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drawing 3d objects in opengl


Adobe Flash CS5.5 Crashes while drawing/dragging objects.

I have experienced quite a few crashes trying out Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Premium when it comes to using Flash Professional CS5.5. I have documented one of the crashes at a pastebin entry, which I will link it and an earlier crash log dump below.

Precise movement and drawing of objects in CS6

Hi, having used CS3 before, I've recently bought the CS6 package. I set all Preference settings they way they were in CS3 but I'm having difficulties moving a selected object in precise orthogonal (or diagonal) orientation. I'm used to seeing an "ori

Drawing small objects?

I'd like to be able to draw a disk of 2 mm diameter quickly. I'm working on MacOS X 10.4.11, and in my environment, the decimal separation character is the ",". Hence, for example, 2 and a half inch is written 2,5". I proceeded as follow: •

Drawing of objects

Hello! I am a german student and I have the following problem. I need to draw a connected directed graph onto a panel. Therefore I created a class that represents the nodes of the graph. Each object has a pair of coordinates (all coordinates are loca

Drawing InDesign objects on a extension panel

hi all, I'm trying to develop an InDesign extension using the Extension Builder 2.1 – unfortunately I am almost completely new to the whole topic. I was wondering if it's possible to draw objects, lets say a rectangle or a vector shape from an opened

Drawing geometrical objects

how can I draw a line or a rectangle or a circle? the problem is i'll be getting the parameters to draw the geometrical object from server and i need to draw the same. HELP!!For just about any UIComponent class, you can access its graphics object.  F

Pen Tool - Curve drawing under Object Lock

How do you draw a smoother curved line as described in this tutorial in Steps 6 and 7? http://design.tutsplus.com/articles/create-a-glowing-neon-sign-using-the-appearance-palett e--vector-3791Thank you - As it turns out, I was using the tutorial here

Bug? draw line object front of image

Post Author: Hamid CA Forum: Charts and Graphs who can draw a line front of an image? or it s a missed bug?Post Author: Hamid CA Forum: Charts and Graphs dose anybody have this problem?Read other 2 answers

Drawing lines, rectangles and circles as objects onto a JPanel.

Hi. I have to complete a task in school. The work is to create some simple 2D graphical editor. I'm new to java and I have some problems with this job, so I'm looking for help where it is possible... I created a JFrame and using it as a window. Into

PS CS4 problems with OpenGL drawing enabled

I've just upgraded from PS CS3 to PS CS4 (default 32 and 64 versions) and I'm having problems with seeing image files above a certain size (even moderate size) with OpenGL Drawing enabled. Disabling OpenGL Drawing results in very slow image display (

Drawing objects in Flash

Help When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool, I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color. You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object using the line tool and fill it using the paint buck

How to make lines I draw as an objects??

Hi friends: I met a problem here, I find a similiar code below, but cannot solve it. How to make lines I draw as objects in this application?? ie the lines I draw will be selectable as other JLabels, can be highlighted, can be deleted etc, just like

How to draw a 2d circle or 3d ball using opengl es

hello i am not able to draw a ball using opengles and finding its center. and i have to move this ball using touch event or acclerometer. any suggestions please helppublic void paintComponent(Graphics g) {     super.paintComponent(g);     g.setColor(

Has anyone been able to combine OpenGL ES with another View controller?

Looking at all the sample code, I still can't find any example of combining OpenGL ES with another View controller. So that one could have a view that the user could input values, and another that draws OpenGL ES stuff in. Is this possible, or does o

IPhone OpenGL swapBuffers problem! Help!

Hi guys, I am writing a 2D game using OpenGL, based heavily on Apple's CrashLanding sample. My main game loop calls three functions: 1. update, which moves all my objects 2. draw, which draws the objects to the current OpenGL context using Apple's Te

Need Help to Draw and Drag Triangle - URGENT

Hi everyone - I am developing various proofs of the pythagora's theorem and the following code draws a triangle on screen and the proof follows - but i need to know how to drag the triangle such tht 1 angle is always set to 90 degrees. i.e. i need to

Positioning moving objects

I'm getting ready to make a 2d game and wasn't sure how to draw moving objects on the screen. I've played around in the past and always had a fixed sized window and basically moved objects around on a pixel grid. I want to have a resizeable window bu

How do I create an offset outside (outside only) an object?

The problem is: I often have complex vector objects which contain paths and I want to create a path around the object. I have tried Offset Path, but this command also offset the interior of the object. I have also tried Effect>Path>Offset Path, but

Adding line-art shading to line-art object

I'm hoping that someone can give me an idea of how to do something a little easier than I have been doing. It's a little hard to describe but without an image upload function on this forum I'm going to have to try with words alone. I am drawing simpl

Illustrator CS6: Missing small pixels box that should follow the cursor when creating objects

Somehow I've managed to disable a feature in Illustrator CS6 that does two things: 1) it causes a small box to follow the cursor when I'm drawing an object 2) the light green lines or x's are gone now, too. How can I get them back? Are they only visi