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ds3 tool has stopped working windows 10


Is there a way to create an action or keyboard shortcut to set Crop tool to the front window size?

Is there any way to create an action or keyboard shortcut to set the Crop tool to the front window size in Photoshop CS6? I find that I use that several times a day. I got used to it being the top choice in the Crop tool presets menu. Thanks.It depen

OBIEE 11g BI Admin tool not working on Windows 7 64bit - Any alternative???

Hi Experts, I installed OBIEE 11G on Win 7 64 bit after a long struggle it went well but the admin tool is not starting..........After a search in the forum i came to know that 64 bit os can run obiee client tools. is there any work around for this?

When using the migrate tool to migrate from windows to mac, can you use ethernet to connect the computers to each other?

When using the migrate tool to migrate from windows to mac, can you use ethernet to connect the computers to each other? In the Migration tool, I was only given the option of choosing the computer when it appeared on the same network, and didn't see

Windows Azure Tools: Failed to initialize Windows Azure storage emulator. Unable to start the storage emulator.

Hi, I created a cloud service using Visual Studio 2013. When I tried to run the service, it fails with Windows Azure Tools: Failed to initialize Windows Azure storage emulator. Unable to start the storage emulator. Is there a way to debug this error?


Good Day - I've been experiencing very nagging problem since installing recent Acrobat Xi Pro uodate (on windows 7 system): Specifically - I cannot edit/change the TOOL SET to include needed TOOLS (i.e., that were all previously in my Tool set) as th

Photoshop tools dont respond after Windows 7 pro 64 bit installed

     I have the Abobe creative suite CS4 web premium student edition and I have recently upgraded to the Windows 7 professional 64 bit OS. Some of my tools in each program do not respond to clicks. In the Photoshop program my cursor in each tool is b

Known issue: Diagnostic tools - profiling tools fail to launch (Windows 10 Technical Preview SDK and tools, March 2015 release)

The following issues exist when you run the diagnostic tools without the debugger for Windows universal app projects (Debug > Start Diagnostic Tools without Debugging): When the startup project is a C++ universal app set to deploy to a physical Windo

Missing icons in tool bar, and install window always opens when opening browser

firefox hard drive installer icon appears, and installer window opens every time firefox is opened. Also 50% of the Icons in the tool bar minu are gone and just a dotted square is left. helpTry to update to Firefox 11 via Firefox > About Firefox *htt

Indesign cs6 menu and tool bar disappear between windows using mission control in mountain lion

heres 2  screen grabs before and after. while navigating between 'spaces' using mission control in mountain lion. issue -  the menu and tools bars disappear - not all of them just parts of them. to get back i hit 'tab' button twice which hides and sh

Client tools not  authenticating via Windows AD after upgrade to SP4

We recently upgraded our test environment to SP4 to correct a problem we were having with Windows AD authentication from InfoView.  The upgrade to SP4 and JDK 1.5 solved our InfoView problem, but our client tools (Designer, Desk, Crystal Reports) can

No Tools in new project window for xcode

Hi Can anyone please help? I have recently started to learn C language and currently reading a book that advices using xcode, this has been downloaded with no problems from the original disk. In the back of the book it advices opening a new project w

Tools 8.49 and Windows 7

Are there any plans to certify PeopleTools 8.49 with Windows 7?Honestly, difficult to say but apparently not planed. The old certification matrix spreadsheet (decomissioned from 01/01/20101) does not mentioned this combination at all, and I'm not 100

Siebel Tools 7.8: Watch window disappeared after undocking

Hi everyone, during a debugging session in Siebel Tools 7.8 I right clicked on the Watch window and deselected "Docked". Since this time the Watch windows has disappeared forever. I can activate and deactivate it, but have never seen the window

Using Unix tools with Oracle on Windows

I currently have an Oracle database installed on Windows, but would like to use Unix scripting tools and commands when connecting with my database. Can anyone advise a good way to configure my system so that I can connect to my database from a Unix-l

OBIEE Administration tool not opening in windows 8.1

Hi, I have Windows 8.1 64-bit machine installed. I installed OBIEE and the Admin tool doesn't open forever. I read somewhere installing 32 bit version works on windows 8.1. How true is that ? Or OBIEE is completely not compatible with window

5.0 LE Crop tool grayed out in Windows XP???

I've been using Photoshop 5.0 LE for many years on a Windows 98SE system. I recently installed it on my Windows XP system and it works great - except that the crop tool is grayed out - meaning I can't use it.  It doesn't matter if I open a new projec

When using pen tool or type tool blinking the working window with black background

when i am working with the type tool and pen tool or marquee , that time the photoshop window blinking with the black background that is very irritating in the working time so can u please tell me, so what is the exact problem ? is it a photoshop pro

Open iView without address or  tool bar in new window

Hello dear experts, Today I got a specific problem where I kindly ask for your ideas / support ! Our Portal is 7.0 and SP19. I got the following  scenario: 1) Imagine you got several standard (URL or Application Integartion) iViews, each pointing at

Missing in Action:Tools, Menu Options; PREVIEW window present

Yesterday when I worked in Illustrator I had tools down my left side of the screen. Today they are gone. Yesterday when I went to WINDOWS and VIEWS at the top of my screen there was a long list of options available, such as LAYERS. Today they are gon

Three icons for crop tool and others in windows 7

My tools come in 3's since I installed PSE8 on windows 7 (core i 7, 64 bits) mainly crop, move, eyedropper and paint bucket. Others like clone, text and blur are OK. What gives? I had same program on XP and all was working fine.That's a known bug wit