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BBC website slow today..

Anyone else experiencing slow loading pages on the BBC website? The "homepage" loads quickly enough but loading any of the news pages, and particularly the sport pages, takes an eternity.Whoa there. You can't jump to the conclusion that it's a B

Website slow loading

So I am having a problem with one website that I frequent. It it much slower loading than other websites I visit. The progress bar seems to freeze for several seconds. Sometimes if I hit the x then the reload symbol the page loads right away. I have

Dropbox Videos SLOW to Sync / Upload

video clips are uploading VERY VERY slowly on Dropbox.    6 hours to upload a 60 second clip whether the App is open or not. I'm running latest software for Dropbox and IOS 8. Background upload is switched on and  running. I'm uploading over WiFi onl

Website slow to load

Hi, You website sometimes (like today) is sooooo very slow to load. I'm tethering via my mobile. Usually its fine. Any hints? Thank you.Sorry, I get an instant reply if I click on your link (from a Windows Desktop computer). Try to access it via http

What makes my website slow like it is?

Dear Adobe fans, i am building a website voor 'a tre natuursteen'. This is a naturestone factory in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. This is my first job as a webdesigner. I finally made it to add the site on the world wide web. But it turns out very slow


I have tested on 3 different computers on my network.. and I went to my parents house who also have FIOS and the websites that I frequent are slow.. VERY SLOW.. My dedicated servrer hosted at Hostgator is VERY SLOW. and It is VERY rubust.. I Then wen

Websites slow to open with any browser on my Macs (but not a PC)

Hello, We have several Macs in the house (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook) and all of them seem to run into problems with websites opening very slowly.  Often they get stuck and simply don't open at all.  If I close and restart the browse

Websites slow to load for mac

websites are slow to load or don't load at all anymore on mac.  ?contact your isp forums reset mode.m bypass router try safe mde or recovery mde.... you can get online but is it always slow? storm damage? surge protected mdem and router can compromis

Firefox website slow download rate

It appears that when I download an update for firefox or download the installer from your website I get a really slow download rate around 150KB/sec but when I download from any other site like http://download.cnet.com/windows/ I get good speeds. So

Websites slow to load

i have an imac with osx 10.4.9. lately it has been slow to load websites. I have a 8 megabit connection via comcast. i tested the connection speed and it actually around 4-5 mbps which is fine. however, the computer loads websites extremely slowly- r

Apple Support Website SLOW

Hey - off the reservation slighty - has anyone else noticed how SLOW everything is on this Apple Support website? Maybe its the time of day or whatever but it has taken 5 minutes to get to this point! Cant believe it. Even clicking on ASW link off Go

Website slowing down a PC

So I made a site on iWeb 08. I want to share it with some friends, but it seems to slow down PC's somewhat significantly. I had a friend proofread it for me and he said that it slowed his computer way down. I think he is using XP with Internet Explor

One website slow to load

I'm having problems with the website sharebuilder.com.  It takes over a minute just for their homepage to load, and then a similar amount of time to navigate within their site.  I've tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers as well as my iPad, all

Firefox slow, every website "waiting" on and on, i have cable dsl isp

i have cable dsl, but firefox connects to websites slow. once the "handshake" happens, inevitably it will hang up in the process, and just sit there: 'waiting for reply". I have scanned for viruses, none, removed applications like Microsoft

Using DropBox and Mavericks

Hello, I am posing this query because I thought that I knew how to create a link to a folder that I placed in DropBox. To be precise, here are the instructions for doing so from DropBox's website - If you have the Dropbox desktop application on your

Docs To Go is unable to open .docx files stored on Dropbox.

Z30 running OS Docs To Go version is unattainable (original version that came with the Z30) Dropbox client version unattainable (original version that came with the Z30) Love my Z30 but, like everything else new, growing pains are a part

Can't Sync Files in Dropbox Subdirectories

I installed both dropbox and dropbox-cli from the AUR, and I noticed that files don't get uploaded or synced when I copy, move, or edit a file into my Dropbox folder. For instance, I run dropboxd, daemon starts up, syncs up with cloud, then it says i

Dropbox and US throttling

I have had Infinity for a few weeks and the speed is excellent. But I aslo use Dropbox and have found the connection speed is awful, 350kb or so download (I have 49mb down and 11mb up). I used speedtest.net to test servers in San Fran and NY and both

Free photo hosting website please review

I and my friends working on a photo hosting social network           http://konruk.net/ 1. is website slow? 2. how is design? is ok..?  all feedback need   -Create free album -Create slideshow and send to your friend on facebook myspace etc  ...  can

Dropbox & Encryption on multiple computers

I have a several folders in Documents which I sync between my iMac, MacBook and iPhone with dropbox using symlinks.  I need to encrypt these folders (well, all the files - Word, Excel, pdf - inside) but still be able to access them, if possible, on a