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Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux


Dual Boot Windows 8 and Linux?

I have (UEFI System) an ASUS K55A UEFI motherboard laptop that came factory with Windows 8. I would like to install backtrack linux and Windows 8, but before I go screwing up my laptop, I want to see if this would be at all possible. I would use a vi

Dual Booting Windows 7 and Linux on a IdealPad Y580

Okay, I am a gradaute student and need to have linux dual booted with windows 7 on my y580.  It currently has windows 7 on it. However, it already has four primary partitions. C:/ Windows OS A hidden OEM D:/Lenovo  And a boot system drive. Is there a

DUAL BOOT windows 7 and linux HELP with Current info on BIOS, MBR vs GPT, etc

I have a feeling this should be easier than what I'm making it.  Please educate me on Lenovo's BIOS Setup menus, etc. I have installed easyBCD in Windows 7, and plan to use it to set up my new boot menu with Linux Mint (and possibly other distros). I

DUAL BOOT windows 7 and linux HELP

MASTERS im planing to have windows 7 and linux at the same time (DUAL BOOT) but i dont know if one key recovery still works after installation ihave lenovo g560 i3 @ 2.53 4gb ram any advice guys?hi botards01, If you're planning to use linux occasiona

Dual booting Windows 8 and Arch Linux with UEFI

Hi all! I'm trying to install Arch Linux on my computer where I already have Windows 8, and I'm getting a little stuck when it comes to the partitioning. Following the beginner's guide and the method here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Un - n_

How to best partition the HDD for dual boot: Windows 8 & Linux

Hi, I'm a newbie in Windows 8, linux, Partition.... I would like to use my new laptop with windows 8 pre-installed to the following: Create a Dual Boot Windows 8 / Ubuntu Create on my C drive (unique drive on my laptop): *a partition for the system *

[SOLVED] Dual boot windows 7 and arch Linux with seperate hard drives

Ok so I'm stuck trying to get my computer to dual boot windows 7 and arch. They are installed on different hard drives and I have grub 2 as the boot loader. I can't find any tutorials on how to do it with seperate hard drives I know how to do it if t

Dual boot Windows 7 partition help

I want to dual boot Windows 7 & arch but I need help with figuring out what partitions to make and where to put them because it seems the automatic partition-er won't do the trick for me. I have two drives that I want to completely format for a fresh

T440P Dual Boot Windows 8 with Centos 7

So I have a T440p with Windows 8 installed. I have been trying to dual boot Centos 7 and also have attempted Centos 6.5. I have been using a bottable USB to perform the installation for both Centos 7 and 6.5. When I try the Centos 7 install, I set th

[SOLVED] dual booting windows 7 with btrfs on grub-bios -- core.img

I am trying to install arch in a dual boot configuration with an existing windows 7 partition. I have everything from the beginner's guide done but the bootloader. When I run grub-install it tells me that core.img is too big. Some googling tells me t

Lenovo C340 i3 System - Dual boot windows 7 / 8 cant load windows 7 please help

Hi there I have a lenovo c340 all in one pc the i3 processor type which came with windows 8 I have purchased a new hard drive and would like to dual boot windows 7 and 8 I have tried to install windows 7 and the system hangs before I even get into an

Dual Boot Windows Boot Error (Required Device Inaccessable)

I used to be dual booting Ubuntu & Windows 7. Have since replaced Ubuntu with Arch. Now I just installed GRUB2 and configured to to dual boot windows, but I found that Windows does not want to boot. I Googled and found http://www.petri.co.il/forums/s

Dual boot Windows 7 and Arch from 2 seperate drives (UEFI)

Hello everyone, I've been working on installing Arch to a secondary hard drive for the past few hours, but I am trying to make sure I won't mess up my Windows 7 install.  I have found several topics talking about dual booting Windows 7 and Arch, but

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Arch with Shared NTFS partition.

Hi everyone, I want to dual boot windows 7 and Arch Linux. Here's the problem... my hard drive isn't the biggest.  I want to store all my music, movies, pictures, and documents on partition that both linux and windows can access seamlessly. I want th

Dual Booting Windows and Solaris

Hi how do i dual boot windows and solaris Do i install windows first and then solaris or do it the other way around..? how do i make sure that Windows and Solaris appear in my boot options..? Is their a guide on doing this...? Thanks LiamHey I did a

Advice on dual-booting Windows 7 with UEFI motherboard

I'm going to build a desktop PC tomorrow, having finally purchased all the parts for it. I'll be installing Arch as my main OS, and Windows for gaming. However I'm not really versed in UEFI and its uses, advantages/disadvantages; since my laptop just

Dual boot Windows Server 2008 R2 and RHEL 7 Server?

Do someone know how can I setup dual boot of Windows Server 2008 R2 and RHEL 7 Server? I've tried to install Windows first, then shrink, then install RHEL there. But GRUB2 loader doesn't offer to start Windows, only Linux in the menu. (probably Windo

Dual boot Windows from Toshiba Recovery CD

Is it possible to dual boot Windows from a Toshiba Recovery CD? I have a Satellite A45-S120 with a Toshiba Windows XP Recovery CD. I have XP installed on one partition.  I partitioned the hard drive using GParted, and installed Linux on several parti

Dual-booting Windows XP without Bootcamp

Is it possible to dual-boot Windows XP without Bootcamp, using another boot loader like LILO or Grub, or some other? Is it possible to do this assuming I do NOT want to install linux anywhere? Can anyone point me in the right direction with a HOWTO o

Dual boot windows mac mini

I got a Mac mini and in general I'm happy with it but found out that there's some software I use regularly that is just much better on Windows.  They barely support OS X although technically they do.  So I would like to dual boot Windows as it seems