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I can't write to my Drobo

I have a new iMac (like this): I am trying to connect the Drobo that I used to use with my Windows Computer.  It has 4 drives @ 3TB each, and the whole drive is over half full, so I am not terribly interested in the cost that it would take to "back u

How to back up itunes from disk one to disk two on drobo...

I have my whole itunes library on external drobo first as I call the first disk in my drobo system. Nothing on my computer. Now I use superduper to make a daily backup from computer to drobo, but since my itunes folder on computer is empty, it does n

IMovie 09 Crashes every time since files on Drobo

I've been using IMovie 09 for a month, gradually importing more and more events from my DV camera, and everything has been fine. Today I plugged in a Drobo, and tried moving an event from my internal disk to the external drive (drobo), by dragging th

Fast user Switching breaks iTunes Library on Drobo FS

Hello, Everyone. I realize this is a bit of a corner case but what the heck, maybe you can help. Our home iMac has two main accounts, husband and wife. Connected to it is a Drobo FS. iTunes media is on the Drobo FS. The iMac Husband account is used t

How do I move my PC iTunes collection to my Mac with Drobo FS?

My iTunes collection is big--2,000 GB (2 TB).  It grew up on my first-generation Drobo, attached to my Windows laptop.  I recently purchased a Mac, and a Drobo FS.  The DroboApp Firefly was my planned method of execution, until I discovered that iTun

Multiple kernel panics after updating to Drobo Dashboard 2.6.3

Hi, I had a Drobo 5D running fine on my system for several months, using Drobo Dashboard 2.6.2. A couple of days ago, I unfortunately decided to update to the latest version, 2.6.3, and immediately started getting random kernel panics. I tried severa

How to get my Drobo FS to mount in Mountain Lion Server.app

Hello Everyone, Thanks in advance for the help. I am struggling with getting my drobo fs connected to my AE to show up in the server.app. I want to use my drobo fs as a mass storage device for the server since the server has a small hard drive. But I

My troubles with Drobo (2nd Gen.)

Hey everyone. I wanted to put my experience here so that people could chip in and learn/share. For the past five months I had been having with my Drobo (2nd Gen with 2 FW800s and USB 2.0). It came bundled with 2x 1 TB WD drives. I set it up using Dro

'El Capitan' Beta and SAV 9.2.7

Hey Everyone, In the last couple weeks I've seen a few folks post about issues with the new beta release of OSX 'El Capitan' which was released a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know: A new install of SAV 9.2.7 on El Capitan is currently expect

Does anyone have any experience of using an Aperture library on a Drobo or Promise Pegasus? If so any problems or tips?

My intention is to place my Aperture library a Thunderbolt Raid device and access via my Macbook Pro SSD Retina. The thinking is that I would have the capability of having a large library and wouldn't run out of space for some time - I understand tha

Want to restore from Lion back to snow leopard using my Drobo-Fs.  Lion is my current OS but due to lack of support for powerpc applications I want to go back.  Has anyone done a complete restore from TimeMachine on a Drobo-Fs?

I tried to do this as follows, 1).  Using the install DVD for snow leapard I booted up the mac, 2).  Went into terminal and mounted the Drobo-Fs.  3).  Followed the usual Restore from steps..... It took around 8 hours just to come to the point of act

Advice On Drobo or DroboPro? LR24 Mac Asset Management

Anyone have problems with Drobo or DroboPro? I have 2+TB of images, that is growing and will continue to do so. Thinking of a solution where I use my internal HD (2.7TB Raid 5) for active clients / jobs and then using a Drobo or DroboPro for less act

Getting Time Machine back up to a Sparsebundle on external HDD (Drobo)

Hey, I've been chasing this issue around for a while but can't seem to find the answer. There are a lot of resources out there describing how to get your Mac to backup to a Sparsebundle on a NAS, and more resources telling you how to write protect th

External drive drobo

Hi all, I just wanted to give an up date on my external drive decision. I ask a few questions on the forum and did a lot of research about external drives for video. I'm using a canon HFS100 HD camera. The video uses a lot of memory. These are all ho

Drobo not working after 10.5.8 update

My drobo stopped working after 10.5.8 update. Now I lost all my data on the drobo. this doesn't make me happy.'We are using the USB interface (as opposed to firewire) because we want to share the drive across the network - it's not always about speed

New Drobo with fire wire

My Imac 24 3.06 seems to take longer booting up since installing the fire wire drobo with two 1.5TB drivesIf you have OS X installed on an external drive it's possible your system is starting from it instead of your internal drive. You can check by g

AVCHD Video Editing Stutters using Drobo FW800

I'm having problems with Final Cut Express stuttering during editing, playback of the timeline. I've recently changed from several USB external Hard Drives to a Drobo FW800. Using three external drives over USB, I had no problem, but now using the Dr

My finder quits when accessing my Drobo External Hard Drive iMac Dual Core 24"

My Finder Quits Every time I access my External Drobo 8TB Firewire Drive. I have several other FireWire Drives online with it and have no problem with them. This happened soon after the 10.7.2 update. I have a lot of files on this drive. Could it be

Time Machine backup to Drobo seems slow. What is normal write speed?

I just got a Drobo with Firewire 800. I'm using it exclusively for Time Machine backups. The write speed to the Drobo appears to be about 3 to 4 mb/s. Is that normal? Anyone getting the same or similar speed? I used to backup to a LaCie drive (which,

Moved all content to a Drobo, but can't get it into my iTunes Library

I've got a lot of music and video content spread out over several drives, including two external 1 TB MyBooks. I purchased a firewire Drobo to help manage this content, and over the past few weeks, I've copied over all of the media files onto the Dro