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Application to scan and repair hard drive corruption?

Hi, my 2nd internal drive ran out of space and I'm afraid that there was hard drive corruption. Some of the video icon's weren't showing up and when I click on the video to play I kept getting beach balls. it seems to be better now but is there an ap

Print driver corruption

Hi, We have a Windows 2008 R2 print server and Windows 7 (x86 and 64) clients connecting to it. Randomly the print drivers on the client get corrupted. It is mostly for Xerox machines (I think because they are the bigger printers, used by a lot more

Hard drive corruption

Hallo I wanted to reinstall a game I play but when I install it I get this error: The installer was unable to read the file "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft Installer\Movies.mpq". This error may be caused b

I believe my ipads hard drive corrupted when i went from my macbook to a pc...I can get to the screen with cord and itunes but cant get past there to desktop of ipad...Any help would be appreciated....

I believe my ipads hard drive corrupted when i went from my macbook to a pc...I can get to the screen with cord and itunes but cant get past there to desktop of ipad...Any help would be appreciated....Try using this article to help with your iPad not

Itunes, ID3 tags, & hard drive corruption

My wife is having a strange problem with her iMac, and it’s got me a bit mystified. I’m hoping someone here can shed some light on what might be going on. I apologize in advance for the long post. The problem is that when she plays some songs in iTun

Bug - Lightroom 3 - CD/DVD drive corrupted

I have an issue that has been tested and proven to be Lightroom related whereas installing Lightroom, and updating to v 3.3 has caused my cd/DVD RW drive to be lost and corrupted. The following notes and  timeline are a little long, but they fully ex

MacBook Pro -- external hard drive corruption -- AND hanging computer?

Since purchasing a 17" MacBook Pro, I've had serious problems with directory corruption on three of my external firewire hard drives (80 and 100 G FireLite Pocket drives and a 400 G Lacie drive). About 2 weeks ago, the 80 G drive (with most of my cri

Time Machine backup and main drive corrupted. Help! (REWARD OFFERED)

Here's the deal: I have a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini both runnign Snow Leopard. I use the Mac Mini as a kind of media center / server, it has a few external drives connected to it. On of these drives (1GB) is dedicated to Time Machine, the Mac Mini (

External hard drive corruption

I have a 512GB USB 3.0 SSD attached to my macbook air which stores all my media files for iTunes.  On several occassions after rebooting the machine the disk has been corrupted and the disk utility can't repair it.  So I end up having to restores the

External hard drive corruption issues

Hey folks. Really not sure what the best place would be for my question, but I'll try here. I have a 4 year old LaCie external HD with a 160GB capacity. It stores my iPhoto and iTunes libraries for my iBook, along with a few other bits and pieces. Ab

Boot Camp related hard drive corruption?

The other day, my OS X 10.5.1 partition completely crashed on me after several switched between it and the Boot Camp partition on my MBP (XP Pro SP2). I just happened to glance at my OS X partition using MacDrive and it told me that the partition was

External drive corruption after 10.8.5 update

Hi, After the upgrade to 10.8.5. my Mini server at home, which had been running for months on end without a hitch prior to that, started having big problems. I have a late 2012 Mini, with a Sharkoon 5 disk cabinet hooked up through USB3.0. The cabine

Satellite P205D-S7802: CD/DVD drive issue; driver corrupted or missing

Hi, Dvd unit has not recognized by the OS. When i open My Computer the only unit displayed is C, there's no D unit. Then I go to device manager to check it, and I notice that the DVD unit has problems, then i open properties and the error message is:

Kernel Panics, Drive Corruption, Directory Issues.

Desktop M8840LL/A Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 (FW800) MDD 2GB Ram, 2 WD - 500GB IDE Drives Internal, 4 SATA Dr (2 WD - 500 GB SATA internal 1 WD 500GB SATA, One WD 640GB SATA external ), Sonnet Tempo SATA X4i PCI Card, ATI 9600Pro AGP, 1- 23in Apple Cine

Recovery drive corrupted Windows 7 64-bit

Hi all, My laptop came with recovery drive of Windows 7 64-bit. I once re-installed windows from that recovery drive. Some time ago I installed some software after that "Windows not genuine" message start appearing. Then I tried to re-install Wi

Hard Drive Corrupted - No Disc or Optical Drive Available.

HI all, Just looking for some advice. I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch) Early 2011. I think it was Snow Leopard installed. Yesterday, the hard drive came to the end of it's life. During use the computer started to make a buzzing sound every two seconds

Issue restarting MacBook Pro, hard drive corruption, explain please

Hi I am having huge troubles with my MacBook Pro. I was wondering if anyone could possibly explain the reason behind that. Paste of the report: Anonymous UUID:       4932FEB6-68AC-2C4D-886E-1D395BFF8484 Tue Jan  7 20:12:07 2014 panic(cpu 0 caller 0xf

DVD ROM driver corrupt

Hi, I hope someone can help.  My DVD ROM is in my device manager but I can seem to reload the driver or find anywhere that can help me locate and download it. I deleted it from the device manager and then had windows search for it and the driver but

Hard drive corrupted, recovery software threw iPhoto info files everywhere

Ok, so my hard drive got corrupted, and I got some of the data off of it, but not all. I think there is a lot of iPhoto files scattered about the folders in a "Lost Folder(s)," which the recovery software decided to do. (I used Stellar Phoenix)

New install on new drive - Corrupt label - wrong magic number

Hi, I put a new 120GB Seagate drive in my Sun Blade 100, and installed Solaris 9 9/05. But, every time I boot, I see a WARNING msg: WARNING: .... (dad0) corrupt label - wrong magic number I installed from the 1st software CD, as I've done many times