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Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04


Could use help dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04

I have a Lenovo G580 with windows 8 + Ubuntu 13.04 installed. I've been trying to get Dual-boot to work for the past few hours with no success. I've been following this guide. After setting up the partitions similar to the ones in the guide i downloa

Dual Boot Windows 7 with Ubuntu

Hello! I am Vasanth. my laptop is HP Pavilion g6 2016tx. it runs on Windows 7 Home Basic! My college have given me a project on Linux OS and i want to Dual boot that with Win 7. I dont have other computer to do my project. so, Is it safe to partition

Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Hi there, Recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2213sa which came with Windows 8 (spit!) and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement (double spit!). Anyway, I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system, so I installed Ubuntu. Normally, on a non UEFI system, a "Grub

HP ENVY desktop 700-215xt dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

My brother purchased a new HP ENVY 700-215xt with Windows 7 Home Premium from HP. I tried to set up a dual boot with Ubuntu. After the installation, the system still boots to Windows 7.  I called HP support and was told if I do this it will void the

Edge e520 i5 UEFI/GPT Dual boot Windows/Ubuntu

Hi! I have an Edge e520 1143GVG. It has an UEFI-Board with Win7/64 on MBR-Harddisk. What I want: GPT-Partition scheme and dual boot Windows 7/64 and ubuntu 14.04/64. I managed to backup the partitions on an external HDD, install GPT on Harddisk, reco

Dual Boot Windows 8 & 7 Help On HP Pavillion G9-1178CA

Hello Guys I Just Need Some Help From You Guys So when I Try To Dual Boot Windows 7 & 8 it says that this partion is dynamic or something like that And i do not have ubuntu Dual booted so please help me thank -SamHi, To rebuilt boot loader, I suggest

Lenovo C340 i3 System - Dual boot windows 7 / 8 cant load windows 7 please help

Hi there I have a lenovo c340 all in one pc the i3 processor type which came with windows 8 I have purchased a new hard drive and would like to dual boot windows 7 and 8 I have tried to install windows 7 and the system hangs before I even get into an

Dual Boot Windows Boot Error (Required Device Inaccessable)

I used to be dual booting Ubuntu & Windows 7. Have since replaced Ubuntu with Arch. Now I just installed GRUB2 and configured to to dual boot windows, but I found that Windows does not want to boot. I Googled and found http://www.petri.co.il/forums/s

Dual boot Windows 7 and Arch from 2 seperate drives (UEFI)

Hello everyone, I've been working on installing Arch to a secondary hard drive for the past few hours, but I am trying to make sure I won't mess up my Windows 7 install.  I have found several topics talking about dual booting Windows 7 and Arch, but

How to best partition the HDD for dual boot: Windows 8 & Linux

Hi, I'm a newbie in Windows 8, linux, Partition.... I would like to use my new laptop with windows 8 pre-installed to the following: Create a Dual Boot Windows 8 / Ubuntu Create on my C drive (unique drive on my laptop): *a partition for the system *

Dual boot Windows Server 2008 R2 and RHEL 7 Server?

Do someone know how can I setup dual boot of Windows Server 2008 R2 and RHEL 7 Server? I've tried to install Windows first, then shrink, then install RHEL there. But GRUB2 loader doesn't offer to start Windows, only Linux in the menu. (probably Windo

Is there a way to dual-boot OS X and Ubuntu on a PC?

Recently, my MacBook Pro was stolen along with my book bag while I was at school. The laptop and bookbag have failed to show up and I don't have the money to replace the Mac with a less expensive used or refurbished Mac. So I'm thinking about getting

Dual-booting Windows XP without Bootcamp

Is it possible to dual-boot Windows XP without Bootcamp, using another boot loader like LILO or Grub, or some other? Is it possible to do this assuming I do NOT want to install linux anywhere? Can anyone point me in the right direction with a HOWTO o

Dual boot windows mac mini

I got a Mac mini and in general I'm happy with it but found out that there's some software I use regularly that is just much better on Windows.  They barely support OS X although technically they do.  So I would like to dual boot Windows as it seems

Dual boot Windows 7 partition help

I want to dual boot Windows 7 & arch but I need help with figuring out what partitions to make and where to put them because it seems the automatic partition-er won't do the trick for me. I have two drives that I want to completely format for a fresh

T440P Dual Boot Windows 8 with Centos 7

So I have a T440p with Windows 8 installed. I have been trying to dual boot Centos 7 and also have attempted Centos 6.5. I have been using a bottable USB to perform the installation for both Centos 7 and 6.5. When I try the Centos 7 install, I set th

Dual boot Windows 8.1 with Yosemite

I'm attempting to dual boot Windows 8.1 on my parents iMac. I downloaded and successfully used Boot Camp 5 to partition the drive, giving the new section 50GB. I successfully installed Windows 8.1. Unfortunate now I cannot access the Yosemite partiti

I want to dual boot Windows 8 on my 20-inch, Mid 2007 iMac, from an external USB drive.

I want to dual boot Windows 8 on my 20-inch, Mid 2007 iMac, from an external USB drive. The internal drive is completely dead, it doesn't even show up in Disk Utility.  I'm running 10.8.2 from the external drive.  When I start Boot Camp Assistant, at

How to dual boot window 8.1 64 bit with xp sp1?

Hello Hp PC Experts, Sir i was bought HP 15-r119TU two week  ago. So i face problem of dual boot with this HP note book. I need dual boot  window 8.1 64 bit with XP SP1. Kindly help me at the earliest [email protected]  ‎Thank you for using HP Support F

Y500 dual boot windows 8 and fedora 19 problem

I bought a y500 two days ago and i wanted to dual boot windows 8 and fedora 19, so here's what i did 1. downloaded fedora 19 (x64) iso from the fedora website. 2.made a live USB using live usb creator. 4.opened disk management utility and shrunk the