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Mid 2010 15" i5 Battery Calibration Questions

Hi, I have a mid 2010 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz i5. Question 1: I didn't calibrate my battery when I first got my MacBook Pro (it didn't say in the manual that I had to). I've had it for about a month and am doing a calibration today, is that okay? I ho

USB 6009 - Calibration of Analog Input (Mac)

Hi, I have recently acquired a NI USB 6009. I'm using it under labview 7.1 on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). I can run the software examples and the datalogger without problems. However, the device seems not to be properly calibrated, and I can't figure out

I have LabView but I do not have the Calibration and Configuration Palette,and I could not download it, how can I download it or if i cannot,can I work with the NI-DAQ Calibration_1200?

I have read in a tutorial for the board 1200 that I can calibrate it with the Calibration and Configuration Palette in LabVIEW, but I do not have them and I could not download it to access its libraries, so I can only download the NI-DAQ software,Wha

PXI 2527 & PXI 4071 -Questions about EMF considerations for high accuracy measurements and EMF calibration schemes?

Hi! I need to perform an in-depth analysis of the overall system accuracy for a proposed system. I'm well underway using the extensive documentation in the start-menu National Instruments\NI-DMM\ and ..\NI-Switch\ Documenation folders... While typing

Need to develop a calibration report

Hi experts, i need to develop a report for calibration input screen parameters are equipment no. date output screen Equipment no. equipment description Functional location order no. inspection lot no. inspection reading before calibration inspection

Null offset from calibration not being applied to output

I am measuring some load cells using a I 9237.  I am setting the null offset using Device > Bridge Calibration in the DAQ Assistant.  I measure the offet and hit calibrate.  It says "Calibration successful" and I hit finish, but the offset va

Mid-2010 Macbook Pro Hires glossy screen calibration

Hello, I have the new Hires glossy screen on the latest i5/i7 macbook pro range. Has anyone calibrated this screen using a Spyder or similar? If so can they post a link to download the calibrated color profile? Thanks a lot, I had a calibrated profil

Macbook Battery Calibration Questions

Greetings! I just bought a MacBook today (the mid-range white model) but I am a complete tyro in the Apple world. I have a few questions with respect to the calibration process. The manual is lucid with respect to everything except for three issues:

MBP 15" core i5 battery calibration

Hi Last time I bought a MacBook, it came with a detailed instruction on how to calibrate the battery for maximum performance. When I got my MBP 15", 2.4 GHz core i5 recently, it came without such instructions. I thought that might be because the new

Battery Calibration and Charge Capacity?

I am currently using a PB G4 15" (high res DL SD) and I've had it for about a month. I just read about calibrating the battery and went ahead and did it. Have I done any damage to the battery or shortened it's effectiveness by waiting a month to cali

DVI to S-Video adaptor and Calibration

Except for one step, the brightness (right adjustment in advance calibration) is all the way down when trying to calibrate my JVC Broadcast CRT. This makes the apple disappear and the color adjustment impossible. Please advise. jmfWhat are you going

Macbook Pro 13" Screen Model 9CAO Calibration help?

This is the screen that I have on my new Macbook Pro. Would anyone out there have a screen profile calibration for this screen model that I could add to my screen (display) profiles. I have tried to do simple calibrations on my own but unfortunately

How do I set one monitor calibration for the whole system and users?

I'm really angry because when I logged into my first default account, My settings where normal, but I logged into my alt account, the settings where all messed up (NO ONE TOUCHED MY COMPUTER, AND THE ACCOUNT HAS A STRONG PASSWORD) The white balance w

How can I transfer an e book from ADE to calibre and then to a sony ereader on a Mac

Hi, I've read the past forums on this and I'm still having a real problem. I've got a Mac, my ADE is version 1.7 and my Sony reader is a 505. I can download an ebook into ADE but I can't get it into calibre to add it to my Sony, everytime I try an dr

Huey Pro calibrator- error message  display measurement Error

i am using this huey pro calibration.. it had been a year without problem... but now i am trying to calibrate my apple cinema display LCD 30 inch it keep saying error message- display measurement error.. and huey support never answer my e-mail. any i

Huey Pro Calibration Error message- measurement  error

i need using this huey pro calibration for year. but now i am trying to calibrate my apple cinema display LCD 30 inch it keep saying error message- display measurement error.. and huey support never answer my e-mail. any idea? how can i fix it.. i di

How to get MacBook battery back up to 100% for calibration

I want to calibrate my MacBook's battery, but the MacBook is already connected to the charger and only displays a 95% charge. What should I do to bring it back up to 100% (the first step in calibrating)? Should I just disconnect the MacBook from the

Prime NCS floor calibration issues... Has anyone gotten it to work?

I am trying to use NCS floor calibration and collecting data points using my laptop. I am having a problem where over 100% of the time it says "No data points collected starting from location (x,y)"  Laptop has Intel 6300 in it. After spending a

Speaker Calibration Wizard not working at a

Hi all, I've just recently purchased a second-hand Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro. I've downloaded the Audigy 2 ZS Series driver disc (courtesy of a poster on this forum) and installed all fo the software from there. I have also updated the main windows dr

Best Buy lies in their ad about what they will do with their calibration!

Best Buy lies in their ad about what they will do with their calibration! The ad that promotes Best Buy calibration here: http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/en_US/images/abn/2008/tvv/pcon/BestBuy_HDTV_Calibration.pdf?h=4... clearly states: A calibr