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Uploading File to server from local machine

how to Upload the File to server from local machine. Using java applet, how to upload the file to secure server. I dont know how to proceed the steps for uploading Reply me ASAP.......Hi Ozkantr, The osql utility is installed by SQL Server. You need

Run SSIS package in a machine without Sql Server

Hi All, I have 3 packages which are doing fairly easy job. First uploading flat file to remote server from my local machine. Second does some transformation and third load file back to my local machine. I am running all of them through batch file. No

Please help with this issue "To Run a SSIS Package outside of Server Data Tools You must install Drived Column of Integration sercvies of higher" From C# app

 i have searched all over the google and here on MSDN(I have read all the threads related to my problem ) , i am new to SISS and doing my clg project , I have this package which loads data from  dim tables to a fact table , my Package runs without an

Basic question regarding SSIS 2010 Package where source is Microsoft Excel 97-2005 and there is no Microsoft office or Excel driver installed in Production

Hi all, I got one basic question regarding SSIS 2010 Package where source is Microsoft Excel 97-2005. I wanted to know How this package works in production where there is no Microsoft office or Excel driver installed. To check that there is excel dri

SSIS - Change Config File Path LOCATION in SQL Agent Job Step (NOT USING DTEXEC)

SSISers; I am not new to ssis but am trying to deal with promoting of ssis config files differently for a specific project. We are using SQL 2008 R2. As a standared pattern used for years, we just use SQL Agent, build a job step for the ssis package,

Dtexec Version Problem

Hi everyone, I created a simple SSIS Project in 2012 data tools, which had only a data flow, with one data source, one data conversion and one OLE DB Command. I use the Excel source to pass the columns parameters to an SQL stored procedure. When i ex

How to deploy and execute SSIS 2012 packages when only SSDT is installed

Hi, I am facing a weird situation where we did an upgrade for visual studio to vs 2102 on all the dev machines and as part of that moved to SSDT from BIDS but all the database is still SQL Server 2008 R2. Now I have a few SSIS 2012 packages which I c

I install window 8 and Unfortunatly all drive format. And all drive mix, now i have only 1 DRIVE C. I want Bit locker Drive's data Back

Last sunday i install a window 8 and this window format my all drive & make it 1 drive (DRIVE C). Before all of this i have 5 drive in different size with 1 Bitlocker protect drive. So i try data recovery software to recover my data. i got back all m

How many times can you install Reflow with one account?

I installed Reflow at my job's computer because its free on Preview mode, but then I stupidly realized that Adobe might not permit multiple installs of the same program from the same account in another computer? I want to install Reflow at home as we

How to Install Coldfusion 8 64-bit on Small Business Server 2008 64-bit

How to Install Coldfusion 8 64-bit on Small Business Server 2008 64-bit I ran Coldfusion 8 on SBS 2003 Premium for 6 months with no problems.  When we finally decided to cut over to SBS 2008, that’s when everything went to hell.  I tried for weeks to

HELP! Can not install Oracle 8.1.5 w/ RedHat 6.1!

I can not get Oracle 8.1.5 to install onto Linux RedHat 6.1. The Oracle installation script generates several errors. I have tried several attempts, using different options, but they all generate errors. Please help. The Oracle Installation scripts a

Cannot install windows 8.1 on imac 5k - apple support says "Correct, that machine can't install windows" Boot camp fail

I have a brand new imac 5k, with 4ghz i7, 295x GPU, 3.1TB fusion drive.  Bought the machine so I could dual boot - I need windows for VR Dev work. I've spent the last week and a half on tech support calls with Apple Senior Tech agents, and Microsoft

Error Level 10: I have this error where a plugin broke that I had to remove because it was not finding it. How do i install it back so it functions?

8/29/2014 7:15am It seems to me that if Microsoft's platform can not fix it with the troubleshooter that the troubleshooter sucks.  It does not know when errors are thrown so your developer sucks on creating software for errors that are popping up in

[Guide] Install and run Windows 7/8 from an external drive without using bootcamp (works for late 2012 iMacs with 3TB drive)

This is a copy of a post from my blog, you can also Read it on my blog... Introduction After I received my new iMac with a 3 TB Fusion Drive, I was disappointed when I realized that Bootcamp was not running on this model and prevented me from install

How large of a hard drive can I install on dual G5, and do I need more RAM?

I recently had a situation in which my dual-processor 2.0 G5 was completely refurbished by Apple repair-new logic board, both processors, video card, thermistor, all new. Finally it has been working well after a month of trips back and forth from the

How can I install to a drive other than C?

I installed the CS6 Master Collection trial version. During the installation, I specified a destination folder on my D: drive (C: is a small SSD drive meant to hold only Windows). For the 32-bit versions of the programs, the shortcuts created in the

I tried to install latest OS update. Recd error installing. IT tried to load the upgrade in Safe Mode. Now system will not boot up. IT says I have to do a clean install which loses all data.

After receiving an error when I try to install the latest update of OS-X, I took my laptop to oour schools IT dept. They tried to run the update in safe mode and then they got an error saying the system could not find the hard drive. Now they want to

Install of 8.6 or 9.0 freezes

Tried searching for a bit, but I didn't see anything in this forum that helped. If I missed something, I apologize--please point me in the right direction! Got out the old beige G3 to play around with the other day. I decided I wanted to attempt to i

I have formatted my SSD and hard drive.... I am running a clean install from disk of 8.1 pro. I cannot determine if it is a compatibility

issue or hardware issue. I had run a memory test and scan disk for bad sectors from the bios. As administrator, I enabled automount  in diskpart to allow windows to assign a drive name.  From the bios, I can see both drives and only the ssd. I have n

I install iTunes on Windows 7 64-bit, it opens, it crashes

The subject says it all, pretty much. - I install the latest iTunes (downloaded 01/31/2014) - I open it, then go to iTunes store, and it hangs itself after login OR - I open it, then close it, then hold SHIFT and double-click, as I want the library o