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Dual Boot Linux Mint and Windows 10


Dual Boot Linux and Windows problem with HDDRecovery

Hello I`m using dual OS Windows Vista and Linux open SUSE distribution on Toshiba Satellite A350-10z, everything is working great except Windows Recovery. I have Linux (boot:dev/sda6) and Windows Vista (boot:dev/sda2). Windows has 2 partitions, Disk

Dual boot Linux - Windows on Satellite U940

Hello to everyone. I'm quite new on this forum and I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite U940-10N? Using Linux for 2 years, I'd like to install a debian wheezy distribution on it. On my former computer, only Debian was installed so I'm net really comf

Any special caution to have a dual boot (Linux + win 7) on a X220 thinkpad ?

May I need any special caution to have a dual boot (ubuntu 11.04 + win 7) on a X220 with the mysterious UEFI firmware ? Thanks in advance, PaulHi The unit was preinstalled with Win 8 64bit right? Changing the BIOS setting from UEFI to CSM and disabli

Just loaded windows 7 on a macbook pro - how do you dual boot OS X and windows 7

Hi successfully loaded windows 7 and partitioned drive (I need windows for work Microsoft crm system) All ok but a pain to have to keep logging off and on between OS X & Windows I understand that there is a way to dual boot - I am running Snow Leopar

Dual boot Solaris 8 and Windows XP

Hello. I currently have windows xp as my OS. I would like to install Solaris 8 as a secondary OS. I have a separate hard drive I would like to put Solaris on. My question is, will the solaris installation allow me to choose which drive to install sol

Dual boot ing pre-installed Windows 8 and windows 7?

Hi there I have a lenovo G505s that came with windows 8 and would like to download windows 7 and have them dual boot for gaming purposes so I was wondering I could get any advise on the matter.Welcome to the forum! With Windows, generally you have to

How to implement a dual booting PXI system using windows 7 and labview RT

Good Day My name is Mariano Ocana from the University of Manitoba, and I want to implement a dual system using windows 7 and labview RT in a PXIe-1082 chassis with a PXIe-8102 embedded controlled (the chassis came with windows 7 installed). What are

Ultra 40-M2: How to dual boot Solaris 10 and Windows XP?

I have an Ultra 40-M2 with 3 300-GB SAS drives. First two drives I will use for Solaris 10 and mirror them using Solaris Volume Manager. The 3rd hard drive contains Windows XP. I want to be given the option of booting into Windows. By default, I want

Z500 reboot loop due to USB/ dual boot Linux

Hello, The issue is that if plug in USB (or mobile phone) and then turn on the laptop it will load up to lenovo loading screen and then start flashing after which it restarts and keeps doing that over and over again until I unplug the USB. Normally,

U530 - boot Linux Mint from CD drive

I'm trying to test out Linux Mint by booting from an external CD drive. But I haven't been able to get the computer to recognize this as a boot option. I've gone into the BIOS and turned on/prioritized the Legacy boot options, but no luck so far. Wha

Dual boot Linux and XP on Lenovo 3000 J205

I have a 3000 j205 (I think. It says 9686-A12 on the tag) and a friend of mine set it up for dual boot with Suse which works well and XP which can't access the internet. I called customer support and was told that since my mother bought the machine (

Dual Boot Linux

Hi everyone, I know you'll think that this has been done to death, but I pray you read on first... I am studying for my RHCSA/RHCE examinations and would like to dual boot REHL if at all possible on my Macbook Pro. I understand that I can use various

Tecra A11 (PTSE1A-00L005) - Dual boot with XP and Windows 7

Hi, Just bought a new Tecra A11 Laptop which runs WIN7 Pro. Then downloaded and installed_ *virtual XP Pro*_ but not happy the results as lots of things it cannot do that my other dual boot 17" Laptop with Vista/XP Pro will do. Background There are 3

Oracle on dual boot Linux/Windows

Can you install Oracle on WindowsNT and Linux and have both work on the same database? Has anyone tried this? nullSome years ago I had tried Oracle software under DOS/Win 3.11 and OS/2 to access the same datafiles, it was not supported from Oracle, b

Dual boot with archlinux and windows issue

Hi again! This is what i did from the beginning : windows was already installed and then i installed archlinux after shrinking the windows partition . I made a partition for boot , one for swap and one for root(i wanted to do for home too , but only

Dual Boot - Win 7 and Windows 10TP | HDD Prep and layout help

Hi, This is my first time actually submitting a question in the forum. I've spent so much of my time on here reading for solutions but now hope for some help of my own. My first attempt at installing Windows 10 Tech Preview (as an additional OS), rat

X120e - ACPI - Dual Boot - Linux Kernel Stall

Hello everyone! I'm running in a really weird issue. Each time I reboot from Win 7 to Linux (after selecting linux on the grub menu), the Linux kernel will stall, showing some ACPI related message. Is there any way to sort this out? Cause it's really

Dual booting Solaris 8 with Windows

Hello! I am going to build a machine for running both Solaris 8 and 98 SE. I may put each OS on a separate hardrive or just put them on different partitions/slices. Firstly, is this possible? and secondly how? Do I have to edit the etc/bootrc script?

Mounting dual boot linux partition from Arch [SOLVED]

Hey guys, I have just installed Arch for the first time and im wondering if someone can explain how i can mount my other partition (which is currently used for Ubuntu) basically when i first installed it, the partition comes up in nautlius as Mass St

How do I sync between firefoxes on a dual boot - openSUSE 12.3 & Windows 7

I sync-ed both the firefoxes, but they still seem independent. i.e., no syncing has happened.I forgot to add that I use tab groups a lot. Might that be a problem?Read other 2 answers