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MSI PRO MOD Online Competition

The MSI PRO MOD online competition STARTS NOW! It is your chance to show your professionalism to the world and get the grand prizes. To enter the competition, please follow steps below – ***Steps & Rules*** ▪ Register an account on MSI Forum. (Existi

In competitive exams photo in "true color" format.... How to do it in adobe photoshop please replay it.....

In competitive exams photo in "true color" format.... How to do it in adobe photoshop>>> please replay it.....Mayuk, you are not making any sense here. True color (24-bit) "True Color" redirects here. For images with natural c

I recently signed on with iCloud. I find that the prompts interrupt my workflow and the costs of this feature for someone with 200 gigs of data is not competitive. I want to cancel the mail, contacts, email, etc. without Removing data from my Mac. How?

I recently signed on for iCloud service, but find that it interrupts my workflow too often (which I know I can reset), but will soon exceed my free storage space. I have 200 gigs of data on my local drive and frankly the cost and benefit of having IC

I would like to know, does Apple Product Giveaways have a page for competitions on Facebook? A lot of People including myself have entered in these competitions and have won and iPhone and many other items. I am one of those people who won, it is true.

Hi, My name is Sue Keeffe Ayton, I just want to know, does Apple Product Giveaways have a page on Facebook? They are running competition to win Apple Products. A lot of people seem to be winning Apple Products including myself. I saw that I have won

Competition problem between Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 on Photosmart C5180 connected via LAN

Hello everyone, I am writing because I need some advice / help on a problem last night while configuring a small network. The network is made up as follows: 2 notebook: Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 3 different printers: 2 USB connected to the respective

Technical competition team needs Labview Developer

The KC Space Pirates are a team in NASAs Beamed power competition. We are looking into using Labview to automate aiming a high power laser. I am looking for an experienced Labview developer to help with the project. There is no pay if we don't win. I

Application to oracle application software development competition 2009

dear sir, i am good in sql/plsql. After seeing the message of software development competition 2009, i downloaded oracle XE , apex and now I have successsfully created an application which can handle hotel administration. I have to prepare two/ three

Response time too slow when there is competition in the same connector PCo

Dear all, I'm having a problem with using PCo 2.1. I created all the conections in PCo with OSIsoft PI and when I create a TagQuery on MII to get the values of a tag is not occur problem in response time. But when I have another TagQuery or Transacti

Java Programming Competition Sample Questions

Hi, I am interested in participating the Java Programming Competition in my University. For pratice can you point me to some website with sample questions or any question u have in mind. Thanks SatishI was thinking of putting up on-forum competitions

Hi! I have a Creative suite Design Standard 9 Adobe program and I am attempting to make a wizzard form that can be made into an entry form for a competition. So I need to 1. Make the form into a question and answer form that Participants may fill out. 2.

Hi! I have a Creative suite Design Standard 9 Adobe program and I am attempting to make a wizzard form that can be made into an entry form for a competition. So I need to 1. Make the form into a question and answer form that Participants may fill out

[Competition] International Project CARS Challenge

It's time for another PlayStation Plus International Challenge! Prepare to race the clock and your fellow challengers, the ultimate test of speed and skill with Project CARS! Your opponents will be:    German forum  Polish forum  Spanish forum  Frenc

Output of code (asked in competition)

The output of the following code was asked in yesterday's Microsoft competition import java.lang.*; public class ms1 static int NumberCruncher(int num,boolean flag) if(num==0) return num; if(flag) return (NumberCruncher(num/10,false)+num%10); else re

Case Mod Competition 2004 by CoolerMaster

Case Mod Competition 2004 by CoolerMaster. Please find the link for more information. http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=235Why there is no similar competition in MSI, I mean one that can give members free stuffs?  Read other 2 answer

Ideas that would Keep apple above competitions ?

I have some ideas that I would like to share to keep apple always in the comfort zone above any threat from samsung or microsoft? What if apple invest their great revenue to launch satellite system. Any iphone will be connected to this system no matt

IS Retail - Competitive prices

Hello experts, I'm in a new instalation of SAP Retail (ERP 2005). I need to introduce prices from competition in the system and compare them with my own sales prices. The condition type for my own prices i'm using is PR00 and i believe that for compe

January Programming Competition

January Programming Competition The goal of this months programming competition is to create a simple utility for reformatting one string given a second formatting string. Each person may create a custom syntax for the formatting string or simply dup

Early termination due to superior competitive ISP's with faster speeds and lower rates

Since Netfusion is no longer commercially competitive due to its slowness, data caps and high costs, I want to terminate early but I don't see how to do this or how much Verizon plans to assess a fee.  Does anyoone know how to find out how much extra

Apex Competition

Hi, Just noticed that the 2009 Apex Developer Competition has been launched, similar to the one ran by Oracle Germany last year: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/html/competition.html The signifcant diferrence in

Regarding Code competition quesion!

I came across a Code competition quesion and i have done it. But i haven't got any idea to how to validate the inputs(Checking whether the inputs are string or not!!!!!!!!!!!) the following is my code: import java.io.*; class cup      int length,widt

Check out My Application Search 3.0 for the JavaFX competition

Hi guyz can you tell me reviews for the application I created for JavaFX competition link - www.pinkstechno.com u can find the embedded applet and jnlp file here...... By the enable pop up and it takes a little bit time to load....pros: very pretty.