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EFI Update v2.6 breaks Windows dual boot

The EFI Update MBA51.00EF.B02 has broken WIndows on my MacBook Air 2012 Bootcamp Dual boot using OSX Lion & WIndows 7 was working fine prior to the EFI update. Since then, the WIndows initial boot screen displays, but as soon as the GUI starts there

Can my Macbook Pro support dual boot and Secret World

Hi My MacBook Pro has the following specs Processor  2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory  4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53) I was wondering if it can first of all, support dual boot, because I

Error While Querying DB Link from Oracle 10g to Postgres 8.2

Hi, I have installed unixodbc 2.3.1, postgres odbc driver (psqlodbc-07.03) and dg4odbc 11.2 On querying : select sysdate from [email protected]_postgresql, the following error occurs: ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this m

How big of a hardrive can i use in my gigabit ethernet g4 dual 500.

Hi there. I wanted to now how big of a hard drive can i use in my gigabit ethernet g4 powerpc with a dual 500 processor . at the present time i have one 80 and one 20 gig drive in there now. So my answer is how big of a drive can i use before i have

HOW TO DUAL BOOT W540 with windows 8.1 / 7

I got my W540 recently with windows 8.1 pro on it. but as all engineers worst nightmare windows 8 has hard time with engineering softwares (for my case TIA Portal for  PLC programming software which only support windows 7). so i need to have a window

Win 7 dual boot with SafeBoot encryption halfway there!

EDIT: Sorry for changing the title. It used to be Need those knowledgeable with Windows (esp. 7) for dual boot input, but I had some success and didn't want to start a whole new post. See the last comment for the update! Hi, Disclaimer: please don't

What is the Oracle equivalent of the Microsoft Access FIRST function?

Using: Oracle 10gR2 RAC on SUSE Linux 9 ( In the process of converting a Microsoft Access database to Oracle, an Access query is using the FIRST function. What is the Oracle equivalent of the Microsoft Access FIRST function? In the attempt t

Dual-Display Tools for Mac OS X ???

I think this question is more appropriate in some software section of the discussions but I couldn't find an appropriate place to put it. Anyway, the questions is, in Windows XP and Windows Vista there are some tools, (either provided within the soft

Dual screen with 2 lcd monitors?

Hi I think i will buy myself a Macbook Pro, but i like to work on two lcd monitors(Not including the mac) but can i do this and does Parralels and Bootcamp support this settings? because i have a program on work that only support windows. Thank youSe

Equivalent of DB2  functions in ORACLE 11g

Hi, I am trying to convert the SQL queries written in DB2 to ORACLE. There are some db2 specific functions are used in the queries.I am not able to find the equivalent function in ORACLE. The function names are written below: 1) DateDD() 2) SELECT @@

Dual-monitor color management?

So I've got a dual-monitor setup running OS 10.7 on a Mac Pro, and color management in Bridge CS5.1 on my second screen is a mess. Both monitors have been individually calibrated with a Pantone Huey Pro (not perfect, but generally pretty consistent a

SQL Server uniqueidentifier cast to binary...what is equivalent in Oracle?

Hi, I am having trouble understanding equivalent data types in my conversion from SQL Server to Oracle. Let's say I have this statement in SQL Server, where the string being "passed in" is a uniqueidentifier: select cast(substring('EFDA8997-63AA

Heterogeneous connection between Oracle and Postgres.

Hi All, I'm trying to make an heterogeneous connection between Oracle and Postgres since few days but i still having this error : "lost RPC connection". First of all : I'm using Windows 7, Oracle 10g and PostgreSQL 8.4. I have done the following

How to convert Oracle to SQL (Dual)

Hello everyone, Thanks in advance for your time and help. I am using an application to try to generate a report, and it relies on SQL in the syntax that the database back-end is using. In my case, this is SQLServer. I have a colleague who is using th

Equivalent of JavaScript escape function in PLSQL

Hi, Is there any equivalent of JavaScript's "escape()" function in PlSql for web development? cos I found that whenever I have links generated in stored procedure with text that has space, single quote and so on will become invalid url syntax wh

XML output from oracle equivalent to sql server

Hi, I need an equivalent sql server 2005 equivalent output from oracle. Tried with DBMS_XMLGEN.getxml, xforest etc. But I am not able to get desired output. Could anyone help me in giving a hint to do so. Here below i am pasting sql server 2005 query

Oracle equivalent of DB2 DIGITS function

IBM DB2 has a DIGITS SQL function that returns a character-string representation of a number, with the following properties: The result of the function is a fixed-length character string representing the absolute value of the argument without regard

Oracle equivalent of "With"

Hello I have to convert sql procedure to Oracle procedure and it uses the common table expression "With" can some one tell me if there is an equivalent of "with" in Oracle It is being used like this. with bcount (Bookid, [count]) as se

Oracle equivalent of...

What is the oracle equivalent of a sql datatype bigint as an IDENTITY column with identity seed 1 and identity increment 1. I am very new to oracle so I am using TOAD to create this table. So im just looking for a KEY field such as an ID field that j

Oracle equivalent of sql server CLRSplitSting function

Hello Friends, I have a query in SQL Server - which is getting data . select addl_info_id, sort_seq, code, row_data, addl_info_group_id, group_sort_seq, group_row_data       from dbo.CLRSplitString('2406081,2410381,2427008,2430449,2466981,2495083,158