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DVD Repair

I have a problem with home-made dvd's that stick and/or freeze.  Possibly this is due to (1) cheap discs or (2) my placement of a Memorex label on the disc. How can I cure this problem?  The use of abrasives or solvents makes no sense.  Best Buy, amo

Uninstall 10.6 with Macbook Pro 10.5 dvd & Time Machine

I will need to uninstall 10.6 and return to 10.5. I have the Macbook Pro install dvd & backed up with Time Machine before I installed Friday. Seems like I need to: (1) Insert the 10.5 install dvd in my computer than restart (2) Somehow I will have an

I am having trouble with my Mac Mini's ethernet connection.   Defining a new network interface shows no ethernet adaptor.  Reloading SL from DVD repaired.  But SL update lost ethernet again.  Will Lion Fix?

I am having trouble with my mac mini ethernet.  It had been working for weeks after an update to SL 10.6.8. Once it went out and i repaired it by defining a new connection from System Preferences ->Network->(left panel service, +). But yesterday, af

Can not use recovery DVD 'Wrong machine' error occurs

My Dealer/Service center replaced the motherboard when I had a start up problem. My recovery DVD which originally comes with the notebook does not work anymore. When I start recovery procedure follow message is shown: 'Wrong machine'. Is it possible

How to install from DVD onto machine without DVD drive

My boss has a laptop without a DVD drive, and wants to install Tiger. Tiger comes on a DVD. What is the best way to complete this install? If I put the DVD in my laptop, then mount it as an external drive will that give us access to the DVD within it

Osx 10.6 burn dvd - different machines

Hi there forum, to help out my father-in-law, who is a bit tired generally and has been wasting 18months trying software changes because he doesn't believe his PC burner is busted, I said I'd help. He, for some reason, wants to burn MP4s to DVD. I ha

DVD plays perfectly on a computer BUT not on a DVD machine

Good Evening all, Having spent the last four and a half hours trawling the internet for help on this, I can only hope someone out there can help. I have just delivered what I thought was a pretty decent dvd master (for commercial duplication) to a cl

Time Machine Just Doesn't Work Anymore

I was a happy Time Machine (with Time Capsule) user for months. But it just doesn't work anymore. It takes longer than an hour to do every hourly backup so it is backing up 24 hours a day. It finds hundreds of thousands of files changed every hour an

IMac 24" Aluminium - No way to boot from DVD

Dear all:              Thank you for having this forum fully working. My iMac 24" Aluminium (november 2008) can't boot, completely frozen, although all HW are perfectly working. I'll try to explain the issue best I can. SYMPTOMS - Grey screen of deat

Downgrading from Lion 10.7.5 to Snow Leopard 10.6 w/o Time Machine

I've been trying to solve this issue for a bit, and would appreciate any fresh perspectives on the issue. I recently purchased a 2006 Mac Pro 1.1. It has a dual 2.66Ghz Xeon processor. I'm fairly sure nothing has been customized in the machine hardwa

SQL 2012 SP1 fails to complete, Repair Install fails

Somewhere, SQL 2012 stopped running.  This is developer copy.  I believe also that SP1 was trying to install and found that SQL Engine was not running.  In attempts to repair, I use the DVD and the repair process.   But that stalls/dies because SP1 i

Two repairs and still no good! AAAAAARRRRGHH!!!!

So yesterday the local service center takes my laptop to repair it. New logic board - again. New power inverter for the screen New Super Drive. Thanks to help her it was pinpointed that my SD was busted. SO I'm in the office to burn backups of the La

Time Machine UUID headaches...

For a while Time Machine worked like a charm: problem happens, pop in Snow Leopard DVD, repair HD, restore from TM, restart, VOILA!  Back to the way things were... but then, and this really got me, Safari updated once again to 5.1.2, my Unity Player


I am new here and hope this is the right place to post this. My A215-S7444 is not reading a bootable USB drive. It skips through it like it's not there. It's seen from the boot menu (F12) but it hangs, keyboard works. It recognizes CD/DVD's normally

Dvds can no longer be read on MacPro

DVD drive used to play Movie DVDs fine  but recently stopped - on inserting a DVD now, machine clicks for a while then ejects the DVD. Inserting a CD (music) or data is fine - disc is accepted and available for access. Any ideas why just the DVD reje

SQL Server Express 2014 Installation Completes with Failures and Repair Does Nothing to Help

I am attempting to install SQL Server Express 2014 on a development machine and as usual old versions of SQL and the remnants of them are a plague to the installation. I have used to Revo Uninstaller to scrub the old installations and with my first a

Permissions repair error

I keep getting the following Disk Utility error message after a permissions repair, even after using DU from the Leopard installation DVD: Repairing permissions for "Michael" Warning: SUID file "usr/libexec/load_hdi" has been modified

I had my mac mini in repair now i am missing server update and they want me to pay for it but i bought a mac mini server

i bought my mac mini server with leopard server softw. but because i bought it in 2011 okt they gave me a free update to lion os incl server. after a half year i have to send me mac mini to repair because something was wrong with the hard drive. they

Can't boot Windows 7 without DVD in drive

Is there a hotfix for this?  It's related to this thread: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproinstall/thread/64f729b6-d796-4030-82d9-3fe5a44b0180 If you go to www.google.com and search using the phrase "Windows 7 won't boot withou

DVD will play on iMac, not on DVD player

I'm burning dual layer DVDs from iDVD. The DVDs won't play on my DVD player, but will play fine using the DVD player on the iMac. Anyone have any idea why?But for 6 hours of VHS video, it will take two DL DVD disks. You might want to think about impo