 x64 bit. Can anyone give me a link or if someone has the software and can attach it here. Thanks in advance. Regards ArpitHi Arpit, Goto-> service market place->Click on software downloads->click

Live Corners Widget is missing in new download of AI 2014 x64

I did not know a built in Widget could go missing in a app but here I am... I just downloaded most of the creative Cloud Apps just yesterday after a system crash, after which I wiped the drives including Users (Windows 7.1+ all updated and fresh.  Ju

Blackmagic intensity pro drivers download ubuntu 14.04

You can download drivers off of the manufacturer site http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/supportDoes anyone know were I can download the drivers for blackmagic intensity pro card I am using Kdenlive video editor This topic first appeared in the Spicewo

How do I get the icon in the launcher fixed on Ubuntu 14.04 x64?

I was able to get the Official Mozilla Firefox Version installed. The only problem now, is that the icon in the launcher is missing. All it shows is a ? in a gray box. How do I fix it?''SuperSluether [[#answer-670858|said]]'' <blockquote> I'm no Lin

Downloaded the Visio Trial x64 version, unable to find the file,

The Akami downloader downloaded an .img file.. but it is nowhere on my system. I have tried to download this file multiple times in different browsers (without my firewall engage.. I know how you guys like to  blame that) and still nothing. Why can't

Trouble downloading CS4 trial Win7 x64

Having trouble downloading Photoshop CS4 Trial in Win7 64. When I try to download using Firefox it says File Not Found, and when I use IE it only downloads the .7z file and does not download the .exe. Help, please.dunno what caused your problem but y

Downloaded ODAC 121010 Xcopy x64, but ver. 11 files existed?

Hi, I downloaded the version 12 ODAC.   This is for use in an ASP.NET project.  We require the matching client version dlls to be loaded into the /bin directory for this application to work. This has been tried & tested with other versions.  There ar

T61p, Ubuntu 11.10 x64

I might have missed something here. I've installed U11.10 x64 but the touchpad works at the beginning and suddently stops and then only the trackpoints works. I haven't figured out how to enable the touchpad except by a restart which only delays the

I was unable to accesss ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso from Downloads via InfraRecorder because itdid not show in the list of Downloads when I browsed using InfraRecorder.

From [http://www.delicious.com/askrefwt/Software__Linux?sort=alpha&order=asc http://www.delicious.com/askrefwt/Software__Linux?sort=alpha&order=asc] askrefwt's Software__Linux Bookmarks on Delicious I accessed [http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubunt

Error downloading itunes x64 to x86

Hi, have done a clean re-install of Windows 7 Pro 64bit, downloaded & attemped install itunes x64, it wanted to install in x86 programs folder so did net search & an old (2010) thread said that most of x64 install was actually 32bit. Therefore all

Running latest version of Firefox on latest release of Ubuntu. When launched Firefox freezes. Am using wifi. Wifi works because it downloads updates fine.

I have a new build of Ubuntu latest release 11.10. When I launch Firefox it seems to freeze. Ubuntu still works it's just Firefox that is not reponding. It just stays in the mode of trying to load the homepage. None of the toolbar options are accessi

Can't download Windows x64 SQL Developer

The download of SQL Developer x64 (Windows) fails within 2 seconds of tryng to save to local disk - filesize is 0 bytes. I have tried from two different machines. The download of x86/32 bit SQL developer works. site used is http://www.oracle.com/tech

New download, firefox 5 error, Ubuntu 10.04. E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ubufox_0.9.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfn3_all.deb: trying to overwrite '/etc/xul-ext/ubufox.js', which is also in package xul-ext-ubufox 0

Downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 updates today. I now have Firefox 5. I am getting error: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ubufox_0.9.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfn3_all.deb: trying to overwrite '/etc/xul-ext/ubufox.js', which is also in package xul-ext-ubufox 0 The error

Nightly builds offer x64 versions, but beta builds don't; why, and how can I get an "official" x64 build?

2 months ago, i downloaded Nightly 9.0a1 x64 directly from the FTP server. It works fine, but I haven't updated it for a while, since it works fine. I notice that 9.0b1 is the new beta, but there is no x64 version i can find to download. I'm confused

Activate/deactivate WiFi on Lenovo B5400 under Ubuntu 14.04

I have a Lenovo B5400 with Ubuntu 14.04 x64. The ethernet port works fine. How can I enable/disable the wifi connection? I have no hardware button for this functionality. Under Windows I can press Fn+F5 and a dialog window appears, but I cannot find